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ASSIST Ministries

Updated on July 11, 2011

About ASSIST and Dan Wooding

Dan Wooding has been my friend for over 20 years, and I hold him in the highest esteem. I love his stories, his courage, and his conviction.

Dan and his wonderful wife Norma have been faithful to God and the call to share the stories of Christians working around the world for decades. They have been through difficult times, and have always found a way to get the work done.

Dan tells his own story of being a British journalist gone a bit wild after growing up on the mission field with his parents. Then Dan was convicted to tell the stories of Christians being killed and persecuted in countries where their faith left them vulnerable to abuse and worse. Dan has been in many dangerous situations in order to get the story out to the rest of the world.

Lower down on this page, you can see a module from with some of Dan's books listed there.  He is amazingly prolific and so effective in his work.

The main ASSIST Ministries site will give you information on the multiple locations of the ministry, and the projects that are ongoing.

The ASSIST news site gives you access to stories that are of interest to Christians worldwide, some of them would never be told without Dan Wooding's help. 

Dan interviews people whether famous or intriguing every day.  He writes their stories, shares them on international radio shows, and videos as well.

If you have a heart for missions and helping Christians around the world, get to know Dan Wooding and his work at ASSIST Ministries today.

Some photos with Dan Wooding of ASSIST Ministries

Dan Wooding with Brother Andrew - famous for smuggling Bibles into China.  Dan authored some books about Brother Andrew.
Dan Wooding with Brother Andrew - famous for smuggling Bibles into China. Dan authored some books about Brother Andrew.
Dan Wooding with Billy Graham.  Dan worked as a writer for Rev. Graham in places like Russia, Germany and Puerto Rico
Dan Wooding with Billy Graham. Dan worked as a writer for Rev. Graham in places like Russia, Germany and Puerto Rico
Dan Wooding in the Lagos cell with one of the African prisoners
Dan Wooding in the Lagos cell with one of the African prisoners
Dan Wooding leading a Siberian Seven March in London
Dan Wooding leading a Siberian Seven March in London
Mahalia Jackson with Dan Wooding in background
Mahalia Jackson with Dan Wooding in background

My intro to ASSIST Ministries

Some of the books authored by Dan Wooding


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    • profile image

      Pastor Jean A. Lusma 

      3 years ago

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Dear Fellow Believers,

      It is time to prepare for the great division which is coming soon.

      Here is a link to download a book which will help all those who are born

      again to get ready for the world crisis which is looming. Make sure to

      give all fellow believers the link so that they can download "One Book".

      Hopefully I am accepted as a friend, and this comment will not be censored,

      The faithful witness

      Luke 17:26 "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the

      days of the Son of man".

      Luke 12: 36

      " And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will

      return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may

      open unto him immediately."

    • profile image

      Ernest Zenone Sr. 

      5 years ago

      Several of we elders in our church have begun fasting and praying for revival and reformation. If ever there was a time for fasting, it is now! We also go door to door to share the gospel. These are weak areas in many churches and how can we prepare for the persecution that I believe are sure to come on us if we do not have the complete suit of armor on. Ephesians 6. Many churches and denominations are rejecting the Bible as the Law Book and Word of God. The apostasy of the church is the reason for seeing judgments on our nation. "For when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness" - Isaiah 26:9 So there is a blessing from all we see. The church is being pruned and prepared for battle! Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image

      Allen Stark 

      5 years ago

      Dan, please read this all the way to the b ottom.

      Ufortunately Dan, you and Jeremy Reynolds have been cut from the same mold. Just because you see yourselves in positions of authority and highly learned, doesn't mean you understand everything the Lord shares with those who are tuned in to the Spirit. Some are closed-mined on some things of the Spirit.

      Rick Warren supports "Chrislam" now and many do not believe that or want to hear about it. Also, when it comes to Matthew committing self-murder (suicide) doesn't the Bible tell us that murderers will not inherit the kingdom of God.

      Much is going to be happening within the near future that even many strong believers will not accept or be ready for. Many are falling away fro denominational religion and this is going to continue. We now have a home fellowship group of over 20 Holy Spirit-filled people who no longer attend a denominational church. My wife and I were also recently asked to give up our ministry of over two years at a nursing home because we asked if those in attendance had a relationship with Jesus. Some, including the activity director was offended, even though one 83-year-old lady accepted the Lord.

