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All are equal and essential in society!

Updated on March 29, 2015

structure of society in ancient times!

Equality in society!

Peace is the most valuable possession on earth! But man is wasting his entire time and energy in chasing trivalent things which are like paper flowers sans the smell. When we enquire the richest billionaire on earth, “what he desires, the obvious reply would be peace of mind. It is evident that peace can never be got through riches or fame. The most powerful dictators on earth ended their life by themselves which shows that they had no peace within. They relied on external powers and fortune, but never relied on God. By this we can infer that peace of mind belongs to the region of the Self and not the outer world!

The whole world now relies on weaponries and advanced atomic missiles. We are watching on media, the daily happenings in war zones around the world. Neither the terrorists nor the government relent their efforts to outwit each. It is very clear that only a change of mind or conscience will stop the annihilation of societies. We have heard about the confrontation of gorillas and terrorists by many government forces. Nowhere, the government was able to control the fury of terrorism. Billions of dollars and pounds are spent in the war zones but there is no victory for anyone.

In the changed scenario, new methods should be evolved to win over the mind of terrorists. Many reasons are advocated for rise in terrorist activities around the globe. One main reason is ‘maladministration and corruption’. Second reason is that there is no justice or equality in the policies framed by the government. Then ‘ethnicity’ seems to be the most important element for rise in terrorism. Subversion of minorities by majorities is one forceful reason which saw decades of confrontation in many theatres of war around the world.

It is in the psyche of human beings that they always cavil at the poor and downtrodden in the society. Capital societies were always arrogant at one point of time or other. Colonization is clear evidence in history. Many countries were subdued by the mighty people from ancient days. Not only in the post war societies but even in ancient societies also, there were distinctions between the rulers and ruled. There were power centers everywhere. During the time of Jesus, it was the priests and traders who wielded much power in the royal court. The creation itself is an example. There are hills and valleys. There are deserts and fertile lands. Hence we cannot obliterate the distinctions and differences in society by one stroke. Rather, the various limbs of society should co-exist peacefully fulfilling the various needs of the people there. Our bodies are clear example. The feet carry the entire burden of the body and take it everywhere. The head thinks and the eyes see the directions, the ear gets the sounds and man speaks through their mouth. Can we eradicate the apparent distinctions in functions? No, it is not possible and prudent. Every organ of society, need to perform a particular function in society.

For instance, a soldier cannot perform the function of a commander or king. A king will not perform the duties of servants. Each one has to perform their destined duty in society. Hence in ancient Hindu civilizations, there were four clear divisions like the Brahmin teachers who are well versed in learning to teach all others the various skills. The Ksathriya warrior, who trains himself in warfare, the Vysya trader, who supplies the wherewithal to the society, all are essential for society! Hence those societies which adhered to the different trade and functions worked smoothly as well-oiled machine. It is like the head, stomach, thighs and feet. How can the head say “I am the highest or the feet lament that I always carry the weight of the body. Without the help of the feet, the head would feel handicapped. It is the feet which carry the body and the head which decides the direction and destination!

Today, we find that antagonists in society always find fault with the ancient division of labor. In fact, all those who teach are Brahmins irrespective of their birth caste. All those who fight for the security of the Nation are warriors. All people who contribute to the distribution of essential items like rice, wheat, grains, oil, milk and other supplies are traders. Those who toil in the fields, and those who work in industries are the essential contributors of society and they are in no way below others. In fact, all are equals in society!


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