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All happiness emanate only from the Self and not from external world!

Updated on April 27, 2016

Peace within our Self

There is not even an iota of happiness anywhere in the world!

There is no happiness besides oneself! If one thinks that he can get happiness from the external world, apart from himself, he is ignorant. Self alone is and self alone shines as all this manifested creation, it is the bliss of the self which is reflected on all things outside. A small example was given by Saibaba, many years ago; “A dog was chewing a bone and it is sheer illusion that the dry bone could yield tasty juice! But all dogs are adamant in this regard. When it bites a dry bone, it won’t let any other dog share it or snatch it. The dog starts biting the dry bone and in the process, blood oozes from its gums. The foolish dog thinks that the blood comes out of the dry bone and with more relish, it starts chewing it. This is the condition of all the beings on earth.

We falsely believe that pleasure lies in the outside world and in the process, we chase the pleasure. It is like a mirage in the desert. As we move near, it goes further off. For instance, we taste a sweet pudding and we relish its taste in the tongue. If the sweet is capable of exuding sweetness, it should give us the sweet taste, the moment we handle it. No, it is not the case, we have to take it to the mouth and put there. It is the tongue which relishes the taste through taste buds. But wait, it is not even the taste buds! The nerves connected to the brain from the taste buds realize it as tasty but unfortunately, the brain can not feel the perception. It is only when the mind is involved in the process; we or the individual relishes the taste. We falsely believed that the sweet meat contains the sweetness. But unless it comes into contact with the taste buds and the transmission of the sensation to the brain centers, the taste is realized but not yet perceived. It is the involvement of the mind completes the entire process.

All the sense organs are really ‘inert’ unless they are combined with the brain and finally with the mind. You are moving along a road. The eye looks at the dishes advertised in a fast food restaurant. When once the desire is felt in the mind, it takes the body to the restaurant, order for the dish. Once it is supplied to the table, you slowly take the spoon and take it to the mouth. The first sensation starts from the tongue. If the dish is capable of giving us the sweet sensation, none will enter the restaurant. From the road itself, they will enjoy the sweetness. All the pleasures perceived by the individual through the mind is similar. Hence there is no joy or sweetness in the external world. It is inside our self. A minute part of the bliss is reflected on the sense objects and the mind feels happy!

Not every child can bring happiness to a mother. Her own, child gives the mother ecstasy. Hence people spend much for possessing many things from the market. It is only when a thing is brought for our use, we become happy. Whereas, thousands of latest gadgets are exhibited in the shopping malls, but we never get happiness by viewing the exhibits. No! Unless you purchase one such gadget for your use, you will not become happy! Hence the real reason for happiness lies within you only. It is the sense of possession which stems from the false ego! But this apparent happiness is really the result of the inner Self!

A crow will be attached to its own siblings and not to others. It is the same case with us also. For instance, a girl looks attractive to one boy but others find no attractions in her. Why? It is the imagination of the boy or rather ‘infatuation’ which creates interest in some one. For the boy’s view, the girl looks more beautiful. In fact, here also, the bliss of the self is reflected on external world, persons and things and hence one feel immensely happy when he looks at a particular person or possess some thing! It is not real.



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