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Affirmations- Transitions

Updated on January 6, 2014

Affirmations for Transitions

  • I am aware of the opportunity to define this moment for myself.
  • I have the power to change any belief that doesn’t make me feel wonderful.
  • Let any observers in the unseen, see me joyful.
  • I hold an appreciation of the fine line between endings and beginnings.
  • I am open to learning, right now in this moment.
  • I appreciate this moment of existence.

Everything that exists does so in cycles of transitions. Our perspective on transitions and change, particularly in the West, has grown in us a belief system based in fear. We are afraid to live, scared we are going to die. We are afraid to hold on tight and fearful of letting go. The result of practicing this way of thinking/living is that we have a tendency to resist change even when it would benefit us greatly to do so. Everything changes and the more receptive we are to it, the smoother the ride and the more we are able to perceive, learn, and communicate.

Grieving is a necessary natural process. However, it shouldn’t take up more of your energy than you feel it needs to. If the emotions from grieving are not expressed, it causes damage to the emotional and physical body. However, expressing grief consistently creates more grief to be expressed and it also creates isolation. Much like the transition itself, grieving also has its moment to leave and allow newness in. Once you have used your emotion to push out everything you feel from the transition and clear your emotional body, you can use your energy elsewhere. Many cultures used the transition (death) of humans to collectively clear the grief of the entire community. Whether from a year of non-flourished crops or other transitions, they screamed, wailed, danced, and sang. Then they moved on. They did not forget the loved one that transitioned, but they used their thoughts of them in reverence, honor and after that time, can even request their assistance from higher realms of existence.

Whatever the change or challenge, we that are still here in this form must live on. How joyfully we can do that depends greatly on how we appreciate the moments we have, and then how swiftly we can adapted to changes in our environment.

Mooji on Change and the Fear of it


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    • Kukata Kali profile image

      Kukata Kali 4 years ago

      Indeed! Some kind of going inward is where we can find peace and acceptance :)

    • mintinfo profile image

      mintinfo 4 years ago

      This is a very important message. We forget to take time out to deal with our emotions, instead we compartmentalize them and let them build up to a point where they cause internal damage. I think we fear dealing with emotions such as grief because we don't know how when often all it takes is some quiet time to reflect.