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Updated on March 12, 2010


Reason is the Essence of Human Life

Charles J. Hunsinger

What Atheism Is:

Atheism is---accepting life, as the ultimate of human existence.

Atheism is---understanding that the purpose for life, your life, is defined by you.

Atheism is---an awakening, a sense, a feeling of life. It is the reasoned knowledge of who you are, what you are, where you are, and the purpose of your existence. It is an absence of ignorance, an embracing of knowledge.

Atheism is---a cleansing of the mind, clarity of thought and of living.

Atheism is---to embrace the unique preciousness of intelligent life and the unparalleled and fantastic capacity to reason----that is you.

Atheism is---the freedom to think freely, to act freely without the stigma and guilt of contrived religious sin and government promoted social guilt.

Atheism is---a respect for and a love of self and in that, a love of life, a respect for life.

Atheism is---the ultimate empowerment of the individual----“I am”.

Atheism is---a philosophy of self, self realization, self worth and with that, the greatest contribution to the human community, a reasoning, self sustaining, and self quantifying human being.

What Atheism is not:

Atheism is not---a denial of the existence of god(s), as a denial of an unprovable assertion serves no point. It is not to say, categorically, that gods do not exist. I do not know. I do know however, that there is no reasonable evidence to conclude that they do exist. I can not be the fool who speaks of absolutes without reasonable knowledge. Is he not the fool who does so whether he is theist, Atheist or political or religious demagogue?

Atheism is not---a disbelief of the existence of god(s) or other deities, as such, serves only to give credibility to an emotional assertion of an existence solely based upon fear, guilt, money and power.

Atheism is not---Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Marxism, nor any other form of Socialism; as such evils destroy the individual no less then any form of godly directed and induced theocratic rule. Politically, Atheism is best identified within the freedoms expounded in the American Bill of Rights and the concept of Capitalism.


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