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Activate your travel bug with Feng Shui

Updated on April 15, 2011

Travel and Helpful People

This hub is going to be looking at an often neglected sector of the home: the Helpful People and Travel sector. Why is this sector important you may ask. Well, this sector is critical if you need the help of people to get a job or task done. So if you are constantly seeking the right help to fix your house, work in your company or mind your children or just want your superiors at work to be more helpful when you go to them with a problem or request, powering up the chi in the Helpful People and Travel sector of your home or room might be the answer to your dreams. Moreover, if you have always longed to travel around the world and never got around to it because of financial constraints or work commitments, then activating this sector might be of help. Similarly, if you have longed to visit Paris and Rome, shop in Milan and take a cruise along the Nile but thought it was a foolish notion, then don't let your desire fall by the wayside because activating your Travel and Helpful People section of the bagua might help you achieve this dream this year

So what should you do if you want to power up your Travel and Helpful People? First you need to locate the sector in your home or room. As you enter through your front door or entryway, turn to the far right. This corner, on par with your entry way is the Travel and Helpful People gua. Sometimes you may even be entering through this sector.

Once you've located your appropriate corner and section, you need to add these chi boosters. So here's the list:

Silver containers - This area is next to both the Career Sector and the Creativity and Children Sector, so the colours of both these area are appropriate here. Moreover, both metal and water are good here. So the ideal thing to place here is metal or silver containers. What you could do is to take a silver coloured box and write down what you most desire from people. So my husband and I really need to get our house re-roofed, so for example, I could write, 'We attract the perfect roofer for our house. He will be reasonably priced and do a really good job.' Use a box or envelope for each request you are sending out the universe. Now, power it up with intention and watch the right people come knocking on your door.

Grey - If you mix the white of Creativity and the black of Career you get grey and so this is the ideal colour, like silver for this sector.

Symbols of helpful people - If you think the Virgin Mary is going to help you achieve your dreams, place a picture of her here. Don't believe in religion, then how about a picture or symbol of a pair of helping hands, or just teachers and writers who will help you further your knowledge? If you believe in angels, fairies, or just Santa Claus and want help from them, place their image here. If you believe in them, they will help you.

Bells - A bell being rung is a message being sent. So place a bell here. As it rings, or is rung, it will send your request out into the universe.

Water - This element symbolises movement. If you want to travel, if you want help to come to you, then place it here.

Symbols of places you want to go to - If you really want to visit some place, or just the whole world, have a symbol of your desire here. It will remind you of your intentions and act as a catalyst in making your dreams come true.

These are simple things to help boost the right kind of chi or energy in this sector. But there are also some things that bring about negative energy. These are:

Junk, dirt and dust - If you want good things to come to you, you must clean out the junk, dirt and dust from your home, especially if you desperately want help from someone. If you have got a bin here, make sure you keep removing the rubbish and emptying it regularly. Don't let it build up. And please, if you've got broken stuff here, fix it or lose it.

Drains - Like the meaning of the word, having them in this sector drains away the help that's due to you. This applies not only to this sector of the home, but everywhere. So take a red ribbon or paint, even nail polish in a pinch and apply it round the edge or circumference of the drain. This will stop the outward flow of all your positive energy. Then, take some mirrors and place them facing upwards so that the energy faced up and not down and out.

And there you have it. So good luck and do let me know how you get on. If you do any of these things and suddenly find yourself jetting off around the world, I'd love to know.


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