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All bodies perish one day but the inner Self is Eternal.

Updated on August 3, 2017

You are a Soul.

Creation is not permanent but the Creator Is!

In religion, spirituality and philosophy, there is only one underlying theme. It is the impermanence of created universe and the Eternal Brahman who is the basis for the above. Creation undergoes changes constantly without any remission. Whereas the creator “Brahman” is changeless and ever remains the same irrespective of the fact whether creation happens or not! We always clamor for events while the creator remains in eternal bliss, irrespective of events. Hence creation, sustenance and absorption is one and the same for the creator! Many scriptures have revealed that the creation is a play of sports for God. People identify themselves with the perishable body and hence they undergo pain, grief and joy. Of course, the pleasure is an interval between two pains. There is no pleasure without pain. Pain is the reason for pleasure and pleasure invariably ends in pain. In fact, if we deeply contemplate, pleasure is not associated with things or persons. Pleasure never comes from outside. Our inner self is the repository of Bliss. What we experience as joy or pleasure is only an infinitesimal part of the Bliss the Self confers. For instance a dog bites a piece of dry bone. Dogs relish bone however hard it may seem. In this connection, even the most intelligent dog is a foolish one. While biting or chewing the dry bone, the gums of the dog are injured and they ooze blood. The foolish dog licks the blood and it thinks that the blood came from the dry bone! The dogs definitely need a course on anatomy! But we human are really intelligent but we fail to understand that the pleasures we enjoy do not come from external things but it is inbuilt in our Self. We need to consider three things here! Why all man seeks happiness? Why all man desire to seek knowledge? Why all man wants to live forever? Since we are part and parcel of the Supreme One, all the attributes of the supreme one are ingrained in our self. First of all, God is immortal, god is full of wisdom and God remains in eternal Bliss. Hence naturally we all want all the above as our heritage.

Bagawat Gita teaches..

We are all part of Almighty and hence we seek happiness always!

Hence, it is natural for man to hanker for all above attributes. If someone remains in sullen mood, everyone starts asking him ‘why he is sullen’? If one is happy, none is going to ask why he is happy, since happiness is our natural quality! We have seen people devoted to god sing the praise of god since it gives them inner joy. Song is the outcome of happiness generally. We have observed many people sing while taking bath. It is a pleasant task and singing is the expression of joy! When the mother sings lullabies, the baby goes to sleep. Children are always bubbling with joy. Why? They have no concerns or anxieties of the world. When the baby is hungry, it drinks the milk from mother and sleep. When it wakes up, it plays with dolls. Only during illness, the baby cries. Otherwise it remains joyfully all the time. This is the reason why people like to be near babies! The joy of the baby creates joy in our mind too. Hence seeking happiness has become a natural tendency of all human beings. But he search for happiness in external things and persons. The pleasures offered by the world are momentary and fickle. It never lasts. It is like streaks of lightning during cloudy weather. One thing is certain. Accompanying the lightning is roaring thunder which frightens everyone! What will happen if lightening strikes the earth? We have heard about many deaths everywhere during cloudbursts due to lightning striking individuals, animals and many fire accidents happen when lightening falls on dwellings without the lightening arrester! Hence there is always danger associated with good things. Of course, rainfall is welcome everywhere but when it exceeds the limits by torrential downpour, many rivers swell overflowing the bounds. Today, we are witnessing floods everywhere. It spreads from one location to other. In India all the North Indian states, Western and Eastern states experienced very heavy rainfall. Many families were marooned due to the devastating effects of flood. There is no respite of floods in some states. One who experiences such natural calamity is deeply in worry and distressed. His entire earning, dwellings, things, cattle and land everything is removed from his hold due to floods. The crops raised by him are washed away. Where he will lay his head in the night? How to lead life further? These things agitate the mind further. The future is bleak! There is remorse welling up in his mind against nature and almighty. This is not the first time he faces flood. Every year during monsoon the entire village is submerged since it is a low lying area. He has no funds to seek a dwelling in safer places.

Soul is ever beautiful but not the body!

Our sufferings and grief are mere illusions of the mind!

Humanity suffers like this in different ways around the world. There is misrule in several countries due to corrupt and selfish politicians. There is incessant civil war against the authorities. There is terrorism. There is slavery everywhere. There is no freedom ford any. Only affluent and powerful people rule the roost everywhere. There are mass killings in the name of religion quoting blasphemy. Religious fanatics are one main reason! The main reason for suffering around the world is the mind fanatically clinging to a perishable body. The mind is dual and deludes the individual self in believing that it undergoes pain and pleasure. In reality, pain and pleasure are mere imaginations of the illusory mind! Hence the ancient sages have ignored the mind and focused on the self instead! Sufferings pass away after sometime like pleasures. Initial grief when one confronts death of a closest relative will be great. But over time, the grief subsides. It depends on how much attachment we had for the departed. One may earn a lot, may have many servants to attend his needs. He may be surrounded by affectionate relations. Yet, when the time comes, he cannot escape death! Death is inevitable end to all those who have born. Kings, religious leaders, political big weights and the poor everyone meet death at some point in their life. During life there may be enormous differences. But in death, everyone become equal and the bodies are consigned to fire or buried as per the religious custom. Having understood the impermanence of physical form, we should not grieve since one day or other, everyone has to leave! The Eternal creator is the only reality in life!


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