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All are One, Be alike to everyone!

Updated on February 21, 2012

The symbols of all Religions in pillar!

All Religions teach same Truths!

Shirdi Saibaba and Sathya Sai baba have not come in this world to start a new cult or religion or doctrine. Shirdi Saibaba often advocated his devotees to follow their own practice. Though he used to say very often “Allah Malik”, his intention was the meaning behind the assertion. The meaning is God is the Master. Here the term God can be interpretated by any to indicate his own choice. It need not necessarily be Hindu or Muslim or Christian concepts on God. In recent times, Sathya Saibaba has clearly spelt out his teaching regarding religious adherence or practice. He said clearly, “If you are a Hindu, follow your practices more sincerely; if you are a Muslim, be a better Muslim by following your tenets. Likewise he advised the Christians too to follow their own religion sincerely! He had come to reveal the ancient pathway which is covered by shrubs and growth and which is invisible at present.

The world of creation is vast. No two people can wear the same size dress. Each individual needs a separate dress tailored to his measurements. Likewise, Religion is a broad subject. One may choose what is suited to him. If I worship Saibaba, I can not ask my friend or family to worship him. Taste differs between people. Hence there is proliferation of many religious practices around the world.

If you consider Hindu Religion, it contains many different philosophies. There is freedom of choice of worship. You may worship any of the myriad forms of God. Though God is One, I may like one form and the other likes a different form. There is no difference since all consider the forms as God only. There is idol worship prevalent in Hindu Religions. They are just like the alphabets we learn in the kindergarten classes. As we progress from one standard to other standard, we will be taught more of the subjects. Likewise, the worship starts with idols and in due course one would learn to dispense with them when the individual visualizes God in all! Likewise each Religion contains different practices which suit a particular region and particular mind set of the people.

All Religions advocate Love and brotherhood as the fundamental values. Then “charity’ is emphasized. The poor has to be fed by the rich and affluent people of the society. None should be excluded. Hence all incarnations, prophets and saints in every religion taught only Love and tolerance. There is a fundamental Unity behind the apparent diversity which we notice in the outer world. When others are sad, we can not remain happy. This is the inner connection in the soul or spirit. Hence all Masters emphasized service and sacrifice as noble virtues. “All are One, Be alike to everyone” said Jesus. Prophet Mohammad taught sacrifice to the people. No incarnation has created disunity between different sections of people. All the differences and distinctions, we visualize now is the work of politicians and power mongers. If the society is united, their relevance in society becomes void. Hence to show their superiority, they played the minor differences between people to their own advantage. The sufferer is the poor destitute in society.

Hence Peace is the most valuable wealth in this world which can not be obtained in any shop. The Peace has to emanate from our own Self. Peace leads to Joy. If you want to become happy, help others. Sharing is the best policy. Nowadays, money is considered as the most valuable one. In fact, man is the most valuable One. Since man has forgotten his own value, the value of goods and materials have increased disproportionately!


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      You have given best definition about religions and also not kind in whipping the politicians for their double game role in the part of religion. beautiful.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Raghupathy for the nice comments.

    • profile image

      Raghupathy 6 years ago

      You have beautifully summarized the essence of all the religions. How nice this world would be if peace & love prevails every where. The creators of various religions have all done with good intention, for the people to follow a life filled with love and peace. But unfortunately the followers of various faiths and religions have taken upon themselves on their own, thinking that their's is the only dose of medicine that can cure all ills of the society, the job of spreading the message/religion, there by causing incalculable misery and suffering for common man.