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Abundance Flows from the Power of Love

Updated on November 18, 2016
Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama/Karen enjoys writing about spirituality as it is expressed in our everyday lives.

Showers of Love

My most recent painting of Perseid Meteor Showers, August 2015
My most recent painting of Perseid Meteor Showers, August 2015 | Source

Keeping my finger on the pulse of love ~

Love is the one and only force that keeps our world turning on its axis. Love is the force that makes our lives complete. It is the force that makes our eyes sparkle and our energy pulse with magnetism for all that we hold dear! Love is the fire of passion and the gentle warmth of friendship between us. It is where we all gather in unity to promote justice.

I have recently read two books by author Rhonda Byrne. She has released into the world a powerful force that we can all harness to bring peace, health and happiness back to our lives - and to our planet. Using ideas from a variety of spiritual teachings, words of inspiration both ancient and modern, she lays out a treasure-lined road for us to journey toward a heaven that we can create for ourselves and our loved ones in this life, on this planet.

Below is my own summary of the ideas in her books. Before you read them, though, you may want to grab your favorite pen and journal book to write down the inspirations that will grab you as you read.

Images that carry vibrations of love for me ~

Gazebo by the pond at Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Gazebo by the pond at Tower Hill Botanic Garden | Source
Waterfalls along the Kancamangis Highway in North Conway, NH, in autumn
Waterfalls along the Kancamangis Highway in North Conway, NH, in autumn | Source
"Bench Concentric" is a photo taken by my husband, along the Brookline branch of the Emerald Necklace in Boston
"Bench Concentric" is a photo taken by my husband, along the Brookline branch of the Emerald Necklace in Boston | Source
Our daughter walking down a stone path in the middle of an arboretum
Our daughter walking down a stone path in the middle of an arboretum | Source
I love to walk the wooded labyrinth on our property every day.
I love to walk the wooded labyrinth on our property every day. | Source
The sight of snow falling outside our window makes me want to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and play a game of Candyland with our daughter.
The sight of snow falling outside our window makes me want to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and play a game of Candyland with our daughter. | Source

Thoughts are the foundations for Painting our World Brightly

Thoughts are everything. The way we feel physically is influenced deeply by how we feel emotionally, and those feelings are influenced by how and what we think. We can choose to feel good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, happy or sad, and our lives will flow from the choices that we make. Our bodies will respond to the energy we emanate and what we believe about ourselves, our lives, our world, and the people who are part of our everyday lives.

Feelings and Creation

The power of our feelings is a magnet for attracting what we focus on. We can choose to feel happy about what we have, the abundance that we already enjoy. We can also enjoy the good fortune of others. Or we can choose to feel the lack or absence of a particular thing that we desire and become envious of those who have it in their possession. It is up to us.

Now is when we can begin to list the aspects our lives that bring us joy, and focus on that joy with all our heart and soul. Now is the time to feel gratitude for what we have. It is also a good time to feel happy for others in the face of their good fortune. When we share joy with others, that joy is magnified and reflected back to us. The love in the energy field that surrounds us grows by leaps and bounds.

I have a cute little notebook that always makes me smile, and in that notebook I keep my master gratitude list. Everything in my life that I feel grateful for. Whether it is a fond memory of the past from which I draw strength or an ongoing present reality that I relish I write it in that notebook.

I also have a notebook in which I write all of the things that I love. Of course, there is great overlap between the two lists, and that's awesome. Those are two sources at my fingertips for magnifying the feelings of love in my heart. When I read and re-read them, I say "thank you" often. In the words of Meister Eckhart ~ "If 'thank you' is the only prayer you ever say, that will suffice."

Power and Health

The power of our feelings is a magnet for lifelong health. We can either expect to enjoy lifelong health or expect that our health will decline as we get older. Why not believe that it is in our power to choose lifelong health and enjoy that health throughout our lives? My daughter keeps me strong through her invitations to play. When I play with her I feel joy and love, and that mix of feelings increases the vibrations of love that surround me, and my entire life story.

