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Accident Angels

Updated on March 9, 2021
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A former university professor of marketing and communications, Sallie is an independent publisher and marketing communications consultant.

Are there special angels looking out for us, sometimes, as we drive? Spiritual and/or human beings that can come to our aid when we're involved in or about to become involved in a car accident? Based on experiences that have touched my life, I believe angels can be sent from God to help you either avoid or survive a car accident, and that encounters with accident angels can be natural, or supernatural.

I believe angels can intervene supernaturally to save us when it is simply not our time to go, and I also believe they can operate in the spirit and/or the form of ordinary people who, acting in an angelic way, can be sent to help you out at the scene of an accident. Many people have reported the appearance of strangers who have helped them after they’ve had a car accident. Don Piper, for example, is a bestselling author who has described his own encounter with an angel after he survived a near-fatal car accident.

Yes. I Believe in God's Word, and God's Word Speaks of Angels

In this article, I am going to tell you about two experiences that involve car accidents that I believe also involved angels. One experience was mine, the other experience was that of a very close relative.

Having a mind that is limited in its ability to believe in things I don’t understand is part of being human, and I am always ready and willing to admit that as a human, I don’t know everything. On the other hand, my faith, coupled with a wide and impressive opening, a gap—if you will, that is filled with things I don’t understand, leaves a place for me to believe in the possibility, as well as in the existence and the abilities, of angels. With this in mind, I'm reminded of the passage in Hebrews 13, where Paul says, “Be careful when entertaining strangers, for by so doing, many have entertained angels unaware.”

Angels Exist and Work in Our Lives Every Day

Accident Angel from the LA 405 Freeway

In early 2005, I was spending time in the Los Angeles area (no kidding, I was in a suburb of "The City of Angels" when this happened to me). I lived close to a year in Orange County with my brother where I spent several months working on a screenplay. One day I was driving home on the 405, a very busy freeway, in after-lunch-hour traffic. I was heading home from a business lunch at Houston’s restaurant in Manhattan Beach when I heard a loud screeching noise that sounded like it was miles and miles behind me. I put it out of my mind immediately thinking that whatever was making the noise had to be too far away for me to need to worry about it.

The moment I made the decision not to worry about it, something strange happened. I heard a voice; an audible voice said something to me, in my right ear. I was in my green 2000 Grand Am alone, windows up, air conditioner blasting, and I suddenly heard a voice that sounded like it was inside my ear and outside of it at the same time. It said, clearly, “That’s going to hit you,” in those exact words. Startled, I looked around quickly because that’s all I knew to do after hearing what I heard. I looked to my right, and then I saw a light green Ford Explorer barreling toward me, swerving and skidding, and screeching, and screeching, and screeching.

Before the SUV hit me, I was in lane three of a freeway that had at least six lanes, all full of one-way traffic. After the Explorer hit me, my car careened all the way to the left side of the freeway, banging into the guardrails, but hitting no other vehicle. Then, miraculously, my car and I ended up back on the right side of the freeway where I finally came to my senses and came to a stop. Cars were zooming past me as I sat there, dazed, with my dashboard in my lap. My car was totaled.

Someone called 9-1-1, ambulances arrived, and even though I went to the hospital, I only had minor injuries and had to stay overnight. The driver had hit other cars too that were also stopped on the right side of the freeway, but luckily, there were no major injuries or fatalities. We were all blessed, and I believe to this day that the voice I heard in my ear that day is what caused me to turn and look around. Doing that prepared me for maneuvering my little Grand Am as it was being slammed through lane after lane by a much larger vehicle. And to this day, I believe the voice I heard was the voice of an angel.

Accident Angel from Highway Six

My sister's oldest son, one of my nephews, I'm sorry to report, is going through a rough time now, financially, just as I am. Recently, he was having trouble with an old tire that was always going flat, so on Friday morning I took him to Houston to get a new one. He's living with me temporarily, and when we arrived back at my house, he put the tire on his car himself, and then he headed off to work with no problems.

The next morning, while on Highway 6, en route to work, my nephew heard clanging noises coming from the front passenger-side wheel of his car, the same one he had put the new tire on the day before. He slowed his speed as his car began to be much harder to steer, and as it became harder for him to keep it in the center of the lane. He was blessed to be able to move to the side of the road before the tire came off, completely. He didn’t have a cell phone, so he couldn’t call me or anyone, and he quickly realized he was on the side of the road with nothing but trouble as his company.

After many cars whizzed past without stopping, finally a man stopped and offered to help. The man said something like, “you need me to call you a wrecker?” My nephew informed him he had no money and couldn’t pay for a wrecker, to which the man said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for it.” So, it took some time, but the wrecker finally came and towed the car to the nearest auto shop where they did a diagnostic and gave an estimate of what it would cost to repair the car.

The car needed a wheel hub assembly, $129; a wheel bearing assembly, $89.00; a front brake rotor, $79.00, and wheel lug bolts, at $16.75. The labor to remove the spindle and replace wheel hub assembly and bearings was $359.00, and the wrecker service/towing was $65.00. All in all, the labor, parts, tow, and taxes came to a total of $766.00.

Now, you must understand, even if my nephew had called me, I’m unemployed while trying to start my own business, so I wouldn’t have been able to help him with the cost of repairs. His parents are struggling too (they live in another state), and would not have been able to help even if he had called them. But the man who paid for the wrecker service told my nephew, “Don’t worry about it. I’d like to think that if something like this ever happens to my daughter, that someone would do the same thing for her that I’m going to do for you.” And he paid for everything.

Natural or Supernatural, Angels Do Exist

No Matter What Anyone Says, an Angel is an Angel

Just a week earlier, before my nephew's accident, I'd had repairs done on my own car, and when I picked it up, even though I paid for everything over the phone with a credit card, I still had to sign all kinds of documents before I could get my car. However, the forms my nephew brought home hadn’t been signed at all, by him or by anyone else, even though the man who paid for everything had used a credit card to make the payment. Mysterious. So. Angel or not, what that man did for my nephew was angelic, and my family and I will always be grateful to him even though we don’t even know his name. He was such a kind and caring soul, he even stayed there on the side of the road with my nephew for hours while they waited for the tow truck.

If we are to believe in what the Bible teaches, then don’t we have to believe in angels too? Whether or not there are angels that come to Earth to help us in times of need will ultimately be proven true or false, I suppose, at the end of time (that is, unless you become the unfortunate victim of an accident, and an accident angel comes along to help you). Until then, some people, when they look up at the sky, will never be able to understand how it’s possible to believe in God and angels. Other people, when they look up at the same sky, will never understand how it’s possible not to believe in God and angels. Because of my faith, and not just because of my own experiences, I’m proud to say I stand firmly aligned with the latter group.

© 2012 Sallie Beatrice Middlebrook PhD


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