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Aliens and us

Updated on January 23, 2016

Aliens and Us

Thesis about Time, God and Aliens

By Josh Cantrell

In the beginning…

“The arrogance of man is thinking that we are the center of the universe.” You have heard this said in many different places. But what if we are? Now, I am not at all saying that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. I am saying that what if we are all related? How do we know that “Aliens” are not us from the distant future? Think of your stereo typical Alien, no hair, light skin, big eyes. Why? No hair, we live in a temperature control environment in the future, which also explains the light skin no need for melanoma in the skin if there is no sunlight. This theory would also explain the large eyes; we would need them to see in low light conditions. Lets take a look through history at a few examples that may help out.

The pyramids

Now there are many thoughts, conspiracies on how the Pyramids where built. I still question it, I work in the construction industry and I am here to say that building that today would be an achievement let alone during the time they were built. Not only how they were built but why? Why would an ancient civilization need to construct something so massive? Ego? Maybe, but that still leaves a lot to be answered. Lets say our ego manic good Pharaoh wanted to construct the grandest tomb in history to compensate for something; perhaps we mislabel the Napoleon complex. Anyway, lets say he was, compensating, your telling me that 1 man killed all those people and wasted all that time and resources during on of the greatest early civilizations in history and people just went along with it? I doubt it. If our modern leaders wanted to construct the modern equivalent of that for when they died what would your response be?

Perhaps they had a higher reason to build these monuments or tributes? Perhaps they had some help from us in construction. I mean you can’t just take a chariot ride to Lowes and pick up some rope rated to pick up a 2.5 ton stone and place it ever so gently on the top of next one. I tip my hat to the use of the resources they had and the ingenuity required to construct that. But really?! I can’t give them all the credit.

How than did they do it? Where did they get the ideas to build elaborate hoists and cranes? How did they get the recourses in the middle of the damn desert to build the equipment needed to build those things. What did there pre cast factory look like? They had to fabricate the bricks somewhere? What code section did they use? I bet they didn’t have any inspection issues on that job.


The Minoan Civilization managed to construct an elaborate aquaduct system. Good for them. A very small island culture in the Mediterranean ocean. They did this around the year 2000 BC. That’s like 4000 years ago for you millennials reading this on your iphone. How in the shit did they manage the engineering feet to construct this shit. Magic?? Or was it the Gods? My bet is on the later. Pretty close to the same time the Pyramids where being constructed using the finest volunteer labor available at time just a boat ride away.

To many coincidances here for me to buy this. They all must have attended the same University together. Great engineering program in the middle of the dessert or ocean depending where the best fit was. Maybe it was in the lost city of Atlantis.

The number 12

The number 12 shows its self through out time with more significance than we notice. 12 months in year, 12 zodiac signs 12 Apostles walked with Jesus. 12 Greek gods on Mt Olympus. Why does 12 show up through out time? 12 tribes of Israel. Seems very interesting to me. So why? Why has this question never been asked or studied. I would be willing to venture a guess that it shows up more often than the examples I have just given.

There a daunting amount of similarities between all the religions that we know today. I cant believe them to be a coincidence most of the dates we know are all shared. Christmas, Easter, blah, blah, blah the list goes on. Why? I thought all of these Religions where special if I believe one over the other I am promised eternal bliss or eternal damnation. We believe them so much so that we are willing to kill each other over it.

How did we get back in time?

How you ask did we time travel? Worm hole? Black hole? I can’t say for sure but I do know that there are more things unproven than proven in space. Perhaps by thee year 3026 we will have figured it out? Perhaps we sent out colonies to set up new civilizations because we completed wiped out every single resource we had or maybe we killed our planet. If we use Black holes as the example. Black holes have the ability to bend light, to consume light. Scientist have said for years that there could be dimensions inside of a black holes that we have yet to see. What if one of these is time? What if while inside a black hole time becomes linear? We could then travel back and forth as we see fit. Now I know this sounds like a handful of different movies. But you have to question the coincidence. We measure travel in space using how many years it takes light to reach a point. We are measuring space in units of time. We know it is not linear that it goes in all directions forever. We know Nebula exist and give birth to stars. How do we know for certain that traveling through time in any direction is completely out of the realm of possibility? Even by accident.

We will no doubt destroy the sun, which will force us to adapt to survive, evolution. We will no doubt consume all of the natural recourse this planet has to offer out of greed. Other organisms do the same thing, parasites, ticks, cancer. Yes I compared humans to cancer, we are get over it or do something about it. Our diet will be synthetic because without the sun crops can’t grow, and the lack of natural nutrients will have an effect on the human body. It is not out of the realm of possibility to imagine this to be true.

The theory of God exists in every religion through out human history, why? It’s too much of a coincidence to have multiple religions with similar values, morals and dates. Paegan dates that are shared with Christianity, Easter, also the Peagan day of fertility, also explains the Easter bunny. Why is Jesus always pictured with a glow around his head? He also shares the same birthday as the sun God Ra-Horrus. Interesting.

To many conspiracies to just be non sense. Stonehenge? The Pyramids? The Mayan Calendar? I give credit to human intelligence but you have to question how a primitive culture could come with something so detailed. Why have tribes in the Amazon not come up with similar methods?

The Crew

Lets say we/future humans land by accident on Earth during the beginning stages of human evolution. Lets say on that ship there was a crew of 12. There would no doubt be a captain/leader who could be labeled the Zeus of the crew. There is always an Alpha right. This idea could explain our obsession with the number 12. You take ancient myths of flying carpets, flying chariots. Every culture has a story of a flying something or other that carried the gods. Why not a ship. I know this statement of ancient civilizations being visited by extraterrestrials is not new. But why the number 12 so often? Why the similarities between what we perceive to be aliens and what could be humans in a distant future given the circumstance.

Sounds more reasonable than Scientology and they have Tom Cruise backing them up. If you think about though I may be playing right into their hands, shit!!

What I am getting at here is the fact that all of the religions we know today are related. The all share the same common goal love. Now where in any of the books does it tell you to kill some one if they don’t believe what you believe. We have the power to change our path so maybe we don’t have to send out scouting parties to find planets that can support life because we killed ours.

Josh Cantrell


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