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Bible: Study Questions From the Book of Acts

Updated on June 19, 2016



Sign Gifts: Have They Ceased?

Do you believe the sign gifts (tongues, prophecy) have ceased?

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Acts 1-28: Study Questions

  • What are the four evidences for Lukan authorship of Acts?

  • Who are the two main players in this book?

  • Discuss the meaning of “the baptism with the Holy Spirit.”

  • How many days elapsed between Christ's Resurrection and the Ascension?

  • How many days passed between Christ's Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost?

The Second Coming to the Earth

  • What OT feast day is a type of the Resurrection?

  • What OT feast day occurs seven weeks afterwards?

  • How does Jesus’ answer regarding the restoration of the kingdom to Israel lend credence to its literality?

  • Into what four regions does Jesus command the apostles to extend their witness of His resurrection?

  • To what parousia do the angels refer in Acts1, the Rapture or the Revelation? Why?


  • Name the two OT texts that Peter cites upon the selection of a replacement for Judas, and explain their relevance.

  • What is the qualification for apostleship at that time, what did the apostles do to choose Judas’ replacement, and who was he?

  • What is another name for Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks?

  • How many disciples gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem?

The Apostle Peter


Peter: The First Pope?

Do you believe Peter was the first Pope (Bishop of Rome)?

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The Apostle Peter's Early Ministry

  • Argue for Peter’s use of the prophecy of Joel from a pre-millennial perspective.
  • Which Messianic psalm does the apostle cite to demonstrate the resurrection of Christ?
  • What does Peter tell the Jews that they must do to “be saved from this perverse generation”?
  • In what four activities does the new Church of Jerusalem involve itself?
  • Why isn’t the post-Pentecostal sharing of goods an example of early Christian communism?
  • What did Peter say that the conversion of enough Jews would result in?
  • To what do these “times of refreshing” refer?
  • Whom does Peter identify as “the Prophet” like Moses (Deut. 18)?
  • What four factors do the Jewish authorities note about Peter and John?
  • Who murdered Christ? Who ultimately allowed His murder to take place?
  • What nickname did the apostles give to the Cyprian Levite Joses, and what does that name mean?

The Death of Ananias




Early Church Years

  • Whom did God make examples of chastening unto death?

  • What did these believers do to deserve this treatment?

  • Who stands up among the Sanhedrin, and what does he counsel?

  • What three qualifications do the apostles set forth for table-waiting servants?

  • What two “minor” characters distinguish themselves in the Church before Luke turns to discuss Saul?



The Apostle Paul--Early Ministry


Peter in Prison

The Ministries of Stephen, Philip, Paul, and Peter

  • What OT text from “the book of the prophets” does Stephen employ that indicates that false worship will lead to chastisement?
  • Which Isaianic text does Stephen choose which shows the insufficiency of Solomon’s temple as the abode of the LORD?
  • What does God use to motivate His Church to complete His Acts1:8 commission?
  • What characteristics demonstrate that Simon Magus may not have been a true disciple?
  • From what OT passage was the Ethiopian eunuch reading when Philip caught up with him?; What does this Scripture discuss?

  • In what sense was Saul persecuting Christ?

  • Whom does the Lord use to restore Saul’s sight?

  • What address does Saul visit to receive his sight?

  • Who intercedes for Paul before the apostles in Jerusalem?

  • To what city does Paul relocate?

  • Which disciple does Jesus (through Peter) heal in Lydda?; in Joppa?
  • With whom was Peter staying in Joppa? Who sends him a delegation?
  • What did God mean to teach Peter with the “sheet and animals” vision?
  • Regarding mankind’s relationship with his Creator, what is the Scriptural definition of “peace”?
  • Discuss Peter’s “summary report” that he delivered to those who claimed the apostle broke the Law by meeting with Gentiles.
  • Where were disciples of Jesus first labeled Christians?
  • What prophet foretold the worldwide famine that occurred in A. D. 46?
  • Which leader murdered the apostle James and imprisoned Peter?
  • In whose home was the church holding a prayer meeting?
  • On what occasion did Herod Agrippa I die, and how did that death occur?

