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Along the way remember this.

Updated on October 29, 2010


The temptations of the Enemy.

It has been HARD...Lately, that is for sure, but I do believe that I have faith that it will getting better as the Lord takes me through this time of testing and trials, as well as leads me into to new victory's.... The temptations have increased, because the enemy knows that there is work to be done with God, and that I do desire to do that which God Has called me to do.... The enemy just wants us to be drawn away so that we miss the blessings of God, and miss the opportunity to witness to those who God places in our lives..... Once again this is an example of taking up your cross, and denying yourself.... Also to Know that which God Has for you Is far GREATER than what any stinking devil can throw at you.......Please remember in order to avoid the HOOK, just avoid the BAIT.....

Keeping your eyes OPEN..

There is many things happening in this World today... There are many things that are going on in our every day lives that keeps us from acting upon every opportunity to share the gospel with those who God places in our paths... At WORK, At SCHOOL, At the STORE, even the GAS station, and even the BUS stop for Some... There is a great need for those who are willing to step up and be the witness that God wants them to be.. For example just being able to share a kind word, or even a word of encouragement can make a great difference in ones life..... Or even to simply share that JESUS loves them regardless if the receive it or not, God can use any seed that is sown for His Glory, and as Each person is willing, He can use them to reach out and touch a life... Its time that WE take our focus off the temporary things and start really FOCUSING on the ETERNAL thing...... WE need to re-prioritize our lives of thing that are most important. I have found that these should be be my top three.. 1. HEART OF GOD, 2. WILL OF GOD, 3. SOULS OF MEN AND WOMEN.... All three really fall under # 1

Keep Your  eyes open and be watchful for the opportunities that God will present!!

Summit to God.

This is where it gets challenging even more so..... When all is not going how you thought it would or should be, but to simply know that God is in control, and know He is going to bring about His will in His time with all that is going on in this Life.....Just knowing that He is God and that His will is far greater that anything that we could possibly try to bring about of our strength... summit, His will is better than our own......

A Decree

All that come to the Mountain (Men/Women) of God would be instantly delivered from every demonic/evil spirit in JESUS name. That every stronghold of Satan would be loosed in JESUS name, and every foothold of Satan would be brought to nothing in JESUS name. These evil spirits, strongholds, and footholds are Forbidden from returning, as well as causing harm to any other of God's creation, in JESUS name. We Loose the KINGDOM OF GOD into the lives of those being delivered, who are coming to Faith in Christ. We loose THE LOVE OF GOD, along with THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, and THE GIFTING and CALLING OF GOD on each individuals life. IN THE NAME OF JESUS.  We loose THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, which also brings Wisdom, understanding, and revelation in JESUS name. May all who come to JESUS, walk the PATH, that leads to life with the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and Be filled with HIS SPIRIT, and never turn back to the old ways. As they are established on the ROCK,  We DECLARE, They shall not be MOVED, and WILL STAND FIRM with the LORD JESUS CHRIST.  Amen   KNOW HIM, READ THE WORD OF GOD.......


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    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 7 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Very good hub for it pertains to some of the tings I have been going though my self! Keep lifting Jesus up!