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All About Nature Spirits

Updated on July 16, 2010
A huge 3foot owl appears three days before a death in the family
A huge 3foot owl appears three days before a death in the family

In the 1960s, a group of people journeyed to Findhorn , Scotland , a barren ,cold, and windswept place and decided to conduct an experiment. Not much could grow in such an environment, but they planted a garden anyhow. And then they did something few humans have ever done before, they communicated with the spirits of the plants they planted and history was made. The love and appreciation and encouragement they sent to these plants was returned a thousand times over and these plants grew to gigantic size!

Nature spirits are simply everywhere. In every field, in every meadow, in every public park, and even in your own back yard, nature spirits abound. If not for these loving and gentle spirits, mankind would not be able to survive. They have been here since the beginning of time.

You have probably interacted with nature spirits, but these energies are very subtle so you probably never even noticed the magic going on right under your nose.

Have you ever seen the earth in winter, so barren and cold, and wonder how everything comes alive in spring? Nature spirits bring forth the crops that feed us each and every year. Each nature spirit has a certain job to do. The spirit of the corn is going to be different from the spirit of the Iris. Each spirit has unique personalities, just like people.

Ok…so how do you connect with these nature spirits?

It’s easy! Nature spirits operate on pure and unconditional love. If you are loving and pure of heart with good intention, those spirits will grow to trust you and include you in their family. This is the highest honor a human being could ever imagine. Indeed, if you earn it, the nature spirits will look up to you as if you are a goddess or god!

So, first and foremost, you must be in a positive frame of mind. If you have even a tiny bit of negativity in your aura, the nature spirits will simply ignore you! These spirits operate on LOVE, that’s all they know.

Get you pets and animals involved with your nature spirits quest!

Believe it or not your so called pets know all about nature spirits and commune with them on a regular basis. Have you wondered why dogs are so loving? Dogs have nature spirits from their own species, plus they are in constant contact with the nature spirits in your own back yard. This goes double for cats! Cats are pretty much living in the spirit world anyhow, that’s why they sleep so much! When I was five I had an orange tiger kitty named Lola. That cat was my life, I loved her so much! Lola “talked “ to me. Every morning when I woke up she told me what would happen that day on the farm. A calf would be born or the strawberries would flower. She even told me an entire year ahead of time that I would be getting a new baby brother! Of course my parents freaked out when that last prediction came true and then one day Lola just disappear. I never really got over it, however Lola came back to me over and over again. She is here today as a very naughty and pampered Yorkie Poo!

Next, you must venture out into the domain of nature and make contact!

How do you do that? You have been doing it every time you admired a flower, or a field of corn, or the blue of the sky! All these things have a slew of nature spirits who make it all happen.

Introduce yourself to the summer flowers, tell them they are beautiful and send love to them. Care for them, caress and kiss them! Your flowers will start to go hyper and bloom bigger and better than ever before! However, because you can’t leave any spirits out, the grass will grow faster too! My advice, handle it naturally, get some sheep or goats to be natural lawnmowers. BTW-nature spirits hate power lawnmowers! Go for the old fashioned push mower and try and keep you lawn area smaller.

I live on a large tree farm and I know a lot about the nature spirits who live here. When ever people come to the farm they say they feel as if they are in a trance because it is so peaceful and harmonious! Of course I don’t tell everyone I am in contact with nature spirits, people around here are not into that. I just smile and thank the nature spirits.

What are the other things you will notice when you commune with nature spirits?

I have noticed that I am ageing very, very slowly, even my doctor commented on this and asked to do a gene study. LOL! I am sure my genes are no different from the next person. When you want to communicate with nature spirits you have to be balanced. To them balanced means being in a state of love. Not holding on to anger in any way. Of course if you are a positive person you will age less and be healthier. Just common sense really!

Negative people will disappear from your life. You will begin to feel completely protected and not be afraid of anything. How can you be afraid? You have thousands of loving spirits looking out for you!!

Magical things will also begin to happen. This is different for everyone, but it will come. The nature spirits love to amuse humans with little displays. One time, just before a storm I was outside getting the sheep into the barn. I started walking toward the house, and suddenly it got dark and eerie! The wind picked up and then…a very gentle force pulled the 6 large bobby pins out of my hair, and those 6 pins formed a spiral and simply flew upwards into the storm clouds!! It started raining, so I ran to the house. When I went into the bathroom to pin my hair back up again….there were those 6 booby pins on the bathroom sink…in a perfect row! Now, I know some people would be scared, but there is no need to be. If you are afraid these things will never even happen. Do not be afraid!

The Native Americans of the area are interested in my farm because of the large number of hawks flying over all the time, and especially when I come home from town. Its like they are welcoming me home. Native Americans believe that hawks fly over spiritually charged places.

