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Martial Arts and the Bible P5 - Abraham's Code of Honor

Updated on December 8, 2012

Abraham, the first true martial artist.

In our last study we came to a man named Abram (exalted father). He was the father of the Hebrew people and, though not considered as such by our occidental thinking, he was an oriental by birth (Genesis 11:28). The dividing line of continents is the Suez between Africa and Asia and the Caucasus mountains between Europe and Asia. Abram was born in Ur of the Chaldees. Although there is conjecture as to where this is, the debates do not take the location outside of Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Asia Minor.

God later changed Abram’s name to Abraham (father of a multitude). Abraham is the accepted father of the Semite people (Arab and Jew). He is also the patriarch of the three major religions of the world, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Each looks back to him for their beginning.

And since our study concerns the martial arts, we can look back to him as the "father of the martial arts, also." He not only was a leader and instructor of martial skills (Genesis 14:14), he had the martial arts mind. Lets look at that for a moment.

What is the martial arts mind? Taking the two most popular countries of present day martial arts disciplines, Japan and Korea, we can make a comparison of the tenets of each.

Japan (Bushido cir 1700 AD)
Korea (Hwarangdo - 668 AD)
Abraham 2100 BC
Genesis 13:8
Genesis 14:13
Genesis 14:14
Indomitable spirit
Genesis 14:14
Genesis 14:14
Genesis 14:14
Genesis 14:16
Genesis 14:23
Genesis 14:16-24

It is needful to repeat some words and verses in the table above in order to complete the definitions of the individual words. Sometimes the spirit of the word in one code (or language) reflected only a partial definition in the adjoining word. But the repetition fills out the meaings in all columns. In other words, whether the code was Japanese, Korean or Abrahamic, and they all parallel God's word.

We still have two more pages (at least) on Abraham which cover his exploits, his personality and part of his family. However, at this point we can say . . .

What Abraham did embodies the whole of the Codes of Bushido and Hwarangdo, more than 2500 years before either of the codes became standards. And using these standards, he is could rightly be considered the first true martial artist, and an honor to God.


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