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List Of 20 Things You Can Do While Lucid Dreaming

Updated on January 13, 2016
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Having Lucid Dream experiences at 3 years old & with over 30 years experience in LD, Robert hopes to share his passion for LD with the world

The List of Things You Can do While Lucid is Endless

This is just a simple list to help inspire people to come up with some ideas of their own!
This is just a simple list to help inspire people to come up with some ideas of their own! | Source

Your Mind Is Very Powerful, Even While Dreaming

There are many people who use dreaming as a method of getting away from the world as we know it. When we lucid dream, we can take control of an entire universe within our own mind.

Feel free to try all of these ideas. While you do all of these things, don’t forget to take note of the senses. You have more than 5, try to observe as many as you can- smell, taste, feel, sight, sounds, sense of balance, sense of time, sense of temperature, and so many more things. Also be aware that you can change any of those things at will as well. Here is a list of further suggestions of things you can try.

1. Fly

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Observe what you see when you look down. Do you like what you see? You can change what you are looking down at into almost anything!

2.Create a Landscape

Think of Morpheus in the Matrix with Neo when they were loading the construct. Create any landscape you wish and observe it, move around within it. interact with it and the things that live there.

3.Create a City

3.Create a City - Take the last description and apply the word city instead of the word landscape

4. Sit back and observe whatever is already happening

It might surprise you to see what your brain can cook up, try just letting events unfold and observe them as they happen

5. Mimic the powers of your favorite superhero or video game character

The possibilities are endless

6. You can become an entire planet and observe the solar system from that perspective

The interesting thing about dreams is the ability to shift perspective. This is an easy perspective-changing exercise. Try it out.

7. You can become an atom, as well.

Can you imagine what it might be like to observe the world from that perspective? Whether you can or cannot imagine it in waking life, it still could be fun in a lucid dream.

8. Interact with animals you would love to see

Have you ever wanted to pet a zebra? A dream is the perfect place.

9. Interact with places you would love to visit

Have you ever had a weird desire to hang out in the sewers from the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon? You can do anything

10. Go back in time and observe your ancestors

There are very old customs in many parts of the world where people pay homage to their ancestors in lucid dreams by visiting them while they had life.

11. Attempt to create a color that the human eye is not capable of seeing

This is an interesting exercise. You will be amazed at what you can come up with

12.Ask a dream character to teach you a fighting move.

This will be more interesting if you have never learned any martial arts or boxing

13. Observe an atomic explosion up close and personal.

The Power-- wow.

14. Ask a dream character to show you the invention that will change the world.

Who knows? Maybe you will inspire you.

15. Check out the bottom of the ocean.

Don’t forget to take note of how the water tastes while you breathe it like a fish.

16. Have a discussion with water.

It is more talkative than you might expect.

17. Control time

Practice speeding up and slowing time. Practice changing your ability to observe things moving faster or slower than they happen.

18.Get a dream massage

You can even make it happen in slow motion to especially enjoy it.

19. Practice something you want to do in waking life

Get an extra practice in with the football team or the band while you sleep… Why not? Practice makes perfect. Make your dream come true.

20. Have a discussion with a dream character

You can make it anyone with a little practice.

Have Fun

Goodnight & sweet dreams

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© 2016 Robert Cassady


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