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All that glitter is not gold!

Updated on December 10, 2013

False appearances!

Outer appearance is not a measure to inner human qualities.

This is one of the famous quote by sages and saints. Yes, everyone of us are aware of the imitation in every walk of life. Since gold is one of the precious metal and the entire world economy revolves around gold and brent, it is natural that many brass or copper jewellery are given a coat of gold to resemble gold jewels. Those who can afford the gold jewellery are satisfied with imitation gold and synthetic diamonds. But one must not consider the glitter as gold. This is the theme of the hub.

This quote has wider meaning and not necessarily restricted to jewels alone. People are enamored by the outer appearances of persons and think that they are nice and good people. We all commit the mistake of forming some opinion once we look at a pretty face. The external beauty is not a permanent feature of any person. Especially during young age, many people look pretty attractive with nice features. The dark eyes, the rosy complexion and a pretty face is enough to attract people of all ages. Even aged people nurture a secret desire to converse with such persons. This is natural phenomena everywhere. In fact, many wise people used to caution the young people, 'be wary of elderly people'. I don't mean to offend any since i myself is around 70 years.

Once Sathya Saibaba has narrated a beautiful story. It goes like this. The daughter of a rich man in a town is so beautiful that every one want to look at her face again. The attraction she exerted among the young persons is natural. One bold young man ventured to earn her attention in order to marry her because of her enchanting beauty. The girl is really wise in spite of having a beautiful appearance. One day, the young man entered her house and sought the audience of the young girl. Unable to gauge the purpose of visit, she however allowed him to come to her presence. The young man was not hiding any thing. He told her, I am smitten by your beauty. Will you marry me? The young girl thought over the request by the bold young fellow but told him, "please visit my house after a week". The young man thought that she has accepted him and told her, "i will visit your house next week. She asked the maids to bring strong purgative and consumed it in the night. Due to the effect of the purgative, she started purging but asked the maids to collect the purging in a jar and close it tightly. In two days time she became like a scarecrow. None could recognize her. She maintained the same stamina until the young man visited her in a week. When the girl came in front of him, he could not recognize her. He asked her, "where is the beautiful girl, i have talked to? She said that she is the one with whom you interacted. Due to diarrhea, i lost my health and complexion. What you considered as beauty is kept in the jar. The human body however pretty it may seem contains only dirt and dust. Do not get attracted by outer appearance any more! The boy really became wise after the incidence and thanked her profusely for teaching him a practical lesson!

The world today is enamored by outer appearances and none get a real idea of any thing or person. You all might have read nice ads about real estates with a shining photo of the residential appearance. If you just believe the ad, you will become a big fool. Hence do not rely upon what is depicted in the media or newspaper. Go and have a first hand experience of the project even if it involves a little effort and expenditure. Check the site, the facilities, the model house and other amenities like shops and malls, medical facilities, educational facilities for children, play ground, ventilation, power, roads and drainage facilities. Usually, the realtors concentrate much on the outer elevation, color schemes etc to attract buyers. But, one should be prudent to visit the flat personally and note the features provided in each flat. This is applicable to all items we purchase.

When we pay meticulous attention to select an electronic gadget, how much more attention we should pay to selecting a life partner. It is the behavior and habits that should be given more value than the outer appearance. Nowadays beauty parlors are experts in making any face a pretty face. Hence do not bother much about appearance but see the good manners, behavior, which are not easily discernible unless one move with them for a considerable time. Hence the quote, 'All that glitter is not gold' is relevant to every aspects of our life! One should pay attention to human virtues and qualities than the external appearance and cuteness.


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