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About Quirinus Hubs Author

Updated on September 29, 2012
The Purple Lotus Flower
The Purple Lotus Flower | Source

Jung equates the unconscious with the soul ...

(This article was moved from the Welcome page as it continuously grew in length.)

“Just as the mind digests ideas and produces intelligence,

the soul feeds on life and digests it,

creating wisdom and character out of the fodder of experience.

… the outer world serves as a means of deep spirituality

… the transformation of ordinary experience into the stuff of soul is all important.”

-Thomas Moore


QUIRINUS: Roman name derived from the Latin element co-viri, meaning "men together."



Happy stared into my eyes, as I pondered on how best to present myself on my Welcome page. Well, there you have it folks: etymology of my hubpages name and a light chat about Happy.

Over a Bottle of Beer

My hubpages name was not hard to come by. It was given in a dream. The dream was about a giant brain named, Quiriminimus.

I had to wait for the opportunity to present itself, to look the name up on the internet. It came several days later. I found no entry for that long version. I did find an entry though, when I deleted out the the “……” part of the original Quiri(mi)n(im)us,

… Quirinus!

It was interesting to note an etymology of “men together”, I’d say, talking over a bottle of beer. (See Quirinus dialog: The Lord's Prayer: A Contemplation)


The interesting turn of events related to that giant brain dream is that somehow, browsing from topic to random (i.e. arbitrarily selected among possibly hundreds of thousands of sites offered by a search result) but eye-catching topic on the internet, I chanced upon an Abraham book. That happened to have for its introduction as to who or what Abraham is:

“We are multidimensional and multifaceted and certainly multi-consciousness …” I wondered whether this Abraham is the same giant brain, announcing itself first in the dream before appearing on the pages of a book I soon decided to hunt after. I thought yes. Considering that the first printing was in 2004, you’d be amazed at how easily I was able to get my copy on my very first visit to the book store, seven years later. Another synchronicity.

Happy and My Epitaph

Happy, Muffin and Honey are the names of our three pooches, according to my nomenclature (my daughters have their own preferences). Angel recently passed away ( The Tao of Grieving ). I have two grown daughters, by whom I would like to be known when I cross over as a “Loving Parent”. That’s because of my belief that my only innate talent is nurturing; all others, if any, are acquired.

Everything I put on this Welcome page tends to be happy as they’re about what I’m about during hobby time, weekends. They’re also about other things we might talk about over a bottle of beer. Depending on whether the site will not flag me down for it, I’d prefer to make this, my welcome page fluid from weekend to weekend, time permitting---updated with what I’m about. We’re allowed just a bottle aka a page, so let me leave the rest FOR NEXT: Anonymity and Gender.

Anonymity and Gender

I prefer my ideas to stand on their own, to be taken at par value, instead of having the reader looking through filters brought on by the usual assumptions regarding demographical characteristics.

It’s hard not to make assumptions when dealing with categories like age, gender, education, nationality, religion, etc.

With anonymous authorship thus, I feel that the reader has more freedom to experiment with the ideas based on his or her own innate constitution rather than extraneous external assumptions.

What I’m All About

I’m a seeker on the path, who believes that the path is the goal. That happiness is not about getting what you want but wanting what you get. That success means having been blessed with the opportunity to follow one’s passion, not necessarily having obtained worldly possessions.

I believe that one’s beliefs constantly change, especially as one moves from one stage of life to another.

My hubs are probably an effort to document the evolution of my beliefs and to evolve my beliefs to the most emancipating level they possibly can.

By virtue of my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I am a naturally contemplative person whose personality type is found in as little as 1% of the population. I can imagine that my ideas would not appeal to popular readership and am grateful that, nonetheless, hubpages gives me a venue for their expression.

“Faith is like that: the more you rely on it, the more reliable it becomes."

"The only person we really ever need to compete with is our self.”

“Jung equates the unconscious with the soul, and so when we try to live fully consciously in an intellectually predictable world, protected from all mysteries and comfortable with conformity, we lose our everyday opportunities for the soulful life. The intellect wants to know; the soul likes to be surprised. …” –Thomas Moore

Daybreak's Stillness
Daybreak's Stillness | Source


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