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According To Your Faith, Be It Unto You

Updated on December 11, 2009

One of the sister's at our church was dealing with a debilitating sickness in her body, and sometimes I would call during the week to check on her, and we'd talk for a while over the phone. And even when I didn't call her during the week, it was always pleasant to see her face on Sunday mornings as she hobbled into the sanctuary. Not all of the members of the church knew her condition in detail, but those whom she loved and knew they loved her, she would often be heard saying, " Just Pray For Me, or Keep Me In Your Prayers."

One Sunday after services, after everyone had fellowshipped, and was exiting the building, she called to me on her way out to tell me she was leaving. I told her to have a great day, and I also told her that I would be praying for her. But, before she could walk out the door, I asked her, " Sister, right where you are now, do you believe that God can heal you?

Her eyes opened wide instantly, and she even smiled a bit. She said, you didn't know me back then, but I had cancer in my body some years back, and God healed me. After that, I was in an accident, and I was seriously injured. My heart stopped beating, and for nearly a month the doctors kept me hooked up to a machine that would force my heart to beat, or it was beating for me. All of my family and friends had given up on me, thinking that I would die. They were even pondering and questioning themselves about how long they should allow me to stay on the machine, before pulling the plug. But I believe that even in that comatose state, not knowing night from day, or cold from hot, my spirit must have kept right on praying. Pastor, she said, " I know God can do anything but fail, I believe." Then she said with a wide grin on her face, " Prayer is the key, but Faith unlocks the door." Pastor, I have Faith.

As Jesus was going about His earthly ministry, people would oftentimes come to Him for healing. A certain ruler came to Jesus one day, and worshiped him, and told him that his daughter had just died. Knowing his daughter was dead, he still bid Jesus to come and lay His hand on her, and he believed that she would live. As they began to make their way to the ruler's house, a woman with an issue of blood came into the press, and touched the hem of His garment, and by faith, she was healed from her condition. Jesus proceeded along, with the multitudes following Him, to the rulers house, and after putting out all of the minstrel's, and the noisy crowd, he went in to the girl, took her by her hand, and she got up. All of these miracles caused the fame of Jesus to spread about through the towns and villages, and the neighboring regions. And as Jesus was leaving the ruler's house, two blind men began to follow him, crying out, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on us."

Do You Believe ?

Matthew 9: 27-30...

And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, " Thou Son of David, have mercy on us." And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus said unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. Then he touched their eyes, saying, " According To Your Faith Be It Unto You." And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, See that no man know it.

I love this passage of scripture. Help me please, dear reader. Maybe I'm off base a little, or maybe I'm off my rocker, maybe both. But does this sound to you as if Jesus is telling them, " Guys, IT'S ON YOU."?  Does it sound as if Jesus is saying to these two blind men, that you'll receive as much sight as you can believe for, or as much sight as you have faith for? Does it sound as if Jesus is saying to them that they would be healed, but only to the degree of their faith? According to your faith, be it unto you, were the words that Jesus spoke to these two blind men.

On this past Sunday we observed youth day at the church, and my daughter in the ministry brought us a word from God. But, as she carried us higher and higher on the word of God, she stopped and asked the congregation, " Why are we not walking in the Promises of God?" Hmmm.

There was a hush in the room, everyone was forced, by the question she posed, to take a quick, yet, in-depth look within himself or herself. Then I thought, I don't possess houses and land. I don't have an abundance of the world's materialisms. I don't have money to burn, oftentimes I struggle just to make ends meet. But, I am rich towards God. I have everything. I Am walking in His blessings and promises. The grace of God is on my life, and all of my needs will be or have been met. It has always been " According to my faith."

Yet, how do we respond when Jesus answers our prayers and petitions by saying to us, " If You Can Believe", then ' According To Your Faith Be It Unto You." You know, it doesn't really matter to God what we are asking for or how much, when we know that nothing is too hard for our God. When we know that even the cattle on a thousand hills all belong to him, and there is no lack of anything in Him. But, what we receive, how much we receive, and to what extent we receive, is according to our faith. So, the next time you petition heaven, remember, " According To Your Faith, Be It Unto You !


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    • profile image

      mike corry 

      7 years ago

      Jesus said "have faith in God" faith is not our works but given as a gift to us by Jesus. Faith is not an le entity unto itself,but a relying on,believing in the Word that God speaks,trusting that He is able(and only He is able)to accomplish what He has promised.Signs and wonders follow after those who believe. So faith is not in our ability or our measure of,but in Him!

    • godpreacher profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Atlanta,Ga.


      Thanks for coming by, glad you found the hub to be of some inspiration, and poses thought and consideration. All that we do or say should be for the glory of God.

      God Bless

    • UlrikeGrace profile image


      8 years ago from Canada

      Thanks godpreacher, a hub that does indeed inspire careful thought and meditation. May God be glorified as we consider your words shared.


    • godpreacher profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Atlanta,Ga.

      To my Bros. Presigo and John, and my Sis RevLady,

      I'm beginning to realize that God's work is already done, now it's up to us to receive the best that God has for us, but it comes only through faith, or should I say, it comes according to your faith.

      Thanks for the comments. And thanks for taking the time to read.

    • John Cain profile image

      John Cain 

      8 years ago from Dayton, Texas

      A very true teaching that we all need. I love the depth of your work. I am excited to be your fan and I thank you for being mine also. God bless

    • RevLady profile image


      8 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Very interesting hub and worthy of consideration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration.

    • Presigo profile image


      8 years ago from Spokane, Wa

      Thank you so much for this inspirational hub ! You are a blessing to me


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