The most magical thing that has happened in my eyes is the appearance of a 3 foot owl three days before a death in the family! Take a look at the owl picture in this hub, that’s what he looks like. This owl appears 3 days before a death in the family. It has happened 3 times now. This owl will roost and never even moves, not even when I walked up to it, it did not fly away! This owl appeared the first time 3 days before my father's death. The owl was roosting on the handle of a snow shovel stuck in the snow, and he was about 50 feet from the house and he could look right into a window. It was amazing, everyone wondered about it.

You will be able to dowse for water, even with a plain old stick off the ground, if nature spirits are around dowsing for anything becomes very easy!

Nature spirits love certain music!

Yes, it’s true! They love the new age stuff, Enya and Loreena McKennitt are two of their favorites and of course they love classical music too, with Chopin being a very popular choice. LOL…funny how they like the same stuff that I do, or…is it really the other way around? You might be very surprised to know that the nature spirits can and do influence the thinking of human beings, mostly in positive ways.

I am not a pagan, a witch or anything else you may think of. I am just one woman enjoying something that most people over look every day of their lives. Most people are bored when they come out to the country, they are so into their shallow lives that they have no idea there is so much more out there waiting for them!

Commune with nature spirits …there really is magic and it happens all the time!



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    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 

      6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      Hello Magnolia, my Library Angel lead me to your hub today. When you mention the owl it called to mine my neighbor's child who saw a huge bird in my backyard decades ago when I first started my first garden after marrying and moving to a new house. It seemed a little odd at the time, because her child was so frightened by the bird she didn't want to play outside. So, it seems, the mystery is solved. I am sharing this hub with my followers. Thumbs up. I hope you haven't given up writing.

    • profile image

      Lea Williams 

      7 years ago

      Interesting article. My pagan group just did a nature spirits exercise last night to try to attune to them and possibly see them. I have not seen them but I feel the energy in nature and feel its pull. =)

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hello Astral Love-- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I will check out these books, I had no idea that you can make an OBE happen intentionally.

      Actually, I have had OBEs about 6 or 7 times in my life, and I have no idea how that happened, but it was interesting. My biggest problem is that I get scared and want to get things back to normal as fast as possible.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi Magnoliazz, Truly amazing. I was just wandering have you ever tried astral projection, through doing so you would be able to send your consiousness to the plane of the elementals "nature spirits" and interact with them as you would with a friend in physical world. There is much more one can do on the astral plane, but everyone who does astral projection has their own purpose or desire for doing it. A great book to read would be "Mastering Astral Projection: 90-

      day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience"

      Let me know what you think.

      Peace Love and Light to you and all.

    • The Mattness profile image

      The Mattness 

      8 years ago from Berea, Kentucky

      Wow, this was awesome! Thank you for this. Beautiful and I love the photographs!!!

    • evanlaeys profile image


      8 years ago from Oneonta, NY

      I'm so glad I found this hub. I have been trying to get in touch with nature spirits for years! You've given me encouragement to keep trying.

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image


      8 years ago

      Beautiful Hub very well written and creatively illustrated too !

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hello Silver Genes! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. There seems to be more and more people interested in this kind of thing. Perhaps the nature spirits are also happy about this communication?

      2besure-We are kindred spirits, as are many of the people who left comments on this page. I don't trust people unless they love animals.

      Lita, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience with the rest of us!

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 

      8 years ago from Philippines

      I don't know about nature spirits until I read this hub. Our newly renovated ancestral house(although no one lives there), has this addition- a small nipa hut we call "bahay kubo" in our dialect, in our very wide and spacious backyard.

      So our neighbors are afraid to come close to the house. But when I invited them to see the backyard set-up with new ornamental plants, new tree seedlings in addition to the old trees, and the vegetable garden visited by dragonflies and butterflies, our neighbors started to come by and engage me in relaxing conversation. The children's laughter echo daily while at play. I know that the unfolding beauty of nature does it. Because I'm living alone taking charge of the two houses, this new turn of their visits is a welcome gesture.

      Your hub inspires me to make the backyard look even better with plants, trees, and vegetables.

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I love nature and animals. Even as a child I was closer to animals than people. I have a real fascination for trees too. Some are so beautiful and so majestic.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't know how I missed this hub! This is a view shared by the ancient Celts, now in Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Iceland etc, and it has some intriguing aspects for sure. We have so much to learn and no greater teacher for this than nature. I love how you suggest watching our pets. Thanks so much for having a light on your porch of knowledge! :)

    • tinyteddy profile image


      8 years ago from INDIA

      hi magnoliazz,

      that indeed was an interesting viewpoint but then it all depends on self bleif.

      i admire and appreciate that you are a naturalist like me who belive apart from humanbeings there is life and soul and spirit everywhere

      so much positive vibes woww

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you so much DAL for your kind comment.

      There is no greater beauty than that found in nature. I am looking forward to exploring more of your hubs in the near future.

