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Abortion: It Is Not Just The Woman’s Body

Updated on January 22, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Legislation At Its Worst

With New York State’s passage of its latest Abortion rights bill, women have more opportunities and longer time to abort their unborn child. The arguments used to justify the wording and passage of this bill focus on a woman’s body and women’s equality.

Unfortunately, those arguments to do not paint a well rounded picture, nor do they do anything for women’s equality. In reproductive matters, women have always been equal to men, if not holding a slight advantage over their male counterparts.

The short-sighted use of the woman’s body argument shows a darker underside to the whole issue of abortion.

It Is Not The Woman’s Body That is at Risk

In the old days prior to Roe V. Wade and when medical practices were just beginning to make use of advancing technology, a woman and her body were greatly at risk to harm.

Medical procedures, including illegal abortion procedures were not sophisticated enough to ensure that a woman could abort her unborn child in complete safety. Her body is definitely at risk.

Yet with the advancement of time and multitude of upgrades to the medical profession, a woman’s body is rarely at risk when they are pregnant or wanting to have an abortion. These procedures are done on a regular basis with few injuries or fatalities.

Whose Body is at Risk

It is an obvious question with a very obvious answer. The only body that it truly at risk during a pregnancy, is the unborn child’s. It is vulnerable to the whims of his or her mother or father.

The unborn child has not committed a crime or some other grievous act to deserve such a penalty as death, yet with the growing desire to live as one pleases and have control over their reproduction aspect of life, determines the child’s fate.

Sadly, the child has no say in its defense and must endure the penalty without complaint or protection. Only that little body is in danger of being destroyed when a pregnancy takes place.

A Woman’s Responsibility

Whether pro-choice advocates agree or not, the woman as not given the responsibility of pregnancy to decide the fate of their unborn child. Women were given the responsibility to make sure the development takes place as safely as possible.

Not only did the man donate his sperm for safe keeping, the child depends solely on the mother to keep it from harm. This is a serious responsibility that should not be taken lightly nor redefined to fit the views of those who think an unborn child is merely a virus or a clump of cells.

When one looks through the religious texts, including the Bible, one will see that at no time and in no place or era, was a woman granted permission to stray from that responsibility.

They were never given permission to kill the baby or destroy its body. That change in view has not come in recent times, but has always been present since time began. It is just getting worse today as more and more governmental leaders, and others, stray from God’s instruction.

If a person reads the Bible correctly, they will see that no one has the right to alter God’s instructions to protect the innocent. While unborn children are the ultimate innocent human, God’s instructions do not stop with them. Protecting the innocent is a life long instruction and applies to all innocent people of all ages and both genders.

Women are not exempt from that charge either.

Is It Only A Woman’s Decision

It is not uncommon for women and others to state that since they are the bearer of children that they have the sole right to decide the unborn child’s fate. This is not so because women cannot reproduce a child on their own. A man’s donation is always needed to make sure reproduction takes place as designed.

What this means is that not only is the unborn child the sole possession of the mother to be, those children granted life through birth are not their sole possession either. The child also belongs to the father, whether born or not.

A woman cannot have sole decision making duty over the unborn child. They are not playing with their watch or a car or even a dress that they solely own. They are deciding the fate of a human who needed a complete set of parents to come into existence.

Both the mother and the father should be making this decision together. Regardless of the feelings of either.

There are Mitigating Factors

Nothing in this world is perfect, including child bearing. There are issues that arise that influence the ideal and create difficult situations for both the mother and father to be.

Yet, those issues need to be handled wisely and not emotionally. A father to be should not be pressuring his lover to have an abortion and also he should not flee the scene when told he is going to be a father. He has his responsibility to both the his lover and his child.

A mother to be cannot deprive her lover with his right to be a father. This includes cases of rape and incest as the Bible instructs us that the child should not e punished for his or her parents sins. Wise decisions and actions need to be part of the whole process.

Then those christian people, if they can be described as Christian, who advocate that it is okay to participate in premarital sexual encounters are not helping the situation. They are not bringing solutions to the issue but more problems.

These people are misguided, wrong and led people to sin and disobey God and their words of advice need to be ignored. Following God’s instructions obviously does bring real solutions to the whole issue as well as lower the number of children vulnerable to abortion decisions.

It would be wise to listen to God over other humans as, the latter can always walk away and be of no help to anyone. They bar little to no responsibility in the whole process.

The Next Step

It would also be wise to ignore scientific discoveries that claim to be a solution to this issue. As has been proven time and again, the scientific inventions fail and do not stop unplanned pregnancies.

Man is not perfect so do not expect perfect inventions in this lifetime. It should be stated that there is nothing wrong with a sexual experience as long as it is between a man and a woman and obeying God’s rules.

What makes sex wrong is when people ignore those rules for whatever reason they may have and selfishly indulge in sexual activity. But this activity is not the only sinful and wrong act. Abortion is also wrong and sin no matter which government or its leader declare otherwise.

Governments and governmental leaders are not in charge of what is right, wrong or sin. They are only given the power to declare what is legal or illegal. Following the wrong leader or legislation is not a smart move to make.

You are responsible for your use of your ability to freely choose and the choices you make.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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