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"THE AWAKENING" , (Ascension) in the here and now !

Updated on March 6, 2013

"Live" - Ascension .

Ascension in the here and now , do you believe ? Have you heard of this as an actual occurrence ? If this is greek to you I do apologize but hope you will continue reading and just give it a thought . Ascension in the here and now is referring to humans ascending to a higher realm of oneness or a step higher on the stairway to heaven . The ascension we are now navigating is the first of its kind without having to go through the death process we all ultimately fear . Live ascension has the attention of all living and spiritual beings at this moment .

Maybe I am a little ahead of myself here , if you are still reading this then I must assume you are curious or somewhat aware already . Let me back up a little bit here . Suppose what we have been taught all are lives about religion and our creation was totally wrong and was taught with deceit from the very beginning ? Would it blow your mind ? Would you think someone (like me ) had lost theirs ? Would it ruin your faith in everything you held in your heart to learn that we have been manipulated for the sole purpose of others agendas? Manipulated and deceived to the point of mind control and basic slavery all for the benefit of a few that believe they are the only worthy ones to enjoy what we all were intended to be given from our creator. Would it ruin your day ? I hope not because it is finally on the way to being nothing more than distant memory . We rather we realize it or not have risen up and declared enough is enough and we are awakening to realize our true selves , our true multidimensional selves . We are awakening to realize our oneness to God . Oneness to everything that " is" .

Some believe in reincarnation others don't , some are new souls and not ready for this journey because they are on their own path to enlightenment that is not as progressed as others , no matter all paths lead back to the source . Reincarnation believers might be shocked to learn that our Adam and Eve creation scenario is not quite as we were led to believe either , I know I was shaken but inside knew it to be true and have accepted that fact and realize it has no bearing on the grand plan of the creator . Shock , disbelief and dismay may not even be good words to describe reactions of people just hearing that the human race was genetically manipulated by what we would refer to as aliens . The Annunaki , and oh yes the very ones mentioned in the old testament bible , but they weren't presented as beings from outer space in bible class were they ? For those still with me it only gets better from here . I personally only started awakening and finding the truth a few months ago . The truth is being unveiled to any one ready for it , take the information you get and your inner self (intuition) will tell you what is real and what is not . We all have the answers already , we just have to listen to our inner selves , that has been suppressed from us by being taught that it was evil or imaginary also ,trust your gut it only tells the truth .
So now we've come to grips with the fact that we really don't know anything about ourselves and now we are doubting our religious beliefs , we think we are cross bred with alien species ,which we are , lets get passed it . We are all from the source (God) however you refer to him ,he is one and the same as we are to . No matter what our beginnings or past entails it was part of the grand plan set by our creator and not a science project gone haywire , we are as we should be , we are spirits having a human experience not visa versa . We have lived many many lifetimes and experiences to be here reading this seemingly insane blog trying to spread the word about ascension and helping those that are awakening , also part of our grand plan . So wake up and lets make infinite history , go meet our brothers and sisters from the many galaxies we were told don't exist and rejoice the charade is over we are waking up realizing our true God selves, multidimensional beings that we are and we are the wonder of all that is .

I hope this planted a seed , opened an eye or scratched a head .

Ps. The driver of the limousine carrying J.F.K. fired the fatal shot and yes it was set up by our government and there really was an alien spacecraft crashed at Roswell NM. This is only the very tip of many many years of lies and deceit from the ones we trusted with our well being , wake up people lets go home .

Vagabond Mystic


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