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Advising others is easy!

Updated on December 5, 2012

Do deeds follow words?

Yes, it is very easy to advice others. Those who advice others must first ask himself the great question whether he follows his own advice? Here, I remember a beautiful drama written and enacted by Saibaba himself when he was a boy studying in school. He has given a beautiful title, "Cheppinattu Chesthara" which means, "Do deeds follow words"? I will just tell the theme of the drama written by Saibaba. In the drama, Saibaba took the role of a boy named "Krishna". In the first scene, the mother of Krishna was delivering a beautiful lecture in the ladies club about charity. After she returns from the club, a beggar was pestering for little alms. She mercilessly drives him away. The son Krishna who was watching this felt much pain. Afterwards, a brahmin sanyasi wearing the traditional dress enters into the house of Krishna. The mother of Krishna invites him and ask him to be seated. She brings quantity of rice and grains and pours in the vessel kept by the Brahmin recluse. Then she prostrates the recluse who shower his benign blessings on her. When he went away, Krishna asked his mother why she is acting against her own words? She was preaching about the greatness of 'charity' but when a beggar comes, she drove him while she extended welcome to the Brahmin recluse. "Why this disparity asked the perturbed son(Saibaba). His mother got very much annoyed with his impertinence to question her. She scolds him saying "Cheppinattu Chesthara"?(Do deeds follow words?)

In the next scene, Krishna's father was telling Krishna "One should study even if it requires begging to fund the studies? He extols education and meanwhile, a poor student who was looking from outside, requested Krishna's father, "Sir, I am poor. This month I am unable to pay my school fees, can you spare one rupee?. Krishna's father immediately show him his purse and tell him, "I don't have any money to spare now" and send him away. At the same time, some of his colleagues from his office comes to his house saying, "One new Manager is about to join soon, we should hoist a big party to welcome him in our office. To this, Krishna's father states, Yes, it should be a grand one, I will give Rs.25/- for the party. Immediately Krishna asks his father, "Just now you are telling me about the greatness of education but you have not helped the poor student who is requesting one rupee only for paying his school fees. But to welcome the Manager to the Office, you are ready to spend Rs.25/-. Krishna was scolded and driven away with the same statement, "Cheppinattu Chesthara"?(Do deeds follow words?)

In the third scene, Krishna goes to school. His class teacher tells the students, "The Inspector of Schools is about to visit our class. Though i have completed only 23 lessons, I will teach you today lesson no 32 which is the story of King Harischandra who sacrificed everything for the Truth. I will ask questions in that lesson when the Inspector comes and tell him that 31 lessons have been completed already! Krishna immediately asks his teacher, "Sir, You are going to teach lesson 32 which is about the great king who upheld Truth. But you are going to tell the Inspector that 31 lessons have been taught. This is not correct. His teacher got angry and said to him "Cheppinattu Chesthara"?(Do deeds follow words?). Krishna become disillusioned with the ways of his teacher and left for his home. He told his mother and father, "I am not going to school any more. The teacher is not following his own words, You my mother and father too do not follow the words uttered by you. What is the use of such education? Immediately the teacher was summoned to advice Krishna. Krishna told the teacher also, "There is no use of the education which is not being followed by the teacher himself. Now all of them saw the Truth behind the words of Krishna and they promised that they will follow their teachings. This is the beautiful drama enacted by Saibaba when he was hardly 14 years or so. This drama is a great lesson for all who just preach but do not follow. But Saibaba acted on the philosophy he preached and His free hospitals and University is a great example besides the drinking water supply scheme to more than 760 villages and a big city. Hence Saibaba always says, "My Life is my message"! Rest in next hub.

He has come to correct the ills of society.


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