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Aliens On The Moon: Is The Moon Home To An Alien Base

Updated on February 12, 2016

Has ET phoned home....from the moon?

If the moon is home to an alien race than why have they not yet made major contact.
If the moon is home to an alien race than why have they not yet made major contact.

Aliens on the moon?

The moon. I am sure that at some point in everyone's life they have looked up at it and thought how beautiful, or how serene it is, but I am also sure others have looked at it's silvery glow with suspicion in their eyes. I am sure to some observers of the moon and all it's glory think there is much more to the dark side of the moon than Pink Floyd lyrics.

It has been speculated for ages it seems that the dark side of the moon hides an alien world of wonderment that may very well include military complexes, mining operations, and potentially even nuclear power plants. It is no secret that during the cold war the United States intended to place a military base on the moon to act as a counter measure to any nuclear attack Russia may make.

At one point in history NASA was all about moon exploration and understanding the moon in more detailed manors and than just as enthusiastically has it started it came to an end leaving so much unanswered.

The Moon

What does it hide, if anything?
What does it hide, if anything?

Neil Armstrong on UFOs

The Mysteries of the Moon

We already know that our silvery neighbor in the universe has a lot of implications and effects on our world. It controls the tides, causes some to flip out during it's fullness and we could write a book detailing it's effect on lovers. Even if these were it's only claims to fame it would still be great but if we step back and take a page from Neil Armstrong's speech at the 20th anniversary of the moon landing conference and "strip away the layers of truth" we might start to see a much different view of the moon then we had ever imagined. A view not documented in a Lon Chaney film or glorified in the vows of star crossed lovers.

It is no secret, especially to those in the UFO community that nearly every astronaut who ventured to the moon has their own UFO or alien tale to tell. Many reported seeing UFOs along side of the shuttle and some may have reported a much more disturbing finding than that.

Buzz Aldrin who was the second man to step foot on the moon reported seeing a glowing light that seemed to tag alongside the shuttle for some distance. In later years Buzz would become a lot less vocal on the issue and even resort to denying other accounts from fellow crew members aboard Apollo 11. He would become very irate when questioned about the relation between UFO activity and the moon.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence for alien life on the moon came from the first moon walker himself, Mr. Neil Armstong. His account reportedly came from a transmition to a medical officer.

The transmition stated Neil reported "They are here. They are parked on the crater and they are watching us". This haunting claim set both the UFO enthusiast and the UFO community a buzz with the speculation that our men were not alone during their epic walk on the moon's surface, but at the same time it lead many to speculate that what was being reported was Russians who had already won the moon battle.

Neil was not the only astronaut to make public statements about their belief in alien activity on the moon. Edgar Mitchell, a very down to earth man of science and the 6th man on the moon openly expressed his opinion that the moon could very easily house an alien race. While these personal accounts are impressive they alone can not be held as the only evidence toward the moon has ab alien base. With that being said maybe we should explore some of the other evidence.

The strange moon

Is this a nuclear cooling tower?

What could this tower be attached to.
What could this tower be attached to.

Is this a radar dish?

Could this be a listening device used to spy on Earth?
Could this be a listening device used to spy on Earth?

Is there evidence in the photos

We all can still visualize the 1976 Viking photo of Mars that seems to have captured a very unique part of the Martian surface called Sedonia. The image was the famous Sphinx face. But why is it that only a handful of people seem to recall the 1968 Apollo 8 footage of the moon's lunar surface that seems to show an active smokestack poking out from the dusty ground and reaching high into the sky? People seem to expect to find wild things on the planet Mars but not so much for our moon.

The facts are piles and piles of extremely odd and truly unique pictures of the moon exist and remain unexplained. That challenge those who care to look to ask what is really going on on the surface of our moon?

Apollo 8 captured what may very well be the pinnacle of alien moon evidence. In three images there were three structures that defied logic explanation by natural means. One image captured showed what could only be described as a huge satellite dish that spanned for what scientist believe is about a mile in diameter making it far larger than any dish we here on Earth would expect to see. Another image shows a very peculiar structure that resembles a military complex with a large cannon like object protruding from it's walls and aimed ironically at our Earth below.

