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Significance of Southeast Direction (Agnikone) in Vastu

Updated on August 26, 2015

Significance of Southeast Direction (Agnikone) in Vastu Shastra

In Vastu Shastra, the Southeast part of a building is known as the Agnikone. The word Agnikone is comprising of Sanskrit words Agni + Kone. Agni means fire and Kone means angle. Astrologically the ruling planet of South direction is Mars and the ruling planet of East direction is Sun. As, both plantes are fiery in nature so the angle where they meet i.e., Southeast is known as the Agnikone (Fire Angle). The ruling planet of combined Southeast direction is Venus which governs attributes like, romance, glamour, luxuries, beauty, arts etc.

Astrologically, this is the direction of Fire element, so this direction is suitable for the placement of objects, units and colours which correspond to Fire element. For example it is a good idea to place fire objects like cooking stove, generator or candlesticks in this direction as they manifest the Fire element. As far as colour is concerned, Red is the colour of Fire and helps strengthen the positive attributes of Venus in this direction. If we talk about activities in this direction then, it is good to do cooking in this direction because it channelizes the Fire element of this direction for a creative purpose. This direction is good for the bedroom of newly wedded couples also, as romance is also a manifestation of fire.


Direction name: Agnikone

Ruling planet: Venus

Element: Fire

Colour: Pink

Units and object to be placed in Southeast direction

It is appropriate to place units like:

1. Kitchen

2. Fire place

3. Garage

4. Electric generator or invertor.

5.Bedroom of newly wedded couples,

6. Electric circuits etc.

If you examine carefully you will find that all these units are manifestations of fire element in one form or another. As Agnikone is the direction of Fire element this is why it is appropriate to place these units and objects in this direction.

Inappropriate arrangement of Southeast

A toilet in this direction is considered inauspicious and in most of the cases this will lead to problems like:

1. Gynae problems and sexual disorders.

2. Pregnancy problems.

3. Blood related diseases.

4. Obstacles in luxuries and fulfillment.

5. Indisciplined behaviour of female members etc.

Presence of water related objects is also inauspicious in this direction because it has a natural conflict with Fire element. Water element in this direction will lead to loss of appetite, loss of sexual interest, and family disputes etc.

Remedies suggested for Agnikone related defects

In case there is presence of a toilet or water objects in this direction then following remedies can improve situations considerably:

1. Placing a red bulb along the southern wall outside the toilet.

2. Placing hard sea salt in the toilet.

3. Colouring the southern wall in red.

4. Hanging 9 red Carnelian stones on the southern wall.

5. Hanging red curtains on the southern doors or windows.

What if the Southeast part of your building is correctly arranged but still not giving auspicious results

If the Southeast part of your building is correctly arranged as explained above and still you are not getting the desired results then it implies that the placement of Venus is not favourable in your horoscope. In such a case you need to get your horoscope examined by an expert astrologer. Often astrologers suggest some remedies to strengthen your Venus like wearing an Opal, White Zircon, White Sapphire or Diamond. Wearing clothes of pink colour on Fridays may also be a good remedy to strengthen your Venus subject to the recommendation of your astrologer. Applying any additional remedy as suggested by your astrologer will definitely strengthen your Venus and bring the desired results.


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