      Bless you brother Dan for all you do to serve our Lord. I'm sorry you have taken this position, but I will continue serving our Lord however He calls me to. And as John Denver told me back in 1973, "If I don't see you again down here, I'll see you up there."

      Allen B. Stark

      God's love is the best lens through which to view one another.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      When i utilized to find high on lifestyle nevertheless lately We've established any amount of resistance.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Они были спутницами Персефоны. После похищения Персефоны блуждали и пришли в землю Аполлона, где Деметра сделала их крылатыми, ибо они не помогли Персефоне; либо боги превратили их в птиц как раз для того, чтобы они могли искать Персефону; либо их превратила в полуптиц Афродита, ибо они не хотели выходить замуж. Либо оплакивали похищение Персефоны, бежали к скале Аполлона и превратились в птиц.

    • profile image

      pakistan pastor alyas francis 

      6 years ago

      i am pastor alyas francis .paryer for me sand me books and cd

    • profile image

      Henry P 

      6 years ago

      As a Christian journalist, you are not a good example! Your work is not


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      are you crazy?

    • profile image

      Luise iantorno 

      7 years ago

      AtteOctober 13, 2011

      Burnaby RCMP Cst. Cumbers fax 6045703652

      c/o Chief Superintendent Critchley and to whom this concerns

      c/o and President and CEO Dr. Nigel Murray 6045874666

      Re: Your tel. message October in regards to charges against SFU, your available times and offer for audio taping

      Constable Cumbers, OIC Critchley and Dr. Nigel Murray: First of all Simon Fraser President D. Nigel Murray has not as much as acknowledged my correspondence – which is an indication that you are the scapegoat for their inability to deal with matters.

      I will not let you be any further responsible for the mess your superiors i.e. E-Division and SFU Governance have created. With you having me forcefully arrested and forcefully assessed my physical health has taken a beating I am not able to bring under control at this point in time. Without the provision of knowledgeable legal counsel I will never engage in any conversation with the RCMP or Fraser health – even if you have me force drugged to silence me and locked up as threatened by the R.C.H. Psychiatrist through Fraser Health.

      If I write a conclusion on paper and hand it to the RCMP or file it in the Supreme Court of BC – the damage to Canada as a whole is irreversible – besides having to do this would destroy me and what 25 years of documentation stands for!


      Years ago the Canadian Department of Justice informed me that the Supreme Court of BC was obligated to confirm my filed charges. They have not done so up to this date. Please read enclosed information. I am asking the Burnaby RCMP OIC Critchley and FH President Dr. Nigel Murray to convey by registered mail or by email (liantorno@telus) their intent of actions. The Burnaby RCMP and FH responded immediately to the Simon Fraser University governance – will “I be given the same courtesy “your conveyance of your actions of intent”

      (Re: Canada Criminal Code: being driven to death by influence on my mind on grounds of the inviolability of my integrity)

      Luise Iantorno

      P 1/6

      Attention: Julianne McCaffrey, for all below listed – (in regards to Craig Steckler and for his protection, police chief city of Fremont, USA) (in regards to Rob Bremner and for his protection, chief administrator officer of Sechelt)

      * * *

      and some body from the Austrian or German Interparliamentarian International Assn.-I messed up my file)

      I am trying so hard not having to compile the conclusion of facts. Please read all the latest copies of my pleading! The forcible arrest and forced upon assessment by SFU without any kind of safety net has taken a severe beating on my physical health .

      SFU governance and faculty will have me imprisoned for 5 years if I contact anybody at any SFU location, therefore I am asking all of you to please copy the above *people for their and your protection with all transmitted information. I am protecting all of you, scholar or not, because you will not be able to plead ignorance to my pleading for the truth to be verified.

      Out of tens of thousands send out e-mail only you very few responded for reasons as transmitted to me (besides hundreds out of office etc. replies). Besides one person – who had no knowledge about my undertaking- I had absolutely no prior contact with any of you.

      I am pleading with you , SFU and international scholars to figure out the consequences which are clear in my mind but do not want to finalise in a conclusion of facts because than the damage done to Canada will be irreversible.

