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About THIS (the Universe)

Updated on May 20, 2011


This article here is about 'this'. This means everything that is observable. The universe, the world, the order or whatsoever we may call it. I will try to include everything I came to know about this by observing the information filtered through my own understanding and logic. It is my little effort to share my thinking and understanding of this. I am trying to make this article as small and concise as possible and will use many common assumptions without specific reference to details.


This = Energy + Order or Science + Spirit + Information + Force of God

Matter as we see it is just energy manifested into forms. It is scientifically proved that all matter is basically composed of only energy. So in the above equation, energy will include all of the observable matter (galaxies, stars, planets, life forms, etc), antimatter and energy types (Potential/Kinetic/Chemical/Nuclear energy). We all know that this is governed by certain laws and order. Although, the unimaginable vastness and non-uniformity of the universe, at first, makes us think that it is not very orderly, united or even. However, the cosmos is very precisely designed and the laws governing it are very strict and apply evenly (almost*), as much as we know so far. So, the order or science [science because it is discoverable], which keeps everything intact and in place is also a distinguishable part of the universe. But without the spirit everything has no meaning. This universe was created for experiencing and discovering it. Without mind/spirit, this is incomplete.

Information is clearly distinguishable from matter and energy. Neither is it the mind that creates it. Information is created by a mind and is processed by a mind. All the above mentioned entities are caused and governed by the force of the universe or the super-intelligent creator. Although God may be a separate entity from this universe, but how can we not associate the artist with his creation? Common sense and logic tells us that there is contingency in everything. It means every effect has a cause. If something created this, which as we will later look into, is unified, then that entity/creator should not be contingent. That is what also makes force of God/God separate from the creation/universe.


Cause and Effect is the prime rule of the universe. Everything that happens has a cause. Nothing is random or by chance.

It is the instinctive nature of humans to be curious. However, more often, people remain impressed and worried of effects, when they should be analyzing the causes.

Everything has a good and a bad side; we only have the power to choose by getting knowledge. So, here we come to our next section which is about choice.


Freewill is the basis of existence. We wouldn't have been any different from animals or machines if we didn't have freewill. Our mind has choice and that’s why we exist individually. We choose and justify what we do. So, God's interference or order over us is illogical. As far as guidance from the Supreme Being for better human life is concerned, it is already there. We all have the intellect in us to guess what is right and what is not. As we grow up as kids, we demand justice in everything. We wouldn't want something from another person which is not good for us. But on the other hand we do things that are selfish. So, basically we demand justice, but when it comes to responsibility, we just ignore it for the sake of our ego. We would continue to grow like that and end up fighting over everything if we don't learn to live socially. Knowledge makes you social, responsible and makes you respect equality.


As most believe that the world's existence is based on power and it’s the power which rules... Some say power always wins or its the age of power, but the reality is that power has always been there, always was and always will be. It’s always been our choice of how to use it which decides who wins and who loses in the worldly domain. So we can still have the win-win scenario for all, which is very easy if people start living morally and then there is the win-lose scenario which is popular worldwide and is the result of people attracted to doing selfish things for immediate return.

Because we are being dependent on each other more and more every day, the more we ignore the win-win scenario, the earlier we'll face its consequences on the life around us.


I believe that the basic teachings and the ethics of all religions are the same. After all, religions are originated from human minds only. Broadly I would classify religion under philosophy.

Meaning of the word religion is to relate. People follow religion of many reasons; some just kind of inherit it from their parents and keep following it, some find the philosophy of a religion interesting so they like to be a follower. Then there are some who just don't care. Religion is a personal choice and can be unique for each one. Spirituality is different from religion because it quests on the spirit and on our relationship with the super-spirit/God. Man is spiritual by nature because he has the curiosity to relate himself with the spirit.


People debate and even fight over the two very popular but different opinions about the origin of life on earth. One is that god created the world and put man on earth. The second opinion is that existence of life is a mere coincidence. It is a random event that man was formed biologically and there is nothing more than biochemical reactions. But my opinion is a midway between the two!

I believe that evolution was created by God to fulfill the purpose of creating life in the universe. And the universe is intelligent enough by itself to originate life on planets. It doesn't feel logical to me that God is different from the universe and would have created Adam and Eve out of nothing and put them on earth. I think such ideas came into existence because man has a nature to feel special about him.

Hope you have a slightly better insight of the universe after reading this simple article. Comments and questions are welcome. Simplicity is Great.


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    • nitin.pant profile image

      Nitin Pant 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      There is difference in belief systems people follow, Penelope

    • profile image

      Penelope 5 years ago

      How do you believe in God whenever you don't even read the bible? It's Gods direct voice, and he said he created the heaven and earth, he did not say I will leave science and nature create THIS.

    • profile image

      :D 6 years ago

      Good info