The last image looks like a nuclear cooling tower coming out of the moon's surface and extending much higher than our towers could ever reach. These images started the believers of UFO interaction with the moon down a very unsettling path. What if aliens were on the moon because it was acting as a military center of operations in the event there would be war with Earth?

I realize these ideas conjure up images from vintage science fiction films or the pages of 1930s comic books but it is not, it is simply images captured by NASA pilots and crew members during their exploits to the silvery unknown.

A lunar strip mine site?

Could this be a strip mine site on the moon?
Could this be a strip mine site on the moon?

Is this a tank or dozer?

This is one of many objects cutting tracks across the lunar surface.
This is one of many objects cutting tracks across the lunar surface.

Industrial Action on the Moon

While many of these images shown here could be reminiscent of military action they are also used for other, less destructive means. What if aliens were not using the moon to set up an attack but instead using it to harness resources.

The moon contains a massive amount of helium 3. In theory this gas could be used as a very highly powerful fuel. The gas is present on Earth but only about 15 tons can be found on our planet. The amount on the moon is far superior to that. While images shown so far might look a bit dangerous to us, they may serve as a means to assist an alien race in mining and utilizing this helium 3 gas as a means for space travel?

Let's look at one famous image of the Kepler crater on the lunar surface. The crater looks remarkably like a typical strip mine job we would find here on our own planet. While one might assume that this is just a coincidence due to how debris fell during a meteor hit, the resemblance is far to striking to be taken lightly.

This alone is not enough to back up the idea that a mining operation is present on the moon but other images may help to push that theory up a little bit more. There is a very odd image of a crater that seems to have a pipeline running through it's open spece. The pipe appears to go from one wall of the crater to the other wall and extend even further to an oppening that looks like a funnel sort of appliance that may be used to process or even vent the gas being mined from the site.

Other indicators that a mining operation is taking place on the moon's surface are present in other photographs. One very strange photo showcases a tubular structure that resembles a work inching across the terrain but this image may very well be a piping system used to transport the processed gasses into a UFO craft for use as fuel.

One other strange oddity that seems to appear more often than imagined that reflects an industrial action on the moon by an alien race is the appearance of tanks or tracked vehicles that appear to cut tracks across the lunar surface. These vehicles seem to travel in and out of craters and trail long paths across the moon with little effort.

So what is going on?

While we can not say at the moment whether or not aliens are using our moon for any number of reasons. Sure we have pictures that might reflect some sort of alien activity but could those same images not reflect some sort of human activity, and that takes us into a whole other spectrum of discussion there doesn't it?

Regardless of where you stand in this debate or even if you choose not to stand on either side you can not deny that some of these images are down right mind boggling. It is equally hard to dispute the testimonies of those involved with NASA such as photo techs who claim to have been ordered to brush out anomalies in images. Either way we must look to the moon and ask ourselves, what significance it plays in the wide scheme of the universe, then we must accept that we may never know.


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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 23 months ago from United Kingdom

      It was intriguing. There were times when the moon was surrounded by a bright light for over an hour, violet colored clouds floating over the Sea of Tranquility, lights coming from the Clavius crater, lightning being observed and more. Some anomalies were also observed by William Herschel, the man who discovered Uranus. These anomalies were observed right up until 1967 - two years before Armstrong and Aldrin went there! Odd that, isn't it? Makes you wonder why they REALLY wanted to go there!

      I take it you're familiar with McKinnon too. How about the 1950's contactee George Adamski? He was in possession of photos of the Sea of Tranquility which have been shown to be accurate but they showed smoke rising from a crater and some kind of forest growth! Later photos were identical but without the anomalies (airbrushed?)!

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 23 months ago from Wheelwright KY

      I am very familiar with Project Horizon but this is the first I have heard of TR-277

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 23 months ago from United Kingdom

      There's definitely something going on up there. Have you heard of NASA's Lunar Anomalies report (Technical Memorandum TR-277)? When I wrote about it I put a link in the article to the report on the NASA website but NASA removed it from their site! It documented 579 anomalous events on the moon dating back to Elizabethan times.

      Are you also familiar with Project Horizon? A US proposal to have a military base on the moon by 1966 with twelve soldiers stationed at the base! I think these are two key pieces of evidence which suggests there could be joint human-alien activity. Are you also familiar with Gary McKinnon who hacked into NASA and found evidence of a secret space program?