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About Scorpio

Updated on August 21, 2017

Scorpio Solar Sign

How is Scorpio?

With that basic background in astrology in mind, let’s now look at the Scorpio sun or zodiac sign.
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of inner drive and transformations. This is one of the best fits in astrology because if you understand how Pluto affects us, then you understand how Scorpios are.
The three words which can sum up Scorpios in a nutshell are these: intensity, depth and rebirth.
Let’s look at Scorpio intensity first. Scorpio is considered a fixed sign which means Scorpios usually hold on to what they consider important. When natives choose to focus on something be that a goal or a dream, a lover or a friend, then they stick to that no matter what.

This is why Scorpios are usually described as fiercely loyal. Scorpio lovers may flirt with others but will remain true, and Scorpio friends may occasionally be judgmental but will be the first to rescue you when you need rescuing.
This is also why Scorpios are said to be passionate. If they choose to focus on a goal of any sort, they are capable of sacrificing and risking everything for it. The Scorpio rivals the Capricorn when seeking success in his career aspirations, but unlike the Capricorn who does this to attain status, the Scorpio does this because he feels passionate for his goal.
That said, because intensity requires much energy, Scorpios tend to see things in black and white – that is, they are either interested in something or have no interest. This is because they already focus so much energy into what they are interested in that they have little else for others. Thus, Scorpios usually choose their friends, careers, lovers, hobbies, and pretty much everything they are able to choose and consider important with care.

Regarding Scorpio depth, since Pluto is the planet of inner drive, it is capable of looking at our hidden truths. For example, you might think your career aspirations are driven by your desire for material possessions, but despite achieving the house, car and bank account of your dreams, you still feel inadequate. It might be that you are actually driven by the need to seek a deeper purpose in life. When you switch careers from a high paying corporate job to another which enables you to help other people, or when you spend your free time doing the latter, you suddenly feel more at ease.

Pluto’s power to see beyond the surface influences Scorpios who are generally famous for their desire for depth. They tend to hate small talk especially when it is covering up fake relationships, i.e. when people are only pretending to be friendly but actually dislike each other. They dislike shallow relationships too and will avoid them unless there is a reason not to, e.g. when they have to be fake to achieve a goal they have set their sights on.
Some Scorpios have psychic abilities and can intuitively sense how the other is feeling or what he is thinking. A famous advice when dealing with Scorpios is to never lie because the lie is usually found out. This depth helps Scorpios sense when their friends need them and what their lovers want.

Most of the time, Scorpios hide their true selves because they intuitively know that other people are not able to understand their desire for depth. If ever they tried to share this depth, they were likely told to lighten up or not be too deep. This is why many Scorpios are secretive about themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are always silent. They can share some aspects of their lives when necessary, but at bottom, when you try to list what you know about your friends, you’ll see that the list is generally shorter for Scorpios and you usually don’t know much about the aspects of their lives you need not know about.

Other people’s inability to fully understand Scorpio’s need for depth can lead to feelings of sensitivity regarding their real selves. If a Scorpio is self-conscious and easily hurt, this can lead to their remaining extremely secretive. They will only reveal their secrets once they are sure the other can be trusted. Regardless, their desire for depth can usually be seen through their very expressive eyes.
Lastly, looking at rebirth, this is where Scorpio differs from the rest of the zodiac signs. Scorpio is the only sign with three symbols: the scorpion, the eagle and the dove.

The scorpion is the most un-evolved. This is the Scorpio which exhibits all the negative traits of the sun sign. All zodiac signs will have negative or un-evolved traits, but Scorpios probably have the worst set. Scorpions use Scorpio intensity to focus on goals that are harmful to themselves and to others. For example, a scorpion can choose to control other people, and this is not difficult considering the Scorpio ability to read other people’s minds. Another example is the famous Scorpio jealousy which is merely another form of controlling other people. When they are unable to achieve their goals, or when they are hurt by other people, they can focus their intensity on seeking revenge. If you’ve ever been the victim of someone who repeatedly scratches your car in return for a minor fault, you are likely dealing with a scorpion.

Despite this, since Pluto is the planet of transformations, the scorpion can choose to change overnight. It’s unexplainable to those who are not of this zodiac sign, but Scorpios are capable of changing at the snap of a finger if the time is right. All of a sudden, the scorpion just sees things differently and becomes the eagle. A symbol for Scorpio’s sudden, unexplainable ability to change is the phoenix rising from the ashes or the snake shedding its skin.

The secret to this sudden, calm change is that the Scorpio has likely had an internal revolution inside. Pluto has made him see what he needs to change by directing the spotlight on his flaws. Once these flaws are seen clearly, it’s impossible to go back. This experience is comparable to being told that the delicious pie you’ve been eating is made from flavored and colored manure. Regardless how delicious that pie tasted, once the truth about what it is has been revealed, there is no going back to the desire to continue eating it.

Unlike the scorpion, the eagle is more mature and uses his powers for good. For example, instead of using his intensity for harmful goals, he will focus on what will lead to advantages for him. In case of enemies, the Scorpio desire for revenge is still present, but the eagle will use this energy in bettering himself. The eagle understands that emerging as the more successful person is the better revenge; and even if the eagle does seek revenge, he will do so in a way that will only prevent his enemies from further hurting him.

The last possible rebirth for the Scorpio is the dove. While the eagle is focused on himself, the dove is evolved enough to seek what will also be advantageous for others. This is the Scorpio who uses his intensity to dedicate his life to noble goals and who uses his depth to uncover hidden truths which will help humanity. The dove can come in the form of a philanthropist or religious leader who seems able to forget about himself and only focuses on what is best for everyone else. He can also come in the form of a writer who is able to describe the secrets of human nature in ways which help others understand their flaws better and so become better persons. He can be the whistle-blower who bravely uncovers harmful government or corporate secrets even at the risk of losing his life.

A note on Scorpio’s rebirth is not every Scorpio will experience these changes. Many remain a scorpion their whole lives while some become eagles later in life when they become more mature. Only a few become doves. This does not mean life-long scorpions are not capable of becoming eagles and later as doves. It just depends on whether they choose to or not. Many Scorpios who identify as scorpions already intuitively know what their flaws are but they are not yet ready to admit them and change into eagles. Once they do, the transformative power of Pluto will propel them to where they need to go.

© 2017 scorpiozodiac


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