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Aim of human life on earth!

Updated on October 28, 2011

Real aim of Life!

Just ask any body on this earth. "What is your aim in life". Most of them will say, "I should get a decent job, beautiful wife and enough money to enjoy the life". It is natural for human mind to hanker after these paltry pleasures. Though every body here is aware that life on earth is ephemeral and impermanent, yet every body loves to enjoy the pleasures of life and possessions. But how long is the vital question. You may struggle in your profession for 10 or 15 years to earn a decent salary. OK. After that you would like to have a beautiful companion in life. After some time, your mind will desire for kids to bear your name. Then comes the desire for a permanent house, a car and other auxiliaries of life. Well, you have achieved everything as above. Then what next is the great question. You would like your children to settle in life and in their profession. Then comes marriage for the children etc. etc. None will desire anything other than the above in life. Of course fame, position and power are the other aims. Well, even after achieving the above, What is next? We may conclude that the life is a never ending bundle of desires, the fulfillment of one desire leads to the other easily. We are caught up in the never ending coil of Life. Now we become old. Diseases and discomfort haunts us. There is none to care for our well being except the old wife. The children were well settled but they are far away. At this stage only we start contemplate on the paradox of life. At this stage one start rely on unknown powers such as God, Church and prayers. Then we pursue philosophical texts and holy scriptures. A little wisdom peeps in our conscious. All the efforts we spent to earn and hoard, to enjoy luxuries resulted only in senility. The unseen power God is the only succor. Now our limbs are frail and weak. Our memories fail. We need assistance for every little thing. Spectacles, hearing aid and dentures are a must. We spend our time reading newspapers, watching TV shows, a little walk in the garden, chatting with our friends of equal age etc., We are not able to drive our car confidentally as before. We start thinking about our young age, student days, care free collage days etc. Is this the aim of our life. Even animals and birds spend their time eating, drinking, sleeping etc. In what way, we as humans are superior than those animal species? Yes, God has blessed us with discrimination and thinking capacity. We can contemplate and meditate to know the aim of this human life. It is not for merely eating, drinking and merry making, we are blessed with this human form. It is for knowing our real identity with God, the creator, we are born in this world. Hence search in your own SELF and understand your real identity with the SELF. You are not this ephemeral body and evanescent mind. You are the indestructible ATMA or the SELF pervading the Cosmos and transcending it. You are EXISTENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND BLISS! Rest in next hub.

You are ME, Believe this Truth!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear Mr.Happy, Thank you very much for the nice comments. ATMA is another name for SELF or SOUL. It is formless and attribute-less but for clarity sake, we attribute certain adjectives. In Hindu scriptures, ATMA is widely dealt and the aim of all human beings is to relinquish his Ego and body conscious and merge with the ATMA or SELF which is also termed by some as God! Thank you once again. saisarannaga.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "You are the indestructible ATMA or the SELF pervading the Cosmos and transcending it. You are EXISTENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND BLISS!" - I don't know what ATMA is but what you say is true. We are everything that is, in my opinion and anything is possible once we realize that illusions/realities can be reconstructed.

      "We can contemplate and meditate to know the aim of this human life." - When in doubt, I ask myself if my path has heart ... if the answer is "yes", I keep going and pray that Wakan Tanka continues guiding my path.

      Another great write; thank you and may the Man in Orange watch over you! Cheers!


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