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All About Control

Updated on November 21, 2015

All About Control

What do most people want from life? The majority want to be in control of their lives, but for most people that seems to be difficult. We should be in control but we often allow ourselves to be controlled by something or someone else. In addition, many want to have more freedom but, unfortunately, that too can be difficult to obtain.

Most of us are like robots, waking to the sound of an alarm clock, and leaving home at the same time everyday. Then we maneuver through traffic, arrive at work, and punch a time clock, hopefully not late. Then we are at the mercy of a boss or someone who pays us for our services. Then, finally, it's time to punch out and go home. Unfortunately, these company employees seem to controlled by those who own the companies.

People usually go home after work. Home is where they have a little more freedom, but still have certain things they need to do. Finally, they must go to bed at a certain time so as to get enough sleep for the next day. Although this cycle of life can be controlling, most people have the ability to overcome that control. However, if they want to overcome control, they must make some changes in their lives.

One example of control that we should overcome is being bullied by others. Often this begins when we are children going to school. All too often it seems some children are there who threaten others to get what they want. They also have a need to feel superior; so they intimidate those who are not likely to fight back. As these "bullies" get older, they continue to try to control others with various scare tactics. Sadly, they usually succeed until someone stands up to them.

Other examples of control that some need to overcome are drug addiction, cigarette smoking, alcohol addiction, sexual perversion, and excess food consumption. No matter what it is that controls you, it usually results in unhappiness. If you are not in control of your life, it is often difficult for you to be happy.

One reason some lose control is that they have developed low self-esteem. This may have been caused early in their lives by others who overly criticize them or ridicule them. They often end up having feelings of inferiority or insecurity and trying to get approval from others. Unfortunately, people who are kind and generous often get mistreated by others who are self-serving. They should realize that they are just as important as anyone else.

Many people are controlled, and would be happier if they weren't. If they want to be free of control, they must replace their negative emotions with positive ones. One of the most negative emotions is fear. Virtually everyone has different types of fear that cause a loss of control and, in turn, cause a loss of freedom. We must make the decision to overcome our fears by confronting them with positive thought.

If you want a change for the better, you must remember that change begins within yourself. You should not rely on external sources to bring you true happiness; these can only bring you disappointment. Other people, material possessions, and our environment are not the sources of your true happiness; if you allow these to control you, you will never be truly happy. Taking control of your life is not as difficult as you might think. Regardless, it does require that you begin thinking in positive terms.

Remember that negative thinking usually brings you down and defeats you. Instead of saying that you can't do it, say that you can do it. But remember that your goals should be realistic and constructive, and that positive thinking should be applied to positive goals. If your goals are constructive and realistic, you won't be able to achieve them by thinking about them in a negative way.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must perform the necessary actions with a positive attitude. If you have negative thoughts about your goals, it will weaken your efforts and cause you to go in the wrong direction. Don't allow negative thoughts to control you. Don't be afraid to take a risk and try something new that may help you succeed. Don't be insecure by thinking you're not good enough to have what you want.

There are things you cannot control. Some people try to control everything in their lives, but that is not possible. If you want to have a better life, you must first learn the difference between what you should and should not try to control. For example, you cannot control the passing of time or the overall change in the universe; only God controls the universe.

Neither can you control people. Many. however, have developed the practice of manipulating others by playing on their emotions. Those who do this usually have selfish motives, and their manipulation almost always causes harm to those involved.

You should control one person; and that person is yourself. Keeping yourself in good condition is important. This can be accomplished by physical and emotional management. Just as most people let their bodies get out of shape, they also let their emotions get out of balance. This is usually because of negative emotions that they allow to control them. For example, some people let their anger get out of control. When that happens, it usually results in destructive behavior.

You need to recognize emotions that lead to anger. For example, jealousy can develop within people who find it difficult to trust those they care about. They were probably hurt before by someone they cared about, making it hard for them to trust again. This can result in misdirected anger towards someone they care about now.

Another example of an emotion that can lead to anger is envy. Envy can develop within unsuccessful people who see the success of others. This can result in frustration that can lead to anger towards successful people.

An example of negative emotional control are those who are controlled by fear. This can cause a person's life to be limited in many ways. Everyone experiences fear at one time or another, but they should not let it control them.

The basis of fear is the belief that someone or something will harm you. You should avoid things that could harm you. However, there are other things you only imagine will harm you. This is a form of negative thinking that can be overcome by having a positive attitude about your circumstances.

Many try to control their circumstances by engaging in superstitious practices. These practices are not based on logic; they are based on people's desire to control what happens to them.

One example of superstitious practice is people who have certain inanimate, man-made objects they believe will bring them good luck. Even though that is impossible, many believe it. Others look for guidance through fortune tellers, astrology, numerology, etc. All of these, however, are imperfect man-made devices and should not be taken seriously.

Everyone needs supernatural help to get control of their lives. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Many of us do the best we can, but the world is like a time bomb that could explode at any time. People who are honestly trying to make things better must tolerate the greedy, egotistic, violent people who are dangerous to others. But because people are imperfect, they cannot make things the way they should be without God's help.

Many people don't believe in God or they have a wrong idea of who God is. Suppose someone asked you the following question: "Who is controlling the universe?" What would your answer be? The universe did not create itself and does not control itself. Neither did life create itself; and yet we know that life somehow continues.

God created the universe and He controls it. He is the source of life, and He causes life to continue. God creates human beings, but He does not control them Therefore, people are responsible for the choices they make.

Why is virtually everything temporary? Just as time comes and goes, the phases of our lives come and go. We don't have any control over that, but we can make the best of our lives. Some may say it doesn't matter because our lives are temporary, but if you care about the future beyond this life, then it does matter.

We can't control time passing or stop the changes time brings. People spend billions of dollars on products or procedures in an attempt to stop or slow down the effects of aging; but it continues to happen. You should stop and make the best of now, and plan for a better life in the future. God has a plan for you to do just that. He created you and knows what you need to be truly happy. He could be a positive force in your life. and help you make changes for the better.

The life of a Christian is not always an easy one. It has been said, "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven." We all sin and that weakens us, making us imperfect and causing us to age and eventually die. Sin has also caused increasing immorality in the world. Now it is difficult for anyone to live in this world that seems to be controlled by evil forces.

No person or group of people can save the world from destruction. But even though the world is going down like the "Titanic," there is hope if you want it.

Although the world will be destroyed, you can be saved. Most people have heard the famous verse of the Bible: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life."

(John, Chapter 3, Verse 16)

God created human beings, but does not control them. You either choose to believe in God or choose not to. God's Son, Jesus Christ, was born as a human being and spent His life as an example for us. He told the truth about life; that we should live by the Commandments and the Golden Rule. Although that is the best way to live, you choose to live that way or not.

Jesus suffered and died for our sins; then He was resurrected and returned to Heaven. If you believe in Him, even though you die, you will be resurrected and have eternal life. You choose to accept Jesus as your savior or not. God does not control you, but He loves you and wants you to live a healthy, happy life. But even with positive thinking, that is hard to do in this world.

Sin causes problems in the world, and tries to control people with its negativity. Human beings need help if they want to control their lives and not be controlled by sin. Your life can be uplifted with positive thoughts, and knowing that your sins are forgiven by believing in Jesus as your savior.

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