When my back aches, I make sure I return to my daily morning yoga exercises. During that time, I am good to my back and focus love energy on my back. Soon I feel better and thank my back for its resilience and strength.

Power and Relationships

The power of our feelings attracts healthy, positive people to us. Those people recognize the power of love and appreciate it, and want to be with us because they know that we appreciate that power, too. If we carry ourselves with grace and confidence, we carry the power of love, and that power is felt by everyone who walks beside us on our journeys.

If we do encounter people who focus on the negative aspects of life, we can decide not to feel the negativity along with them. We can change the subject, say something positive about the immediate environment surrounding us, or excuse ourselves and find a place that brings us joy in order to replenish positive feelings.

If someone we love does something that annoys us, we can focus on our annoyance, or we can find something positive in the situation. I can also choose to ignore the source of annoyance. When I catch myself feeling annoyed at my daughter for something she has done, I try to see if there was a positive intention behind her action and let her know I appreciate her efforts to please me. I hug her and we both feel better. If I am annoyed by a mess that she has created, I sometimes get down to help her clean it up, and if my hands are full, I make an effort to join her in her world and say something fun to help her find the motivation to pick up.

Sometimes the ways in which my husband and I are polar opposites causes tension between us. This morning I decided to focus on how much I love him and appreciate his presence in my life. I told him about a lovely dream I had about him as I touched his hand gently. He responded with a warm smile and kind words as he left the car to catch his train. We were both in a happier frame of mind than we began the car ride with.

The power of a positive relationship with wealth ~

Creating True Prosperity (Gawain, Shakti)
Creating True Prosperity (Gawain, Shakti)
Shakti Gawain puts her readers in close touch with their power to affect positively our level of abundance through a series of exercises that keeps us honest with ourselves and joyful in the promise of what we have the power to create in the world.

Power and Abundance

The power of our feelings can create abundance in our lives the same way that it creates other forms of happiness. Abundance comes in many forms, not always in the form of bank notes. Abundance comes often in the form of gifts, or opportunities to shine in ways that will enhance the lives of others as well as ourselves. When we give love and support to others with all our hearts, that love and support cannot help but shine on us, too. That is why it is important to focus on gratitude. The feelings of happiness and appreciation we feel for the gifts in our lives, or the things that we would like to experience in our lives, will create the space for us to enjoy those things that we love.

So, when we see something in a store window that we would love to have, we must love it with all our hearts in the present, as if we already have it, and we soon will.

The Spirituality of Gratitude leads the way ~

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Julia Cameron's book was one of my first forays into the path of an artist from a place of gratitude, hope, and love. Her book is a practical guide in drawing closer to our higher selves, with joy and exuberance.


Play is important in our lives. When we are laughing and having fun, we are feeling love for our lives, ourselves, and the people we are with, and we are attracting more of the same.

So, play with your life. Bring love to all you do. Speak with love to those around you. Speak with love about all of the aspects in your life that are going well. Imagine yourself in a situation that you would like to bring into your life, and act as if it were true. Play fantasy games. Wear clothes in character with the person you are becoming, and one day you will wake up and be there. You are a co-creator with the force of love and that is exhilarating! Feel the exhilaration and let your spirit soar. From that place you will be a healer to all those who come into contact with you.

Take the Time to Do What You Love!

Take the time you are given each day to do the things you love, and surround yourself with the colors and aspects of life that you love. For example, I love sunflowers, so I painted a piece of wall in my home with a sunflower mural. It makes me happy to see it. I also love wind chimes, so I have a set in the rock garden below our back deck and in the eaves of our porch across from our front door. Every time I hear them, and hear my neighbors' chimes, I am filled with love. The world around me sparkles. I invite you to do the same for yourself and see what wonderful events you can generate in your life by so doing.


© 2013 Karen A Szklany


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