      Al Qaeda violent jihad - my documented none violent jihad

      both persecuted on grounds of the truth = God

      Their faith requests a jihad – my faith was created out of survival mode and free will

      The entire world has been praying - God has responded in a most compassion able none jurisdictional way through the most helpless and vulnerable children - with overwhelmingly wise and vital facts for humanity’s survival – the world simply has not listened! If there is not a meeting of the minds in the International Court of Justice on grounds of all evidence -Al Qaeda is more than justified to protect humanity from infidels.


      If nobody is willing to make any kind of commitment in acknowledging intent – than I have the answer – October 11, 2011 Luise Iantorno


      Simon Fraser Governance and Faculties, care of

      * Burnaby RCMP Cst. Cumbers fax 6045703652 c/o Chief Superintendent Critchley

      * Coquitlam RCMP GRC Cst.W. Peterson fax 6045527300 c/o OIC Claude Wilcott

      * Fraser Health Janelle, c/o President and CEO Dr. Nigel Murray 6045874666

      The forceful arrest and forced upon assessment by you without any kind of provision for my protection has taken a severe beating on my physical health. Before I exert anymore vital energy on my conclusion of facts – I beg of all of you for your own protection to claim the truth from the Supreme Court of British Columbia before the damage is irreversible.

      The entire world is praying to God for whatever reasons God has been responding through all the documented revelations since 1987, i.e. ``in reverse`` but NOBODY is listening

      I did not choose to be a vessel for these interventions but chose to keep my promise “that I will do everything in my power to help bring about a better management of people if I survived Psychologist Dr. Catherine Bond`s assault on my integrity, in the process I learned to trust that God is supreme – God is the truth – the truth does not change (I had reached out to her to help me understand my expressive language processing difficulties)

      Re: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Preamble: Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law,

      Canada has unconditionally rendered God’s Supremacy to Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Their assumed Godlike powers are criminal and holding this country hostage

      God gave us the biological medical principal through professionally abused children for preventative medicine – Psychiatrists, and the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons deliberately withheld that knowledge from the world.

      Psychiatrists in Canada are not only allowed to run amok with drugging the vulnerable and the mentally challenged in violating their God given primary human rights – Canada un- conditionally protects them as my 3 times filed charges in the Supreme Court of BC proof

      God is truth – truth does not change (examples :beginning-middle-end- and all that in between)

      A 1987 revelation entails that Dr. Catherine Bond will be the target for professional arrogance on cost of the people. On grounds to make sense of all the revelations and extrasensory perceptions from May-December 1987 I agreed to see a psychiatrist – only to find out that she had booked an appointment under false pretence to have me drugged.

      In January of 1988 I explained only one extrasensory perception to the attending Psychiatrist and Psychologist. Within 10 minutes they wanted to drug me to alter my thinking pattern without validating any facts. I immediately stopped the consultation

      In 1994 the N.V. School Board demanded me to be assessed – This forensic Psychiatrist dared to state that he will cover up for his contemporaries and hoped they will cover up for him, he also wanted to drug me….

      2011 Simon Fraser University had me forcibly arrested and forcibly assessed for insubordination to keep silent because of breach of trust and agreement by SFU campus security - this psychiatrist within 3 minutes without wanting to validate anything threatened that he will have me force drugged to silence me and have me locked up

      How much longer are psychiatrists to get away with destroying the lives of the vulnerable and mentally challenged and lower class p

    • profile image

      Luise Iantorno 

      7 years ago


      Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops

      C/o Vancouver Archbishop Michael Miller

      604 683 4288

      CCCB Com. Director 613 241 9048

      If you have any respect for God left you will contact the Pope directly to make a public statement in order to protect not only all the world’s Catholics – but all of humanity.

      If you don’t hold me accountable – I surely will hold all Canadian Bishops accountable – as filed previously in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

      Luise Iantorno, proud to have grown up as a Catholic – but ashamed of the leadership of the Catholic Church!

      September 28, 2011

      International Receivers of this information Please help and pass the information on to Ban Ki- Moon and Sashi Owada.

      I plead with you and them to demand the truth from the Canadian Government. If you and they will not do so- it will be at all nations’ peril! The facts in a nutshell are as follows. 09.27.11


      BAN KI-Moon

      Secretary General United Nations


      President International Court of Justice

      C/o and

      United Nations Members and Bodies

      Re: 3 times filed charges since 2000 for Crimes against humanity against Canadian leaders and authorities and deliberately disregarded by the Supreme Court of British Columbia and World Authorities.

