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Accepting The Atonement Brings Peace Of Mind

Updated on February 23, 2015

What About Me?!

Owns The World

He held the world in his hand and indeed, all the world offers, and yet this man ran cascading into the shadow world shouting WHAT ABOUT ME! WHAT ABOUT ME? As much as I tried to understand I remained stupefied in wonderment that this could be so. When we become the more self realized it is only then that we can no longer become befuddled or confused by anything in the world happening, as well as in the dreaming portent. I simply could still be surprised at that point, not only by others, but even by myself sometimes.

The daggers of his words shouted thusly, stung me with revelation that he felt deprived, isolated from those he perceived as having found peace of mind, a richness that if I thought about it, and I was made to, the world cannot bestow because the world was not designed to give peace of mind.

The world is ever more a classroom. The stouthearted fare well, but not without struggle. Seek not a vacation resort on a predatory planet, where whatever could happen does happen, especially if you turn your back on it. I was not vigilant enough. That was something I would learn to be.

This one who visited me now in this astonishing dream world would have to lower his voice if he wished correspondence. He must have thought I held the key and that I should relinquish the key not today but yesterday.

Later, so much later I wondered how it was that lovers could make angry demands upon one another, thinking this behavior will yield the desired effect of getting what they want.

All the while a tender word of love could in the end, be like seeds of love, like water upon a parched plant dying of thirst, causing all the worlds to rejoice, indeed, even the heavenly host, that love has brought life once more to a singing stance.

And I, though my love was imperfect, and shrouded in human foible I had yet attracted this…this invitation to a shouting match.

Ah, yes, a perfect example and ironic also, that I had acquired the motivation to develop a sense of humor as I beheld he who stood in my room, empty handed stabbing me with joyless sword.

Our Divine Propensities Veiled By The Cross Word

To Love, Show Love

A warrior no doubt I surmised. I could be warrior also and so shouted him down to make him stop as he was only getting started. To his credit as I matched him he did shut up and do as I bid and left the room to await my performance. I was going to give him something but it had to be given through song.

I could see, but much later the truth of the matter. That by loving him there had been a certain measure of gain, but likely as not, the entire world had gained from loving him. Perhaps I had concentrated the more so than these other fans. Perhaps it was I who had loved him more than any other. Yet in no respect had I known of his suffering self, nor his cross words directed at me.

This is what he held in his hand, the love of the people, this what I called the world in his hands and yet it did not satisfy him.

I was more than happy to sing his song back to him and relegated his outburst to him having a bad day at work. Yet it wasn’t that at all. He really didn’t understand the import of his gifts, and I was quite understanding of that lack within myself the same, where I too did not understand my own influence over others within performance, or even the written word. Certain friends would cause my awareness of my gifts, but not this one, for he was filled with recrimination, for self and for others; for what you feel about yourself to be true, is what you project into the world as concerning the public. Now I was feeling the brunt of his self recrimination.

We were the same in that regard of not knowing our over-all effect on others; the effect I speak of was construed as beneficial. As beneficial, as I had found his works to be on myself.

Although my performance could not be construed as overwhelming the senses, nor causing a standing ovation, I could say I had accomplished much improvement over the years in sounding out a music tone from the vocal cords. Yet I was no better, nor worse than many I listened to. It wasn’t as if music was dying in our world and I must do something about it. Music was a subtle thing; I concentrated only on certain pieces of it that I could resonate to mentally and those pieces had more sincerity in the rendition of them.

What Is A Friend, If Not A Drink Of Water In the Desert?

The Wonder Is That We Can Dream True

I had spoken to him some thirty years before, seemingly a private chat in my mind while visualizing his face, his presence, about my mission in life. My mission was to find out what love was; and when I did, I was going to find him and tell him what it was. It was my humble mission. And so it was he who had found me, but only within stark reality of a dream where the impossible becomes possible. We had found one another on a forum, but competitiveness reigned it's ugly head more often than not.

I had thought his mission must be the same as mine. Later I considered his mission had been power, not love. Upon recognizing that it was Love, not power that he should attain, he made a decision to chose love. He had had a vision that he should do so. There was great power in Love, and now he wanted that kind of power. The power of love brought riches of another sort, it brought peace on earth. He knew this, but his head had not caught up with his heart.

He would get there I knew. All who live in the world will get there, and the few who don’t will be given ample opportunity in further lives. I had done all that I could. I had accepted the atonement. I was forgiven; it brought peace of mind. Peace of mind came from reading about how a miracle can happen in the blink of an eye. It was the kind of peace of mind that surpasses understanding, but good enough. I cannot gild the lily. I cannot explain how this atonement works. Nor can I explain how this peace is wrought in each individual who accepts it. It is for the theosophy expert to explain.

I suppose it starts with self forgiveness, then grows into forgiveness for all. Then you have accepted the true meaning of the atonement, and you are truly beyond having to atone for past mistakes, because you did the work. Not out there, but within your heart. You must be acquainted with the saying Love is never having to say you’re sorry? It’s true, love is like that, in that you don’t dwell on a person, or a lover’s short comings. However, to actually mouth the words "I’m sorry", will act to speed up the miraculous atonement process even more. Love and loving will take us places we’ve never before been and it’s what's ahead for the human race. You can start, by stopping. Stop yourself from shouting at someone you promised to love. The atonement begins with two people and spreads from there. If we look at a Course In Miracles, it will say "how you see your brother, you will see yourself." He was looking at me and I was coming up short because he saw himself that way. The perfection of what was happening would allude us both for years of linear time.

How To Feel Good Consistently

When you are immersed in the atonement there are certain clues that you are; you would not go in search of a guru shouting WHAT ABOUT ME!!! The guru, in that case might ask you to make an appointment rather than tell you straight out you're disturbing the peace. In truth, anytime you do shout, you are disturbing the peace. You are far too busy wondering why you feel so good to go about demanding answers from others, answers which they may not be prepared at all to deliver, especially if the asking is more like a demand.

However, those we love the most, we feel the freest to display our worst behavior to; so indeed, I can take heart I am greatly loved, should any come near and ask or demand of me a gift of peace I should be the better prepared to deliver yet by and large, this is my point, it is an inside job to attain it. This peace has been earned by diligent self study, and in truth, as it is, it belongs to all of humanity should they but cast the single eye upon it’s splendor and set about the work at hand. The way you give it away is to keep your peace; in other words never deliver forceful measures in order to figure out what gentleness is or what peace of mind is exactly.

Practice gentleness in the word, and the word and the world will reward you with a greater love.


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