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Along Lifes Pathway Journey ~ A Thought, A Realization, A Revelation.

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 06/29/09

I have NO idea why, this was just something that hit me, Simplicity is such a lost art!

 As we journey along through life, we follow a certain path, each of us on our own trail. The path thats been made for us, then of course theres the fork in the road that we come to at some point, where, we either choose or deny God, His Word, will & way for our life. But, no matter which road we select at that fork, we will still travel a path that leads somewhere. On the journey we took to get to the fork, we amassed several things, all the little trinkets and baubles that make us what we are. Once we reach the fork, and choose to continue down one path or the other, we'll surely continue to pick up more "stuff", although the items from one path versus the other are quite different.

 Even if we initially chose the wrong path, lets call it, the "littered" one, the one where we likely picked up a lot of trash. There is a saving grace to this wretched path. And that saving grace is this, no matter how far down it we are, we are always welcome to turn around and go back to the fork and go the other way. And, theres even an emergancy "off ramp" or "super shuttle" that, if we are to beat up, to tired, or to "far gone" theres a secret password that can get us back to the fork, to pursue the right path, ASAP, without having to revisit the whole wrong path we've traveled down. Two little words, yet with such big meaning, simply put "God Help". That brings us back to the fork in a second, then the password of access to the other path is simply "Jesus", and acceptance of Him.

 Which ever path you've traveled, all the baubles and trinkets you've ammassed are still with you, they may be forgotten, or even forgiven if you've chosen the right path, but you "carried" them long enough for them to have made an impression. As for me, I carried many things along the road, I picked up a lot of crud, sadly I picked up a lot of trash, and a whole lot of rocks. Big burdensome bags of rocks, boy are they heavy, and , I carried them for a long time. Rocks are meaningless, their heavy and weighty, yet I lugged them anyway. I through the trash all away many years ago, but I kept the rocks, they represented something. A learning, a knowledge, a remembrance. You see the rocks came from both paths, the rocks are generic, the rocks from the wrong path were dirtier rocks, but they've been cleaned, and they blend in well with the other rocks.

 As I approach a stopping point on this path, the "good" one, as I sit down to "rest a spell", I notice something. The spot where I am is beautiful, I know that I need to continue on my journey as I'm looking for that certain something. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've found the big something - thats Jesus and Salvation in Him, but as the journey continues theres something more were seeking. Yet, this "spot" that I'm at seems "right", not so much forever or permanantly, but it looks like a great spot for now. I look at Christ, as He's on the journey with me, and I see that smile on His face - a gentle head nod over towards where I'm sitting. He sees what I'm looking at, and of course, He knows my thoughts.

 It seems that now is the time, and this is the place - to pour out the rocks, to lay them all out, at this place, the place that seems just right. As I lay out and begin to line up the rocks, they all form together. Almost as a jigsaw puzzle, all the "pieces" fit together and when completed they cover a good size section of this ground that we've come upon, the ground that seems to be the right place. I step back and look over the rocks all nicely aligned and arranged, the rocks each representing parts of the journey's both paths experiences combined into one location along the way on the right path. As I look up from the assembly of rocks, I turn my head towards Christ, seeing His smiling face, how can I not grin back, I'd smile fully but I'm so in awe!

 As Christ walks over to me, putting His arm over my shoulder, stretching it across my neck, we stand there side by side. Were both thinking the same thing, you can feel the shared thought of Wow, those rocks of experience sure do make a fitting foundation, this surely looks like the right spot to build. And so it begins. God Bless you all, as always Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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