      It is the responsibility of the United Nations to act for the world’s people and demand the truth for the collective welfare of humanity!

      The Facts are:

      • God delivered through professionally abused children i.e. the biological principle which provides us with origins for the metabolic syndrome, heart, stroke, neurological or thyroid diseases, dementia, arthritis, autism, or all that causes disease in the mental and physical areas of life. The since 1992 deliberate withholding of these vital facts is causing human suffering beyond comprehension.

      • The conscious failing of the Roman Catholic Church, Christian Leaders, Muslim authorities, other denominations, The International Criminal Court, European Union, US Presidents and other influential authorities, for the verification of all none jurisdictional facts makes them corrupt and accessories to crimes against humanity –

      The truth is:

      • I.e. the current most powerful man “US president B. Obama’s” and Western Leaders’ reckless disregard for the facts makes them more criminal, murderous and dangerous than all Jihadists’ actions combined. Instead of having used the facts for dialogue they chose war over peace and sanctioned the killing of Osama bin Laden.

      • If the facts are not dealt with by the International Court of Justice for the right reasons as documented for the past 25 years – and Al Qaeda’s actions are not pardoned in order to stop the human suffering - just imagine Al Qaeda’s than justified actions to protect humanity from world leaders’ arrogance and contempt for God!

      Luise Iantorno, attached copy RCMP

      North Vancouver RCMP /O.I.C.


      C/o Mayor R.W. 6049902403 and to whom this concerns 27/09/11

      The NV RCMP instead of serving and protecting the People of North Vancouver allowed themselves once again to be the patsies for the North Vancouver School Board. Unless they can proof that I have broken the law on grounds of my undertaking they have no authority any longer to threaten me or imply threats. The entire RCMP is not welcomed to my home without the provision of knowledgeable legal counsel.

      On grounds of my very justified actions should anything happen to my immediate family members, friends, neighbours or i.e. associates I am holding you and the BC Government accountable! 25 years of documentation will proof that I have served this country above and beyond!

      Re: Incompetent leadership of the B.C. Government/Executive Council, i.e. Solicitor General S. Bond (Re: Sr.O. CcMJ 19.09.11) NV RCMP/A 27/09/11 implied threat in response to information send to the North Vancouver School Board (information was sent out to all BC Mayors and Councillors (see CAO Sechelt) all BC MLA’s or all Members of the Canadian Senate

      In protecting myself from leadership abuse of power and authority I am protecting every Canadian! I will not be silenced until the NV. School Board and the BC Ministry for Children clear me unconditionally from all libel and defamation (NVSD) of my character. They both terminated my employment for insubordination to be silent for the following one of many examples which encompasses vital knowledge in a nutshell:

      • QMES/The abuse of children, teachers, staff and parents can never be justified

      • Extrasensory perception: I called in to physician that I felt like collapsing, one hour later a child collapsed to the floor – other children were terrified, staff laughed it off: i.e. what good does it that this child is integrated….parents were never told, child walked home alone. My feelings of collapsing had stopped than. The records will proof how many slips for insubordination to comply with the abusive class management this child received – nobody gave a damn – the parents were always faulted. I begged over and over for the protection of this child with concrete medical facts and observable behaviours, I begged to be assessed – instead I was transferred from one school to another school…………The more they transferred me – the more I was free to observe abuse. CUPE was swamped with complaints – but was threatened by the School Board to shut up or lose privileges

      • This child gave us facts for the origins of autism, Asberger, etc – in short as compiled in my 1992 medical paper. Ask C. Kelly what he did with the package of vital information I handed to him.

      • Children at QMES resorted to infantile behaviours and were punished i.e. ,for stealing work from other classrooms so they could proof to their parents they were learning,

      • Teachers were told to shut up or were transferred for not being silent

      • Parents were deceived and accused for the way their children behaved

      • Parents were not allowed to transfer their children to another school – only the School Trustee’s children were allowed to do so and to add insult they were chauffeured by taxi

      • Ask the School Board how many substitutes were used within one particular classroom

      and on , and on , and on ………… that’s why I always stated “clear me of all libel and defamation of my character – hence the cause : having given testimony that a divine power intervened for the greater good of services to the people – which has now snowballed into a very large picture – which I am begging of all Canadians not to ignore for their own protection – as outlined in correspondence. Luise Iantorno


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