    • D.A.L. profile image


      8 years ago from Lancashire north west England

      Hi, M what a beautiful hub much appreciated by this lover of nature. I never feel more relaxed than when I am on my own surrounded by nature's beauty in all its forms. I appreciate the work involved in producing the hub enhanced by those beautiful photographs. EXCELLENT.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      dgicre- thank you so much for stopping by! As I was reading your comment, I looked outside and a hawk was flying over! LOL! Just keep opening your mind to the possibilities. I even talk to the plants and animals, sometimes out loud, sometimes in my head. I hope you will write a hub about your experiences with nature spirits. A lot of people are interested in that kind of thing.

      Hi Blake4d!

      Its so good to see you back on hubpages! I missed you, but I know that you are working hard over at I have been reading just about every one of your articles over there too!

      Now I will go and check out your newest hub!

      Your stufff just keeps getting better!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Glad to hear you are communing with nature Magnoliazz...and what cool footage of Bambi and Thumper. I always wondered what inspired Disney to have a deer and a rabbit be friends. But now I have uncontrivertable proof. LOL.

      Hello and I just posted a new and ridiculously long hub I am sure you will enjoy. Got into some of those subjects you and I talked about a while ago. Love and Rockets.

      Keep on Hubbing.


    • dgicre profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      I really enjoyed this Hub, I am also a fan of Nature Sprits and can feel their presence whenever I am outdoors. Some days I can just watch the Eagles fly for what seems like hours. I believe animals can teach us a lot of we would just learn to listen.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin



      Thank you so much for your comments. I'm happy I have kindred spirits here on hub pages!

      Lightning John-

      Actually, I bet that big cat knows all about you, your habits, what your family does everything, and I bet it has been around for a very long time too! Cats of all kind are more in the spirit world than this one. Looks like you are feeling the magic of nature spirits. Its always magical when you get this close to a wild animal.

      I would love to swim with the dolphins! Or maybe even a great white shark...that would be the greatest thrill of all.

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Once at about midnight at our home in the foothills of the montains in North Carolina, I heard a comotion outside. Apon going outside with my flashlite, there was a big montain cat sitting up on a concrete bench in my little meditation garden that I had made. His ears were extremely long. He was as big as a pittbull, and not scared of me at all. Witha shakey voice I said "hey there fella, I'm just gonna go back inside now O.K." Then slowly made my way back inside so I could (mind my own bussiness). He was a sight to see!

      I turned the outside floods on and watched him strut around before leaving.

    • lisadpreston profile image


      8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      This was a wonderful hub. Voted up and an awesome! I have always been a nature freak and love animals beyond belief. Animals migrate to me and even dogs that are supposedly vicious come to me and lick me to death. I have always been able to communicate with animals and know what they are saying. This hub makes me understand so many things now that have happened. Thank you.

    • suny51 profile image


      8 years ago

      The nature has the power beyond imagination,it pulls you like nothing else does,I agree with you that the mankind shall not survive a moment if mother nature stops caring about it,Thank you magnoliazz for such a beauty.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      lightning john, that is a very good start! And I can't help but notice that "lightning" is in your name, perhaps you are influenced by nature spirits more than you know.

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 

      8 years ago from Florida

      O.k. Bambi and Thumper, Very sweet!

      On my property in N.C. it's in the country, there is a couple of birds that seem to follow me around when I'm working outside. I feed all the birds and animals that want to eat, no matter what they are.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      BJ Benson and DREAMREACHOUT-

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, I appreciate you stopping by!

      Lightening John-

      There is an entire series of these pictures online! I first got them in an email and fell in love with them. There is also a movie...maybe I should put it on this hub...just go to youtube and enter rabbit and bambi and it should come up!

      This is a real relationship between a wild rabbit and wild deer, you will not even believe how awesome the video is!

      Thanks for your nice comment! I hope you try to contact your nature spirits too!

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Magnoliazz, I really love that picture of the deer and rabbit. I do dissagree though, you are not just like everybody else. You are a special and unique lady, and the world need more of your kind.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Its a fabulous hub and before getting to the subject, I most put on print that your writing prowess is going up with each new hub!!

      magzz, being a minerals man how can I not know and understand about nature spirits!! The World cant survive without minerals but do we really know how these stones or ores were formed!! Its the blessings of the nature spirits!!

      Reading about the owl and the bobby pins is amazing indeed!! I did hear about an incident some 30years back where just minutes before this person's father died, their pet dog howled and jumped up almost six feet from the floor!! You will understand the cause of the reaction better but its ofcourse spirits again!!

      Wonderful hub and thumbs up!!

      P.S: There is a long reply to your last comment on Long oiled .. Part II.


    • BJBenson profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Hi, just dropping by before bed. You are right on about the cats. I don't know what I would do without my little friends. We just bought a special crate for them to travel in during our drive to Ohio. Mine also know when I 'm in pain and lay on me.Very nice hub and you are also right about the spirits too. Well done.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thanks so much for your comments Ralwus. Like attracts like...I really have to get over to your hubs and read some more of your great poetry!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      One reason the Scots and Native Americans got along so well way back and intermarried, they shared so many similar beliefs. How about that, I can douse with wire rods. Great hub girl.


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