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Meditation: Tips and Techniques

Updated on March 16, 2020

Why Meditate?

Meditation can be a wonderful thing. It brings peace, clarity, and much more. It isn't always the easiest thing to do, but it is a natural stress reliever. Once you learn to meditate you can also use some of those techniques in rough situations or where your anxiety is high. It is the act of learning to quiet your mind, sit in peace, and connect. I use meditation for stress relief and to connect with my guides. It is also a good tool for channeling and automatic writing.

A Few Techniques to Get You Started

It's not always easy just to sit down and quiet your mind. So, there are a few techniques to help you on your way. Those include but are not limited to :

  • guided meditation cds --> this is what really helped me get started meditating. I chose one that had you do chants, a breathing exercise, and then finished off with just music, no voice involved. I tried several things, but this worked for me.
  • brain wave music --> the alpha, beta, brain waves that help you get into a deeper state of mind.
  • singing bowl music --> I mentioned the crystal singing bowls in the sound therapy post. I have a crystal singing bowl cd and a Tibeatan singing bowl cd (which helps with chakras too). When I'm not feeling as ansty I use these
  • Focus on something --> merely focusing on your breathing is a good excercise. This helps get your mind onto one thing, your breath, which is very important, on a side note breathing properly mean your stomach expands when you inhale and contracts on exhale, most people do the opposite. So nice deep breaths. (I'll share more on this later)
  • Nature --> surprisingly just going outside in nature and listening to the sounds in the environment. Although, ideally they would be birds, etc... not cars etc...(there is also walking meditation)

Walking Meditation

One of the best things you can do for yourself, especially when you feel disconnected, is take a walk in nature. Kick off your shoes and head for the grass. Meditation doesn't necessarily mean you have to sit still. It is a moment for you to quiet yourself and find peace. Take a quiet, solitary walk or just plant your feet on the bare earth. I like to imagine that I have roots coming out of my feet and going into the ground. This helps you get grounded. If we are not grounded then we start stressing and become disconnected. This is when negativity starts to appear. If the sitting isn't quite for you, try walking meditation.


Meditation does not have to last for a long time, 10-15 minutes is good if that's all you can manage. You can always try to go longer as you learn to quiet your mind. Meditation may not work for everyone, but it's always worth a try. It can be a good way to open up and learn to listen to your guidance!

What do you like to use to meditate?

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