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Adam and Eve Evolved

Updated on September 5, 2012

Where Science and Faith Collide

With all the debate currently underway on the differences of Creationism and Evolution, I thought it would be an interesting pursuit to explore the similarities. Both represent an observational view of the world and are attempts to understand it. They are not dynamically opposed opposites, but can coexist harmoniously.

Creating Evolution

First we must look at the story of Adam & Eve and their encounter with the snake and the apple using a logical appraisal of the events.

If God created everything, then God created the snake. The snake was created specifically to tempt Adam and Eve to eat the apple, which also was created by God. Therefore, it was God's intent that Adam and Eve eat the apple.

Through the catalyst of the apple, Adam and Eve where forever changed. This change is self awareness. Eden should therefore be viewed not as a physical place, but a mental one. Every animal on this planet resides in a mental Eden except one, homo sapiens. The apple symbolizes our evolution from animal to human.

An Evolving God

There is no proof that God does not exist. Each layer of existence we peel back, we continue to find another layer. It is infinitely complex and as we continue to intellectually evolve as a species, it is important to also spiritually evolve. I am sorry to disappoint, but God is not some bearded guy in a white robe. God is more infinitely complex then that. The story of Creation is a story of Evolution as it attempts to describe a transformation in humanity of conscious awareness.


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    • profile image

      genaea 5 years ago

      Amazing right? I see that we have bodies that actually repair themselves. Skin and tissue regenerate on its own without any conscious effort on our parts whatsoever. Evolution is simply understood by me as the way incorporated to ensure perpetuation and growth. To me, it is so like the creator to fix it so that the world continues in spite of the vast environmental changes that take place. We adjust. Just amazing.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      As Christ taught in parables, why wouldn't Genesis be even more so for a primitive peoples.

      Evolution conjures up all manner of anti-faith notions, it should not. The greatest part of life is growth and regrowth, and the word could just as easy be evolution. "Reborn" is to me a great evolution of our spirit. I for one am glad that I continue to evolve. May all mankind.