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Alien Flubduction

Updated on July 4, 2018

Was I almost abducted by space aliens?

I call my experience a 'flubduction' because I believe I was able to prevent it from happening, thus the aliens 'flubbed' my abduction. This is my true experience. I use initials for the names of my now ex-husband (P) and for my son (G).

In the spring of 1981, I was married to P, and our infant son, G was about 4 months old. We lived in a 2nd floor, 2-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Chicago. We had recently transferred G to his own bedroom and crib from a cradle that was still in the master bedroom. That night, P was asleep beside me when...

...I awoke in the 'middle of the night', aware that I was being levitated above my bed. I stopped rising about two feet above the bed. I KNEW some thing or some entities had raised my body towards the ceiling.

I sensed, and then saw four short (about 3 feet tall), gray-colored 'beings' with large dark eyes next to my side of the bed (on my left). I got the impression they were male. I 'felt' it was their hands that had raised me above the bed, although without actually, physically touching me.

There was a very, very bright light shining through my bedroom window. I knew there was a lamp post in the parking lot below, so I thought at first I'd neglected to pull down the shade and close the bedroom curtains.

I was quite awake now and realized my predicament - I was floating above my bed but I could not move the majority of my body, it was as if I were partially paralyzed. I could turn my head and look around and clearly make out details of my bedroom, and I could hear P snoring gently, on the bed below me to my right.

I started to panic, and tried to alert P, to wake him. I discovered I could not make a sound, my throat didn't 'work'. I was immediately concerned for my little son's safety, but I could see from my position that there was no activity in his room. I assumed he was safe and asleep.

I glanced at the red LED numbers on my alarm clock, it was 3:30 AM. I could see the texture of the paint on the wall beside my head, and the texture of the fake wood closet doors, the cradle beneath the window. Those images became an 'anchor' in reality for me, I knew I was wide awake because I could see those things so clearly.

I began to get the 'message' that I was going to be moved toward the bright light, which was beginning to glow even brighter. I mentally refused to go there, shaking my head violently in that refusal. I feared that if I were dreaming, I did not want to 'accidentally' go through the window and end up dead in the parking lot below.

The 'thought' that I must go toward the light and window came upon my mind again. I refused again. I repeatedly thought, "I am NOT going there!". I tried to wiggle out of my 'bondage', as I felt my body being tilted (like Frankenstein's monster on his gurney!) to a 45 degree angle facing the window.

After a few minutes struggle like this, I got the 'feeling' that I had won the 'argument'. I do not recall going into the light. I remember waking up 'moments' later, on the bed. I got up and walked to the window. The shade was pulled down, and the drapes were closed. The lamp was on in the parking lot, but it was not nearly as bright as the light I'd seen. My son and husband were both soundly asleep.

Of course I'd heard of alien abductions then, and wondered what had happened to me. It was a very 'real' experience, especially my awareness of the physical surroundings of my room. I had been AWAKE. My husband, of course, never sensed anything was going on at that time.

I don't have any bad memories of actually being abducted, and I don't wish to dredge any up, either. I'm not sure why I had to be coaxed to go towards the light, or why I thought I had the right to refuse to do so. If 'they' had me under control, they could have simply done what they wanted with me. I am comfortable with the idea that I was 'almost' abducted, and willing to leave it at that. Nothing like that had happened before, or since, to me.


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    • sumosalesman profile image


      11 years ago from Somersworth New Hampshire

      What a story... I've always lived a humdrum, scientifically limited life... yet I know other people experience things like this from time to time. Thank you as always for sharing your stories. In addition to being well written they are unique and fine things to think about over the course of the day.


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