The Apostle Paul--Later Ministry






The Goddess Diana


Tertullus and Felix

  • Who were some of the leaders in the church at Antioch during the time of Paul and Barnabas?
  • What Jewish false prophet does the Holy Spirit temporarily blind for attempting to dissuade a public official from coming to Christ?
  • Who voluntarily ends his missionary internship in Perga?
  • Discuss the three OT quotations that Paul uses in an Antioch of Phyrgia synagogue to prove the Resurrection.
  • Paul admonishes this synagogue by citing a message of judgment upon those Israelites who did not believe that God would ever use Gentiles to destroy them, the righteous.
  • Which verses from Isaiah does Paul cite to indicate that he was turning to the Gentiles?
  • For which Greek gods do the Lycaonians mistake Paul and Barnabas?
  • Where was Paul stoned? What later NT passage probably discloses what also happened on that occasion?
  • What was the dispute between Hebrew and Gentile Christians over the issue of salvation?
  • Which VIP stands amidst the Jerusalem Council, and delivers a vital message?
  • What does he argue with his use of Amos 9?
  • What are the four practices that the Council recommends that the Gentiles follow to avoid giving offense to their Jewish brethren?
  • Whom did the Council choose to accompany Paul and Barnabas and deliver these recommendations to Gentile churches?
  • What causes the Paul-Barnabas schism?
  • Who joins the missionary band when Paul visits Lystra?
  • Why do you think Paul chose this young man?
  • Who joins Paul’s missionary endeavor in Troas? What key word indicates that this event occurred?
  • Which devout woman did Paul evangelize in Philippi?
  • What trouble does Paul and Silas encounter in this city?
  • What happens while they are in prison?
  • Whom do they rescue and evangelize?
  • What does Paul choose to exercise on the day of his release?
  • Which of Paul’s friends in Thessalonica do the Jews attack and demand a pledge?
  • Which believers were “more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica”? What earned them this commendation?
  • Which groups does Paul meet in Athens? How does he decide to evangelize the Areopagus? What were the results of Paul’s endeavor in this city?
  • Which emperor expelled all Jews from Rome in A. D. 49-50?
  • To earn his living, what "secular" work did Paul do?
  • Which proconsul refused to hear the Jews’ complaint against Paul in Achaia? What did the Jews do in retaliation?
  • Which brilliant orator does Aquila and Priscilla teach more about Jesus?
  • In what place in Ephesus does Paul teach for two years?
  • What happens during the Ephesian revival?
  • Discuss the riot in Ephesus over Diana.

  • Who rejoins Paul in Troas? How do we know?
  • Who falls out of an upper story window in Ephesus?
  • Discuss Paul’s exhortation to the Ephesian elders.
  • Which Judean seer warns Paul about his treatment in Jerusalem?
  • Which Roman commander rescues Paul from a Jerusalem mob? Regarding Paul’s testimony before the Jews outside the barracks, what particular concept incited the mob to violence?
  • What does Paul use to prevent the Romans from “examining” him further?
  • In his defense before the Jewish leadership, what stratagem does Paul use to divide the assembly?
  • Who warns the Roman commander about the Jews’ conspiracy to murder Paul?
  • To which governor does the Roman commander send Paul with a letter addressing the apostle’s case?
  • What lawyer addresses this governor in Caesarea, and what does he argue?
  • Which governor succeeds Felix?
  • To whom does Paul appeal, seeing that he was not going to receive a fair trial?
  • Who visits the governor, and how does he respond to Paul’s testimony?

Shipwreck off Malta

  • Who accompanies Paul on his sea voyage to Rome?
  • What causes the ship to find shelter in Clauda?
  • On what island does the shipwreck occur?
  • What incident makes the natives think Paul a criminal?
  • What is the Jews’ reaction to Paul’s testimony in Rome?

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