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Updated on March 12, 2015


The story is set in a medical college in Bengal during early 80’s. The protagonist Biplab was a rock star of his college. A young blood who knows no fear and madly hooked up to his Yamaha bike. An average student with a flamboyant nature popular amongst his female college mates, Biplab was enjoying his life to the fullest.

On a hot summer day a usual practice amongst the hostel boys was to take an evening dip in the pond and gather on the top of the canteen building to chat. A typical Bengali young blood chat set in the 80’s was about politics, songs and ghosts. The mood was set for ghost stories which filled a chill to the summer evening. One thing led to another and a dare was posed to the juniors from the seniors.

The dare was to walk into the morgue in the middle of the night, cross all the corpses lying and tie a band on the arm of the corpse lying in the middle of the room, than cross the other half of the room and walk out from the opposite exit. All the while the person is not supposed to sing or make any kind of noise as that would be considered as the dare being lost. Many of the weak hearted starting moving backwards afraid that this might turn up into a ragging ritual where a junior would be forced to do the dare by the seniors. The dare came with some freebies… free lunch from the seniors for a month and a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarette. Somewhere in the crowd was Biplab with a sarcastic smile on his face that was taunting the seniors for the perceived silliness of the dare. He rose up and agreed for the dare. His friends tried to make him understand that it’s a trap by the seniors and he should stay away from this, but Biplab had decided that he would do the dare and ridicule the seniors.

Soon a group of seniors took Biplab to the morgue. The guard had passed out as he was intoxicated by local liquor (a way normally used to fulfill the gory duty of guarding dead bodies). One of the senior took the key of the morgue out the guard’s pocket and gave it to Biplab and signaled him to proceed for the dare. Biplab went ahead and soon he couldn’t be seen in the darkness.

It was a full moon night and suddenly a group of bats making a loud noise started flying from the tree. Even medical students consider this as a bad omen and they looked at each other with worry. Time started ticking and there was no sign of Biplab. Almost half an hour had passed by and the gang became anxious. One of them indicated that its time they must check on Biplab, they were worried that if something happened to him the seniors might be in trouble due to ragging charges. So they decided to go to the other end of the morgue from where Biplab was supposed to come out. When they reached there to their shock they found Biplab lying unconscious outside the exit door. The seniors picked him up and rushed to the hospital.

Biplab regained consciousness in the morning and rejected talking to anyone. His only demand was that his Dad be asked to come immediately and he would leave the college as the medical study didn’t mean anything to him. Days passed and after a lot of pressure he spoke to his friends about what happened that night.

He said… I went inside the morgue and as expected corpses where lying in silence. As he walked forward and reached to the corpse lying in the center he felt a cold touch on his shoulder. He turnaround and in the darkness he could only see a human structure standing. That man asked “what are you doing here?” “These are bad soul stuck here and they will harm you, you should not be here.. Come with me”. The man held Biplabs arm and took him to the dissection room. A dissection room in a medical college those days was nothing but a corner place in the morgue guarded from 3 sides by green curtains used for dissecting bodies to educate the medical students. The man made Biplab sit on a chair and came in front of him and sat down. As the man sat the full moonlight fell on his face and Biplab recognized him, a chill went down his spine and he felt as if the floor had slipped of his foot. This was the same man who’s body Biplab was dissecting for the past 15 days. Amidst of fear and the logic sense in his mind he was stunned and his thoughts couldn’t come out of his mouth as words. He just kept on looking at the man until the man spoke. With a very sad face the man asked Biplab…” what happened to me dear? Why did I die? I was hail and hearty walking back to my home from work and I suddenly collapsed”. Biplab had no answer and a battle between fear and logic was going on his mind. The man said “you are a doctor and you have been investigating my body since days, can you tell me why I died?” By this time logic had lost the battle and fear was all over Biplabs mind. He was listening to a dead man. The man full of grief said “I have two children and now there is no one to look after them, I know you don’t have answers to my question.. I know”. Soon the man again held Biplabs hand and told him that he should leave as the souls there had turned into evil and they would harm Biplab. He took him through the morgue towards the exit door. As Biplab walked out of the door he felt a sudden thud on his head and he fell unconscious.

Next day Biplabs father came and even after a lot of pursuance from his professors, friends he did not agree to pursue his education and decided to leave in between. Bags packed with tears in their eyes Biplabs friends came to bid him goodbye. One of them asked to Biplab “what will you do now”. Biplab replied “ill start my search for the real truth of life”.

Heard and written by


© 2015 Abhishek


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    • abhishek ray profile image

      Abhishek 3 years ago from Indore

      thank you so much...

    • profile image

      Anamika 3 years ago

      Very nicely written.

    • profile image

      mkray 3 years ago

      Very interesting story we want more