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All roads leads to Prasanthi Nilayam!

Updated on September 24, 2011

Service by Saibaba Organizations.

I have not said this statement. Many authors who wrote books on Baba, both Indian and Overseas, describe Prasanthi Nilayam, in this fashion. Especially during festival times, there will be absolutely no space to move. I myself have witnessed this phenomenal crowd many a times during World Conference of Sathya Sai Organizations held every five years. I had the opportunity to attend 3 or 4 such conferences not as a delegate but as a visitor devotee. Some times the crowd swells to 10 to 15 lakhs easily. This organization has branches in 126 countries of the world and in each town or district of India. All the branches are attending silently many noble service activities like "feeding the poor"(Narayana Seva). Saibaba called them not as poor but as "Narayana"(God) since God resides in all beings equally. Every week, medical camps are held in various countries for the benefit of rural poor population. For this mobile medical vans with many voluntary doctors, paramedics and active workers travel with medicines, injections, bandages and some primary lab fecilities. Eye camps are held to deduct eye ailments. When a patient is found suffering from advanced state of illness,they are shifted to nearby speciality hospitals and are given free treatment by the Organization. Free education and empowerment is the motto. Along with secular studies, the students are thought human values and greatness of all religions of the world and the stories of saints, sages and prophets. Many programs on first aid, disaster mitigation methods are inculcated nowadays. The Sai School in Zambia is worthy of emulation. Many students who were earlier unruly and beyond correction were admitted in the Sai school in Zambia and they have turned into responsible students and citizens when they came out of the portals of the great school. In India, during the month of September-October, students of Sai Institutions gather at Prasanthi Nilayam and undertake "Grama Seva" otherwise known as village service. They travel to all the villages in the surrounding area reach out each family and present them with cloths, eatables and Lunch which is sumptuous with the photo of Saibaba. This was inaugurated during the year 2000 and continues with more vigor. This is the first year that the program is planned in the physical absence of the incarnation(Saibaba passed away on 24 April, this year). This is the gist of what Sai organizations are doing everywhere. I will write more in the next hub.

Gathering of devotees in Sai Kulwant Hall!


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