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The Truth About Magick & Witches.

Updated on January 22, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

It’s not all “just intention”. And you are not a witch just because you claim so.

It’s true that an expert witch does not need any tools, which means physical tools like candles, herbs , crystals. But she needs to know and master intention, energy, vibration, energy moving, casting spells with her mind, visualization, entering trance, having chakras active and balanced, controlling her emotions — all at once!!

Other than this, there’s another hard truth for most ‘wanna be’ witches: you become a witch by initiation- either birth (heritage) or initiated by higher forces. If not, you are a sorcerer.

You don’t just claim to be a witch and there you are. You can claim your power back to you, but that doesn’t mean you are a witch now!, it only means that you win back yourself by not letting others push you around or control you and that you have found and claimed self-love, self-respect, healthy boundaries.

Witchcraft is not religion, is not being spiritual, is not being Pagan.

Witchcraft is a craft and is a gift, and you have to work on it daily. It is a craft + gift like some people can dance or sing or are good at fixing stuff, etc etc. you may work on developing these skills too but you are not born with it, you don’t have it in your blood like the poet does, you can write poetry too but you can’t move people like the gifted one does, or your music won’t have the same vibration as the gifted one does. Think of the Ascended Masters like Da Vinci, Buddha, Beethoven, etc. Think of Hollywood: everyone’s an actor nowadays, but you can count the very best gifted ones with your fingers.

Even witches are not gifted the same: some are best to commune with Spirits, some conjure, some heal with their hands/energy, some read the Akashic Records, etc etc. That’s why you look for conjure & spells from witches, you go to divination psychics for readings, and to shamans for healing.

“The Secret” and other books of its nature become bestseller for the single reason: they make people think every single one of them can be the most powerful being if only .... this and if only …… that and you can hold the world in your hands.

I have witnessed firsthand how books like these can drive people to depression because they can’t apply the “law of attraction” successfully. As a result, they think that they have no power at all just because they can’t control their realities (every human being’s dream).

The thing is: everyone is powerful!, in their own field of expertise!

Not everything is meant for everybody. The path you feel a calling to, will also be the one that you are willing to invest on. Some people choose law some others choose economics, medicine etc. if you have a real talk with the people who work or study in a different field than you, at some point you’ll hear them say; I could never study medicine I am not cut for it, I choose psychology for this and that. And the other will say medicine is a science you really help people live healthy, you save someone’s life, I could never focus on studying law and read only law books on top of law books. Etc etc.

To be gifted, to feel a calling, having it in your blood, means that you understand the subject in a deep level that you can’t even explain it in words. If you can put it in words, know that you’re using logic and what you have been taught by others, but its not your Soul’s understanding and purpose.

The aim of this post is this: do not fall for every other article that says you can do everything if you put the right intention in it. There’s more than that, and if you don’t have the gift of conjure, you may fall in depression.

Goddess gave each of us different gifts so we can all come together in communities and work together. If every one of us would have the same gifts there wouldn’t be a point in our existence. Think of how well balanced and interacting nature is, the elements, the herbs, the animals, and the humans.

The ultimate truth and power is to know your gift and through it you claim your power and fulfill your life purpose, while working with others to craft the perfect deed.

Fact: You don’t have just one gift, you have several of them, but the thing is you have the fundamental one linked to your life purpose and the complementary gifts to fulfill your life purpose. Mine is being a witch with the life purpose to help people heal and achieve their best lives, and with complementary gifts: communication, excellent listener, writer, empath.

You are a powerful being, you just need to find out where your Power lies.

In time this desire to be called a witch will vanish, and you will understand that being spiritual does not necessarily mean you are a witch. Meanwhile, this is happening because the whole world is shifting vibration and ascending. Just be careful and objective with your claims and listen to your Soul’s voice.

© 2020 Ensorcelie


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