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All are One, Be alike to every One!

Updated on January 4, 2013

Full of Joy and Peace!

The fundamental Unity of all beings!

We talk about the speed of transmission of E-mails through the web. It is almost instantaneous. But the emotions that arise in a man acts very swiftly. As we can not retrieve the mails once sent, we can not reverse the harmful effects of our emotions however much we try. It is a major flaw in the character of human being to loose his precious peace when emotions start attacks him. We become a complete slave to the emotions and we become weak in arresting the emotions. Let us examine the various reasons behind the emotional spills. It is almost a common occurrence in my hub posts to dwell on the ‘body conscious’ which breeds our ego. Almost all scriptures warn us to curb this monstrous Ego. It is due to false attachment to the perishable body which breeds our ego. Every one of us is aware that the body is ephemeral. Sooner or later it will fall from the stage of life. Moreover, the body undergoes many visible changes from baby to child and from child to boy. He grows into youth and become a grown up man. Soon middle age assails him. Before we imagine, he grows old, the hair showing white, falling of teeth, shrinking of the skin and a slight shiver in the voice. Every thing fore tends the arrival of death! Can we postpone it however mighty we are. No! Wealth, status and knowledge fade before death. All are equal in front of death!

Whether one is a king or a pauper, everybody meet death invariably. All are consigned to flames or buried according to different customs in different places. Can a wealthy man prevent his death by spending a fortune in a multi specialty hospital? No we have seen that kings and slaves meet their doom in the allotted time. None can postpone it or prepone it. Even after attending several burials or cremations, one feel that he is immortal. It is the height of stupidity. Reverting to our topic, it is the false assumption that one is a physical entity causes all problems or emotions. Every one is feeling aloof from the rest. None realizes that all are ‘brothers or sisters’ considering the fatherhood of God. We perceive the external differences of form, regions and gender. We make differences due to languages, caste and creed. These differences are really man made. All the differences are really assumptions of the human mind. These false illusions must disappear from the minds of human. Then only peace and happiness will prevail. Hence do not give place to emotions in the heart. Detach yourself from useless attachments to forms and names. Fundamentally all are ONE only. If we rely on the scriptures of various religions, this is the central message. “All are ONE, Be alike to every ONE!


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