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Adoption as the growing trend and Islamic views

Updated on June 6, 2016

Adoption, Islamic views

Islam is very liberal region but today it's spread as a suffocated myth, aggressively created mental block about the misunderstanding of the concepts and clarity. Without getting into details of other things , adoption has been a part of Islam for many many years, Prophet Mohammed PBUH was himself brought up as an Orphan. There are also witnesses of Prophet Mohammad PBUH adopting a boy and then calling him his son, which was not a small child but a grown up man.

Islam supports the concept of helping the poor, old people, animals or that matter anything which is connected to you emotionally. We do not separate human by there cast, by there color and origin. Spreading Islam was the message but with peace and love. We cannot force our thought on to someone but invite people to understand the logical religion which is described in Quran.

I came accoss a very clearly explained article about adoption and the video below is explains references given in Quran for the concept of adoption. The relationship and the cautions giving the false identity to some child who does not belong to you biologically is the only thing where seems to be a restriction religious wise


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