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Act well but relinquish the effects voluntarily!

Updated on May 17, 2016

Buddha's Wisdom!

How Buddha remained calm?

A malaria infected person can not taste a sweet since his tongue might have lost the sensation and everything will taste bitter for him. In a similar way, spiritual topics or thoughts are anathema to rationalists and atheists. They never relish such topics and hate them. Likewise Lord Buddha was preaching many noble things to the villagers around and the illiterate and innocent villagers could grasp them well since they had deep faith in him. Once when Buddha was traveling to a village nearby, he was accosted by some hooligans who poured threat on him and abused him in the most vicious manner. Buddha simply sat there and was calm throughout their tirade. After some time, they lost their steam and they were wondering how this chap is quiet calm in spite of our outpourings?

Hence they asked him, ‘how is he keeping quiet without any reaction to the abuses and tirade? Buddha smilingly replied that he is on his way to the next village where the villagers are anxious his teachings. Since you all have intercepted me, I sat here to avoid any harm to you. Had those villagers come to know of your abuses they will lynch you all. Hence I sat here all through your abuses. Since you have poured out all the venom, and got tired, you are now safe. Also, a registered letter, if not accepted goes back to the sender. I simply sat quiet without accepting your verbal abuse. Since it was not accepted by me, it will be returned to you intact! The thugs and goons were ashamed at their behavior and begged pardon from Buddha. No doubt, they were reformed by his sane council.

Joy and Peace, money can never fetch!

The world today and great souls like Jesus!

The present day world and the mindset of people depict the above. People have lost their virtues and reverence to spiritual preceptors. The genuine teachings of such Gurus, interest them no more. People are more selfish, greedy and they harbor desires to enjoy the carnal pleasures through their senses. Naturally, until all the rubbish in their mind is released, they can not partake the Divine ambrosia. A genuine preceptor first empties the trash and harmful contents from the mind of their disciples. Once their mind become empty, they fill it with noble thoughts and teachings. Unless the cup is empty, how we can fill it up with milk or ambrosia?

Also spirituality can not be absorbed by one who is hungry for food and thirsty for water. Hence Saibaba used to say, ‘give the hungry bread, the thirsty water and cloths to the needy and care for the forlorn. Only when they are nourished, they will be able to listen to your sermons!

Jesus distributed five fishes and five loaves of bread to the five thousand eager listeners who assembled near the mount to listen him. His supreme selfless love expanded the five loaves of bread and five fishes to cater to five thousand people. This is not magic. It is a pure act of love for one and all and hence he could come back three days after crucifixion. There is not an iota of selfishness in Jesus and this is the sole reason why he is honored by around two thirds of the population of the world. In every millennium, such great souls descend on the earth to teach the worldly persons. All those souls are god sent. Whether it happens in the East or West, they come from the same Divine Power! Today, the mind of man is perverted due to dogmas and theories that pertain to the external world and cosmos. He never cares for the ancient wisdom and ridicules them as superstitious and outdated. He feels that this particular life span is essential to live happily, comfortably enjoying the all the pleasures of the world.

NO use of sermons to Fools!

Man is superior in creation but he fails to realize his capacity!

The wisdom given to man by god is not available to any other species in the world. It is very special. Alas, man forgets the treasure inside and search for trash and tinsel from the outer world. He gathers glittering metals, shining stones and values them high. Those inert metals and diamonds are valuable because of him. Hence, the man who assigns value to these materials is definitely valuable than all other treasures. His value is inherent in his own self. It is not the perishable body covered by skin and held by the skeleton frame work. It will fall at any time. Even a sneeze may snatch the breath forever! Remember this great truth and analyze which is permanent and which is ephemeral and temporary.

The body is mortal whereas the Self is Eternal. Try to gain the self instead of vanishing wealth. One can not carry a grain of sand when he departs from this earth. Why exert yourself to gather all these nonsense? Wife and children won’t accompany us when we depart. The wealth and property won’t accompany. What accompany us are the effects of merit and sin, we assiduously gather in each birth. Every little result needs to be undergone whether in this birth or in future births. Hence each human being undergoes millions of births before he is released from these bonds! Even if one performs good deed he has to comeback to undergo the merits of the acts. Hence become “zeros” without the effects of both good and bad. Performing all acts and surrendering their effects to God, is the sure way for salvation!


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