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Adam's Demise

Updated on June 8, 2021
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is grateful for many things. Only, Jesus is her ultimate love! She hopes He is yours too!

Jesus Christ Created the Heavens and the Earth

Once upon a time at the beginning, Jesus Christ who is God created the heavens and the earth. He crafted the sky, sun, ocean, and moon to govern the night. The earth gave way to the grass and seed-bearing fruits along with every animal and sea creature you see.

On the sixth day, God created a man named Adam and placed him in a mystical Garden of Eden. He instructed Adam to eat of every fruit in the garden, except, not to eat of the tree of good and evil. If Adam disobeyed God, he would surely die. Jesus was testing Adam by giving him a free choice to demonstrate if he truly loved God with all his heart, soul and mind. If Adam loved Jesus he would certainly remain obedient.

Adam Named All the Animals; Satan Craftily Watched Eve

Adam enjoyed his godly surroundings and gave names to every animal, however, he felt terribly lonely. Thus, God formed a woman from Adam’s side and he named her Eve. They replenished the earth and had many children since they were married. God had joined them together to create a family for His pleasure.

One day, Eve was sauntering in the midst of the garden and to her surprise, a hideous snake approached her.

“Psst, hey you, over here, come over this way woman.”

“Yes, I’ve never seen you before Sir!”

Adam and Eve's Eyes Were Enlightened.

“You know, God said you shall not eat of every tree in the middle of the garden!”

“Yes, we may eat of every fruit in the garden, except, the fruit tree of good and evil. God said, if we eat or touch it, we shall surely die!”

“This is not true, alleged the evil serpent. You shall become like gods, and your eyes will open to the knowledge of good and evil.”

Imagine if the Garden of Eden looked like this! No one can change history. Adam sinned anyway, even though he knew it was wrong. He sinned with an intention to harm God.
Imagine if the Garden of Eden looked like this! No one can change history. Adam sinned anyway, even though he knew it was wrong. He sinned with an intention to harm God. | Source

God Said, Where Are You?

“Truly” stated Eve innocently and she reached over, took hold of the forbidden fruit and bit into it. And so, she coaxed her husband to eat of it likewise. Right away, their eyes opened, and they realized they were unclothed. They quickly sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.

In the cool of the day, God called Adam and said, “Where are you?”

Adam replied, “I am dreadfully afraid, because, I am naked and ate of the fruit you bid me not to eat.”

Adam and Eve Disobeyed God.

“Who told you that you were naked?”

“No one, Heavenly Father.”

“Now, because, you have done this evil thing, damned is the land you walk on and cursed is the serpent that beguiled you. And wholly shall I increase the sorrow of every woman who bears children.”

And Jesus said to God the Father and the Holy Spirit, “The man that we have created is like us. Unless he partakes of the tree of life and lives forever, he shall be cast out of this heavenly garden.”

God made animal coats for Adam and Eve and drove them out of the Garden of Eden. They sadly went forth to till the earth from whence they were taken.

Jesus had compassion on these first sinners and clothed them with clothes made of lamb's skin to show He had forgiven them.

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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