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About Capricorn and 2010

Updated on January 1, 2010

Capricorn is often associated with aspirations and achievements we set as goals towards the future. Real achievements don't happen by random and the hard work, discipline and patience we apply to complete those goals are also represented by this sign. To truly master any particular art relates to Capricorn as it can only be achieved with constant effort and dedication that will account as experience and knowledge earned in the long term.

As a result of Pluto entering Capricorn, people born under this sign or its opposite (Cancer) has been experiencing challenges related with the house or area of their natal chart where Capricorn sits. From personal experience I feel this is an important life-changing period for Capricorn and perhaps a phase that will bring challenges that require a new direction or exploring a different path. This is a time to open up to new possibilities and therefore it is important for Capricorn to keep structures flexible and loose enough to be able to adapt to new changes.

What would be a real achievement during 2010-2020

What we may consider success now (money, possessions, material comfort, social status and acceptance etc) has to be understood in perspective. Our material achievements don't cease to be important but we need to be honest about the reasons why they motivate us. Success may relate with our need for social attention, financial stability may relate with our fear to face new challenges, etc. In reality many of our goals have been the result of our fears, worries and need for compliance with the status quo.

The decade starts with a new message: what do you value and why do you want to achieve it. This is the time when as individuals we will have the opportunity to face our choices and decide what do we need to let go of in order to concentrate our energy around what is really important to us.

This journey needs to happen in solitude so that we are true to the self and become confident about our choices. Relationships are a wonderful ground for growth in the extent that we are able to share who we are, not become someone we are not.

What we need to remember

  1. Our structures need to be like strong enough to sustain us but flexible enough to help us adapt to new changes.
  2. What are the real reasons behind the goals we set.  Are these goals worth to aim for?
  3. Be true to yourself and recognise when fears and imaginary worries cloud your vision.
  4. Observe what structures are limiting your growth and get rid of them!
  5. Be happy here and now. Happiness in itself is not a goal but a reality you build from scratch at any point of your life.


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