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Adoring the Will of God

Updated on April 8, 2011
Statue of Saint John Baptist de La Salle in St. Peter's Basilica
Statue of Saint John Baptist de La Salle in St. Peter's Basilica | Source
Relics of St. John Baptist de La Salle
Relics of St. John Baptist de La Salle | Source

A Tribute to St. John Baptist de La Salle (April 30, 1651 - April 7, 1719)

A man who would abandon his family home, and renounce his position, his Canon, and his wealth, in order to serve God through the service of his fellowmen is a rare find. A man who would do all of these, meet strong opposition and still pursue his chosen path is a rarer find.

Such was the person of St. John Baptist de La Salle, a great saint who left his family home, gave up his position and his wealth in order to reach out to and educate the poor and marginalized members of the society he had lived in. In the midst of all these, he had encountered strong opposition, not only from the elite members of the society of his day, but also from the very same people who preach the Church's supposedly preferential option for the poor. Still, he stood for what he believed is right. He stood for the children of his day and for the children of our day and of the future. He remained true to his mission in spite of worse living conditions and despite the humiliations that he had encountered. Even as he breathed his last, he still has his mission in his mind.

He knew that he is instrumental in the life of Church as are we in the development of the Church and of its members. He understood how God works through people, through him and through us. He saw how his experiences had been planned by God so that he would eventually end up establishing a Roman Catholic teaching congregation that is now running schools all over the world. And he adored God for giving him the opportunity to be the founder of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools.

St. La Salle may not be as popular as the other saints. Although he is a patron saint of teachers, he stands in the shadow of some of the founders of priestly congregations that now run schools. His feast may have been celebrated less often than other saints' feasts, owing to the big possibility of his feast falling within the Lenten Season. Still, he will say what he had said when he breathed his last, hundreds of Good Fridays ago, "I adore in all things the will of God in my regard."

May his example urge us to do all our actions for the love of God, to adore in all things the will of God, and to live Jesus in our hearts always.


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    • munirahmadmughal profile image


      7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      'According to the Will of God La Salle"

      The hub is all awareness and the soul of knowledge. It is full of glory, full of praise and setting the direction of the hearts to the right side which is the side full of truth. Human beings are creation of God Almighty and a creation is always in need of a support and sustenace from the Creator. Creator has created all things for us and we have been been created for His worship alone with all sincerity and all truthfulness. Serving fellow human beings for the sake of God Almighty, for the sake of His Pleasure and for the sake of keeping His Word High is also a form of obeying God Almighty. Those who spread the light of knowledge among the people and remove the darkness of ignorance in any manner they are from among the righteous people.

      Richness and poverty, affluence and deprived condition both are trials to see how a person behaves in each of such circumstances. These are the days which God Almighty circulates among people to see how they thank Him an all circumstances. Sacrifice for the removal of the misery of an other person when one himself is in need of it is possible only after one is fully convicted to the love of God Almighty. At that moment such a conduct and behaviour proves the true love.

      All Praise is to God, the lord of the worlds, the Beneficent, the Merciful. He is beyond all beyonds and His mercy has covered the whole universe.

      The hub is useful, beautiful and up by all standards.

      May God Almighty bless all.


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