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Did the Ancient Christian Movement Use the Adam & Eve Parable for More Than Just Reading?

Updated on February 2, 2017
Adam & Eve is more than a story from The Bible. It could have been used for other things besides the main theme. Read my theory, it's quite interesting.
Adam & Eve is more than a story from The Bible. It could have been used for other things besides the main theme. Read my theory, it's quite interesting. | Source


I've learned that the Bible is used for so many things other than reading and discussing God. There are many theories about the parables and stories contained in it. When the Holy Book was being put together in ancient days, after Jesus Christ had been gone for 50 years and his followers were dying off, the ones writing it had to be in tune with God. How did they achieve it? Read on and see the theory that probably could have happened.

A new generation was coming of age, but the majority of people 2000 years ago were losing their connections with Jesus Christ. Many turned their backs on the one God theory, and went back to idol worshiping multiple Gods. A few tribes took up an Earth Religion, based on Noah, where animals represented different Gods.

Meanwhile, the ancient Christian movement was in full swing, but the people who ran and headed it up might have seen what was happening with the rabble. Their flocks had dwindled to maybe half a flock as time passed and more distance was being put between Jesus' death and many new ways and fake Gods were becoming in the forefront again. The people most probably lost their way and something had to be done.

The leaders of the movement got together at a secret location in the desert where John the Baptist's people still lived. During the meeting, they read different stories from what would become "The New Testament". They would try and find something to bring all their people back to Jesus Christ and the One God Father.

The problem at hand was when Jesus was killed and then ascended and his followers died off, many people started to move away and lose touch with the concept. This was about 50 years after Jesus was crucified. When the high levels who were creating the beginnings of the Christian Movement saw their crowds dropping off, they needed help. But what could they do?

Many prayed and fasted for days in the desert, even sat in the 'hot stone tent' as they wrestled with the problem and what should be done. They did this for 7 days straight without stopping. Then a light bulb went off among them when they read the story of Adam and Eve. It was like an electric bolt had hit all of them at once, and they came to a conclusion all together.

They decided to use that story and get the crowds back where they belonged by securing the help of John the Baptist’s people who still still lived as they had always lived before and after Jesus was with them, far from the crowds of the cities, the noise and the distractions. They lived in the desert away from prying eyes. When Jesus went to live among them, as instructed by God, he would be able to use and fine tune all he already knew about herbs and the desert secrets. They showed Jesus (who already knew) all the herbs and seeds used for everything under the sun.

A delegation was sent to them with a plea for help about the issue. The delegation explained that the problem was due in part to the fact that Jesus had risen and gone from being human to a spirit. He was no longer in his human form and had risen 50 years before, and most of his followers died off, leaving their laymen with the tasks of spreading the Word of the first followers of Jesus, who was said to be the Messiah at that time.

The common working crowds were turning to the old ways of idol worshiping .The higher ups that were running the new Christian movement noticed it in the meetings. After securing the help of John The Baptist’s people, they knew things would be put right. They needed a solution.

When they reached the camps of John the Baptist's people they created a circle and lit a huge fire. The men sacrificed to God and prayed throughout the night. The women kept the fires burning extra hot. Then the big discussion began, first talking about all the miracles Christ had performed. He had done many of them with herbs, mud and water., along with his special Godly kinetic energy.

But besides using his Godly healing powers alone, he used more to help mankind with mental illness, as Mary Magdalene was professed to have. - herbs that held magic properties blessed by God and used only for certain ailments on Earth that Jesus knew about. Maybe it was time to use one now.

A plan began forming as the sun rose on the 7th day. It involved using the story of Adam and Eve as a springboard. The leaders and John's people came together to devise a secret message to be woven into the story and then to make flyers to be spread among the crowds -- A new way has arisen for us to find Jesus and keep him in our hearts and minds.

They needed to bring back those who had lost their way again. Too many were missing that thin, but strong connection to Jesus as time had passed, so the plan was to use a tool of of God's herbs and try to get the people connected again.

John the Baptist’s people were known to hold the secrets of the plants and herbs that grew all around and in the foothills beyond, where it looked like nothing grew, or there was no water. They used many different types of plants and cactus for many kinds of ailments people and caravans came far and wide just to get their hands on them. Most during those days who were in the know had the ability to bring the people closer to God, even perhaps as close as Moses had achieved. They had to get the excitement going about it and that was to get the word out fast. Especially using a special plant to make it all come together.

Thousands of years of roaming the desert procured quite a list of flowers, plants, certain types of sand and mud, water, seeds and even 'cactus'. Most of it was prepared in a sacred manner due to the properties in the plants. One grain to much and the person taking it could sleep forever. Or one grain less would procure a bad case of the 'runs'. It was an exact science even back then.

The leader of John's people had recommended a sacred part of the cactus called Peyote. But it had to be prepared as if it was food for God himself. It had to be blessed, dressed and dried in the desert sun. Then it would be hidden somewhere, to be transported to the meeting places listed on the papyrus list given to them.

