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Activating Strength in Weakness

Updated on November 18, 2009

decadence of society

 Through the ages it has been apparent that the domination of man, apart from the covenant with his creator, has been effected through stealing, killing and destroying of the livelihood of his fellowman, as well as, the slaughter and mutilation of animals and all the things which share in the balancing of the ecosystem.

Man seems to have lost all ability to understand the reason for life and so his seared mind causes him to be furiously driven down a path called, the rat race which is energized by his greediness to be recognized, ending in a decadent society.

This is a path that will ultimately destroy our bionetwork resulting in a literal and figurative animalistic and diseased people and will hinder any connection with the sought after utopia.

This prevalence with humans who pattern themselves after animals, will in fact, lead to the persecution of the poor or the ones over which greedy men have assumed lordship.

From the very beginning of man, we have seen in the Garden of Eden, a tumultuous event, where the adversary of all that is good, convinced the matriarch that she would do well if she eat from the forbidden tree instead of the information that had been released to her from the Lord. She was disobedient to God and filled herself with that which God had forbidden.

Grass will always seem greener on the other side only to find out that it’s not really grass but it’s a man made simulation.

The enemy works with tremendous precision to make sure that the imitation will be convincing so the weaker vessel will be deceived into eating.

The typical “Eve”, must eat of the meal that has been prepared her godly establishment; she must eat what’s on the table to keep deception out of her garden. As Eve was the wife of Adam, so is “Eve” a type of church, the bride of Christ which is the second Adam.

Just as Eve's failure to obey resulted in the beginning of the first dysfunctional familybecause she adhered to outside information, in the same way, the typical "Eve" today, rather than actively participating in that which was deemed necessary so that she would be transformed from within by the word of truth, is apparently being impacted by the lies of the proud and greedy.

Therefore we see the children that were raised from the occupants of the garden of Eden, was to set the stage of antagonism among men; notable their children, Cain and Able.

The man Cain, because his offering was rejected for not obeying the order of the sovereign God, committed the first murder as he bowed to the spirit of jealousy and murdered his younger brother. This was done for he desired self-justification and approval.

He thus became the first criminal against what is good for human development and entered into a domain of falsehood, for he thought himself to be strong and Able to be weak having suffered death.

But God saw differently, for He saw Able’s strength, that being dead yet his blood speaks louder than the voice of Cain and spoke evidently to the pursuit of righteousness.

I believe the life of Able which is in the blood was saying, “Forgive my brother and have mercy on his soul”.

Recently, I was privileged to listen to a testimony given of two men who had been seriously wounded and placed in the same hospital room. Each of the men was incapable of moving without help from a nurse. One of the men had been placed by the window and each day the nurse would come in at a certain time and adjust the bed so that the man could look from the window.

Releasing that his roommate was not able to see from the window he would tell him what he saw and this was uplifting to him. He would say things like, “There is a lake and a father and son are fishing, etc”. As long as the nurse had his bed raised he would go though considerate effort to give his roommate detailed description of what was taking place on the other side of that window.

One day the thought came to the roommate, “Why is it that he has the window?

A spirit of jealousy overcame him caused him to change his attitude so much so that one night the man by the window started coughing and was not able to alert the nurse. His neighbor overcome by jealousy would not lift a finger to help. Finally the coughing ceased and the room became quiet. The next morning when the nurse came in she found the man dead.

The neighbor was moved over to the window bed only to find out that there was a brick wall. God had raised up one to keep him alive by telling him stories but his jealousy killed him. Without the man with the stories that gave him hope it was not long before he too was dead.

Not long ago, it was broadcast that in certain African nations, albinos have been targeted by witch doctors for their extremities; legs, arms to be added to their potions and that this tolerated practice within the nations has caused these albinos in order that they may live, have been forced to leave the country or seek places of safety. This destruction of life is rarely for anything but for reputation, fame and money, all temporal elements, used to trap and destroy the body of an eternal soul, even as Balaam, the prophet, attempted to destroy Israel for money.

But God has given certain virtues along with intelligence that not only the ungodly can display pseudo strength but the ones who formerly were thought of as weak, now are beginning to show a strong spirit of renewal.

Man has been given the name “Adam” that has been meant for generational usage. We are made in the image and likeness of God our creator and on the 6th day after God had completed creation of man, the Lord said, “It is good”. God the creator of their world gave us the ability to comprehend all of his creation. He called the created being man. God’s method by which he created man, the material he used, the plans and purpose for man and his exclusive rights to the ownership of man was good.

Therefore the omnipotent, omniscient God at the time of his inspection before he blessed the day and call his works good would have seen any weaknesses and it would be disapproved by his royal custody. But he said that the entire embodiment of the 6th day was good.

We have seen that when man began to look at the beast for direction, as it was in the case of Cain, then he becomes no more than the thing which he emulates. He has ceased using his God-given senses and has turned to allowing himself to be governed by animal instincts. Therefore, that after which he patterns himself becomes his God. The book of Genesis 1:25, says that God blessed man saying, be fruitful, replenish, subdue and take dominion over the fish, birds, and over every living creature that moves on the ground.

The term, “only the strong survive” is geared to the things over which man has been given authority. The reason being, man in his devotion to God understand that he is the greater one, not animals, fish or birds. Man that is indwelt by the Holy Spirit is strong not of his own strength but because he has the Holy Spirit on the inside.

In Ephesians 3:16,That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man”.

The scripture says, Christ in me the hope of glory! Praise God we have the greater one living on the inside of us. We not only survive but we live, bless God, unto everlasting life.

The problem is that man has lost his relationship with his maker. He refuses to look to the hills from whence cometh his help, for all his help comes from the Lord.

But God cannot be manipulated; God does it like he wants, when he wants, who he desires to do it with and how he desires to do it. Our job is not to try to control God but to be pleasing servants.

God gave man dominion over the earth but man has been deceived into thinking that he can have dominion over his creator. The last bloke who tried to avert his independence got kicked where the sun doesn’t shine all the way to the earth. Not that it was a hard thing for God but it was a thing of distress and misery for the poor fellow.

Nowadays, man wants his creator to be used as an element of witchcraft which is not possible. So in his disappointment, he has turned to manipulating animals, bird and the men whom he has under his power because of lack of comprehension on their part of the things of God.

How do we comprehend God?

We comprehend God by first receiving his Son Jesus Christ who is the way, the Truth and the Light. In the Gospel of John 10:9 Jesus says,

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture”.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly

The thief is anything or anyone who wants to,

· displace you from your assigned position

· have you believing that there is no God to whom you were made in his image and likeness

The thief is the one who entreats you to act like an animal, denying your self-worth in order to gain the approval of others of like mind.

The thief is the one who after you have acted like an animal is not prepared to bear the responsibility with you of your foolish decisions.

In other words, he forgot to tell you that acting as an animal is very costly for you have moved out of your dimension and moving dimensional is always costly.

Lastly, when we receive Jesus, then the living God becomes our strength. We are in covenant with him who abounds with all power and majesty. In Gal. 2:20 Paul says, I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in one.

My friend, you don’t have to be weak any longer. Accept Christ in your heart today and term “only the strong survive” will be a true statement for now the God of all creation is indwelling you and you will not only survive but live unto God and His righteousness.


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