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About the truth…an inquiry!

Updated on April 4, 2013

We speak about the truth, we expect the truth and we revere the truth as a highest principle of the human life. “Only Truth Shall win!” is an authentic slogan of Indian Republic. Most of the philosophies are centered on the principle of the truth. And we are yet to understand there cannot be absolute truth!

Human being is an emotional animal. His observations, his thinking and his actions are tainted with emotions. Thus it becomes relative truth. A truth about an incident may not be truth in the view of other observer as reference frame changes with person to person. There certainly are going to be contradictions in their statements about the same incident.

Truths are thus have been challenged for time to time and found some of them false in later studies or examinations.

Now, if the truth of human being is not eternal truth what is position of the truth in human life?

Truth is a feeling of being true about the statement one makes or feels. Feelings are associated with emotions. So we can say that truth of the human being is relative truth and not absolute truth!

As time progresses the truths people believe to be true can turn false someday, even science is no exception to this truth!

So can there be an absolute truth? Can there be an ultimate truth?

When we state death being an ultimate truth, but is it so? Is it proven beyond doubt that death really is death or just a transformation from one to other form? When we state birth is the truth, but do we know what do we mean by birth? Whether it was the moment when union of chromosomes in the mother’s womb was the starting point of the birth or the creation of chromosomes was the starting point of the birth? We never know. We take physical and observable birth as the truth while neglecting other factors associated with the truth.

Truth sounds a great virtue. Truth sounds like God ultimate to be revered and practiced. No matter how close we want to reach the core of the truth it elopes away from we the human beings as our perspective interrupts.

This does also mean that what we call untrue too may not be untrue. No one wanted to believe earth was round and not flat as people in ancient times believed as a truth. New invention sounded untrue to them till they were convinced.

Every religion claims their tenets are only true and divine. What other religions or their founders claim are untrue.

We want to believe in the truth we believe in! Everything else is untrue till we believe it to be untrue!

Then how we can reach ultimate and absolute truth?

Is there any way?

Can there be any truth that cannot be challenged?

We feel existence of the universe being true, but there are philosophies those tell us what we see is not the truth but an illusion! The true “True” is something different that cannot be experienced with physical body…only soul can experience it.

Again we find ourselves in a chaotic condition about the truth!

Relative truths cannot be absolute truths. Here we face interesting conjecture…if the absolute truth cannot be found by the human being, what is the status of the truth in human life? Do we live in entirely untrue conditions to which we think to be true? Can truth be modified?

No, whatever that can be modified cannot be true “Truth”.

To sum up, we cannot reach the ultimate truth, no matter how scientifically it is proven, because it always will be a relative truth…

Absolute truth never can come in the grasp of human being!


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    • sanjay-sonawani profile imageAUTHOR

      Sanjay Sonawani 

      4 years ago from Pune, India.

      Thanks Sidkemp.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 

      5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Thank you for this truly poetic essay on the nature of Truth. Practically speaking, Absolute Truth remains a North Star for a man or woman walking on Earth. We can see it and be guided by it, but we cannot reach it. And words about it - even the truest words we can say - are only words, and are not the star itself.


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