Peyote was a good conductor and would help them see themselves inwardly as the name "Jesus Christ" came to their minds. Everyone involved decided and agreed that they were going to try it, but make it very secret, so as not to alert the Romans who were always looking for trouble.

As the Peyote buttons were dried in the sun and blessed, everyone sat straight in the sun for hours praying and fasting until the leader of John's people allowed water and dried meat and fruit to be passed around. It was the way. It was said that when Jesus lived with John's people, he also had eaten it with them.

In fact, Jesus quickly told them he already knew of all the plants, herbs and seeds growing on the Earth, but wanted to experience them while he was in human form! So, Jesus knew of the Peyote buttons and the religious significance of them as well.

After a day or two of rest, the Christian leaders and their guides rode away with baskets of dried peyote buttons and freshly picked apples. They also fashioned about 100 pure silver tools in the shape of snakes so that the people in the meeting could insert the peyote inside the apples using this tool, which also symbolized the story of Adam and Eve. The snake (Satan) promised knowledge and when Adam & Eve ate the apple, they obtained knowledge. Although they supposedly also obtained "sinful" knowledge, this would not happen in the meetings. It was just a way to bring the people back to Jesus using a simple story.

The apples and peyote had to be smuggled in. They were hidden in 12 donkeys. The donkeys were smeared with bear grease, which has a most unpleasant smell. Then more animals were placed around the donkeys. Everything happen without a hitch. At the meeting, people were instructed to prepare the apples the way the leaders up front were doing. After evening prayers were recited, the leaders told everyone that there would be a real excitement this evening, and after this gathering, the people would be closer again to Jesus. There was an exciting newness when the crowd was told to eat their apples completely after they inserted the Peyote, even the core and seeds. They were promised a better path back to Jesus Christ and the Father.

The meeting began with lots of talking and singing. Then everyone started to eat their apples. There were no children there. They were too distracting and they would have been afraid due to the effects of the Peyote. Everyone sang together until a few fell to the ground and vomited. After that, the majority of the crowd began to sway and sing.

A few of the younger converts protested over using this plant as a way to find Jesus again. Would it work? Does God want us to eat this? What is it? What is going to happen? Why were people falling to the ground and vomiting?

But the leaders remained calm and ate their apples. The people in the meeting were told to take an apple if you wanted it, and most all of them did. After the people ate the apples, given to them by a few beautiful women weaving in and out of the crowd (as Eve was) many started to understand the realism behind what was happening. People usually responded to the tools used in the meetings, these were just new tools.

The meeting went on late into the night and with each passing hour everyone there had the open knowledge from the peyote in the apple and seemed to at first waver, but then suddenly, something kicked in and they were immediately steered right to Jesus Christ, whom many had never met, only through the stories they were told and read. The ones that ran the meetings would talk up Jesus and his deeds and place in Heaven & Earth to remind the people who they were trying to connect with. Although many did get sick, the majority of the crowds responded to the it.

The people may have felt strange eating an apple with peyote in it, but these were special fruits. Many were a bit nervous when they saw others taking the apples and pushing the little peyote button inside from the top with the snake tool. Some were about to bolt when they saw a few throwing up after eating the apples. But they soon ate their own when they saw those who had vomited getting back on their feet with a new light shining in their eyes.

Soon everyone felt the lift of the peyote given to them. This could have been done a few times, and not at all meetings. After no more than a few weeks, the apples and peyote were no longer needed. The feelings stayed with the crowd and once again, they were all one, and they realized that Jesus had been with them the whole time, but they could not perceive him until the peyote took hold of them. Some in the meeting claimed they actually saw him walking among the crowds. Even today Peyote is used to commune with God or nature.

The peyote seemed to have worked. It might have become obvious that they had succeeded in bringing the crowds closer to Jesus using the peyote. After that, anyone that was lost, would probably remain lost. But the majority of them went out among the other people and some of them even became priests and nuns later on and began their journey with God and Jesus by their sides.

In closing: I know this story may sound a bit far fetched, but think about it for a minute. John the Baptist’s people lived in the desert and most probably had access to the peyote and knew how to prepare it so it would work. They also showed Jesus when he lived among them (although he already knew) all the different herbs and grasses and such things God had allowed them to eat.

So it all fits, even if it didn’t happen. All the tools and meanings and even the peyote itself, as well as the crowds losing faith and then John the Baptist’s people came to the rescue with their vast knowledge. It was not something to be taken lightly and was probably not used very often.

Perhaps it could have occurred, and using the story of Adam and Eve seems probable. Maybe they were able to get the message across without alerting too much suspicion. Now please remember that this is only a story of conjecture about what probably may have happened, but using the story of Adam and Eve to have something to relate to. Most people in those times were not very open to change, or were ignorant of such things.

It's just a story, but it could have happened. We have a lot of things in our minds that we don’t even realize are there. A lot is veiled or buried deep in our brains. Although a few individuals do have a special ability to focus in, either naturally or using the right tools to achieve it, many who read this may doubt the story's authenticity. God Bless You All anyways.


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