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Allah is the Guardian

Updated on October 10, 2015

I would like to say that since Allah is the Guardian of the believers, and since he manages all their affairs, then they do not need to worry about the future and about their sustenance. They should not worry about anyone harming them as Allah is their Guardian.

How much would you trust the others?

Here is an example: a man looking for a suitable girl for marriage. He would not just ask anybody walking in the street; he would rather seek the help of someone he trusts. He would be sure that this person would look for the best girl for him. He may even let this trusted person make some of his marriage arrangements. How much would you trust someone to let him choose 'your' future wife?

Of course Allah is beyond, but compare this to how much you trust Allah's plans for your future. Do you now see the importance of Allah's Guardianship over Muslims? Allah says: “Allah is the Guardian of the believers”.

So put your trust in Allah, and trust him with managing all your affairs. Don't worry about the future and don't doubt Allah's Guardianship over you.

Appreciating good manners

You know some people cheat on exams instead of putting their trust in Allah. Some lose hope in getting marriage and start illicit affairs. Such people don't entrust Allah with their affairs and forget that he is the Guardian of all Muslims. One of the most important desires in many people, besides food and drink, is the desire to feel important or acknowledged. If I were to give someone a dollar and speak to them harshly, they would become angry. Yet if I lovingly gave someone even a penny, they would happily accept it. Appreciating my good manners more than the money. A normal person wants to feel important.

Imagine that Allah himself holds every Muslim in high esteem. Imagine being so close to Allah and being his "Wali"!

Word From Quran
Word From Quran | Source

“Walis” of Allah

Imam At-Tahawi in "Al-Aqidah At-Tahawiyyah", one of the most famous books on 'Aqeedah', He writes that all believers are "Walis" of Allah So, all Muslims are close to Allah and he is their Guardian. But in this, they may vary by degree. Some "Walis" are dearer to Allah Almighty and more close to him than other "Walis" among Muslims. Imam At-Tahawi says that Allah says: “Allah is the Guardian of the believers, but the disbelievers have no guardian.”

So, all the believers are "Walis" of Allah and he is their Guardian. Even if you sin then repent and entrust Allah to protect you from falling into it again. One may turn out to be a (very close) “Wali” of Allah without noticing it, if their hearts are attached to him. Some may not look like the pious or among the righteous. They may be very absorbed in their day-to-day life, their jobs, etc.. But yet their hearts are attached to him which means that they are mindful of Allah in every single act they do in life.

Some may look like ordinary people, but yet they are very special to Allah. Moreover, no one should despair in the Mercy of Allah nor should one complain that people who commit sins enjoys their lives while they obey Allah and yet suffer all kinds of setbacks. Don't forget, Allah is always present with you.

Imagine if a president or a king visited you. Would you start complaining to him about the system? Or by criticizing the government and your living conditions? You should start by welcoming him in order to show him respect, Especially since he left all other concerns and came to visit you.

Imagine when Allah Almighty is present with you and hears you complaining about your present circumstances!. The divine saying goes: “The offspring of Adam abuses the Dahr(Time), and I am the Dahr (Time)...”

Some keep lamenting their fate and asking "Why me?", Instead of submitting to the will of Allah The one who raises, lowers, elevates or humiliates whomever he wills. So speak to Allah with Aadab (respect), remember that he is present with you.

“Don't let people see you complaining (about your circumstances) “

Feel Allah's presence and be happy with what he has given you. No one on this life truly has power over anything. No one can do good or cause harm to others. No one can give or take away things EXCEPT through the will of Allah. There is no deity but him.

On the Day of Judgment

We must take the attitude that Allah is the Sovereign and humans are his servants. The Prophet Muhammad said: “On the day of judgment, Allah will separate a man from my followers and spread 99 scrolls over him extending as far as the eye can see." The 99 records, filled with the man's sins will be difficult for people to see with their human eyes.

Allah, Lord of the Worlds, shall ask the man: “Do you object to any of these?”

The man “No, my lord”

Allah will ask the man if he has any excuse, and when he tells his lord that he has none, Allah will say: “On the contrary, you have (on record) with us a good deed". Allah is not unjust to his creatures neither in this life nor in the hereafter

"Allah does not do the least bit of injustice to anyone"

A document will be brought out containing the words: “No god except Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah". The man once said this with pure sincerity from the bottom of his heart. He once (truly) felt that Allah is the lord of this universe, and so he said "there is no deity but Allah."

The Prophet Muhammad said the man's sins will be brought forth, The 99 scrolls of the man's bad deeds will be put on one side of the scale, And the document containing Allah's name on the other.

The scrolls will be lighter than air. The man's bad deeds will weigh almost nothing (in comparison to the opposite scale)

The Prophet continued "for nothing can compare in weight with Allah's Name."

If you sincerely say 'I testify that there is no deity but Allah and that Muhammad is his Prophet', Allah will forgive your bad deeds no matter how many they may be.

Well, do not be surprised. This is just one example, just one example of his Mercy on the Day of Judgment.


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    • profile image

      Ikram 4 years ago

      Thank you for writing this article

      Seriously the last part brought tears to my eyes.

      How big is Allahs mercy ........ alhamdulillah! :)

    • profile image

      halafik 4 years ago

      thanks allah akbr

      games flach

    • TarekMamdouh profile image

      TarekMamdouh 5 years ago

      thanks for your comment, i appreciate that :)

    • profile image

      Janhorner 5 years ago


      I found this very interesting. You have written it well and put a lot of thought into your words.