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Altering What You Believe

Updated on October 30, 2015

Altering What You Believe

From an early age, the development of a person's beliefs continues all through his or her lifetime. At first, these beliefs are contingent on the information given to them by others who may or may not be telling the truth. Usually we learn from family members, friends, and teachers who mean well, but who do not always teach us correctly. In any case, the foundation of our beliefs may not always be formed properly.

Most children are told about mythical characters such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. Most of the time the stories of these characters are passed down through generations, and are relatively harmless. Sometimes, however, they can distract people from the truth about certain holidays or events.

People are also influenced by legendary characters, either real or not, from movies and books. Other distractions from truth are certain false beliefs or superstitions that can instill fear and stress in people's lives.

Spiritual beliefs are also developed early on and spiritual matters can be confusing. However, these are important because what we believe about life affects our destiny. There are different ideas about God; some people don't even believe that God exists. Additionally, they have different ideas about death and the hereafter. Some believe death is the end of the road and others believe we come back in some form.

As people mature, they realize that certain things are true, and some are not. However, there are gray areas in life that are up for speculation. How can you determine if something is true or false? Sometimes you must rely on logic and common sense to determine the truth.

In the process of finding truth, you may have to alter what you already believe. If you believe something that is not true, that belief could only take you in a wrong direction, depending on where you want to go.

Are you happy with what you believe? Many believe they would be happy if something good would happen to them, such as winning the lottery, becoming more attractive, or being with a specific person. But these things can only bring a temporary sense of happiness.

Real happiness doesn't depend on something outside of yourself. It is something that is within you and is based on what you believe. What you believe must be the truth if you want to be truly happy.

Could you alter what you believe, and be free of any deception that prevents you from being happy? Most people today seem to be brainwashed in regard to the life and purpose of human beings. They are caught up in strange ideas that are not based on truth, and yet they stubbornly believe in them.

People should closely examine their spiritual beliefs and ask whether those beliefs make sense or not. Perhaps their beliefs are just passed down and not based on truth. If what you believe is not true, then you will miss out on real happiness. You must find the truth and, when you do, it could alter your beliefs in a positive way.

The world, for the most part, has departed from the truth; and will consequently be destroyed. I say this because of the moral decay that has developed in the world, causing materialism, crime, and war to increase.

Another problem in the world is the increase of corruption in many world governments, causing mistrust in those governments. Still another problem is the high cost of living that makes it difficult for most people to survive financially. Some say these conditions have always existed, but they are obviously getting steadily worse.

Can people be happy In spite of the world's problems? They are more likely to be happy if they discover the truth. Most people are looking for something they believe will make them happy; but often they find that it only brings them temporary happiness.

As people get older, many realize they have wasted their lives searching for the wrong thing. However, it is never too late to alter your beliefs so that you can be happy. One could start by examining his or her philosophy. Then one could read and ask questions about life and the existence of human beings.

How did life begin? Perhaps that is the most important question one may ask; and what one believes to be the answer could provide a foundation for his or her happiness. Many believe that life was accidentally created; but this would imply that it was created from inanimate matter. They believe this inanimate matter did not have an origin and was without direction.

The complexity and structure of life is evidence that it was created by an intelligent form of life; and this creator of life we call God. Logic dictates that this is the correct conclusion regarding the beginning of life.

Where did God come from? If you believe that inanimate matter did not have an origin, then believing that God did not have an origin shouldn't be difficult. God was not created; He is the Creator of other forms of life.

Many believe in the theory of evolution, but this theory does not explain how the earliest form of life came into existence. Actually, evolution has occurred within different species, but God created the first form of each species, including man.

What is the purpose of life? Many believe that this life is all there is. They say you only go around once, and should make the most of it. Those who accept this theory are also likely to believe that acquiring money and material things is our only purpose in life.

Many others believe that our purpose is to transcend this worldly life and have an eternal life of peace and happiness in the hereafter. Among them are Christians who believe that God has provided a way for us to do just that.

Those who need evidence of truth regarding our purpose should first look at the cycle of life and death. No matter who you are or how much you own, you still eventually die. We have seen or heard of this happening since history began. Money, material things, position, and power have not been able to save anyone.

Does a possibility of life after death exist? What you believe to be the answer could solidify a foundation for your happiness. Although everyone eventually dies, those who want to be happy must first believe that a possibility of living again does exist.

Is there life after death or not? Human beings have been deceived in many ways regarding death. What we know is that we are born, go through an aging process, and eventually die. People have tried many things that they hoped would prolong their lives. Many hope that they will come back from death in some form.

The problem is that we are imperfect, which causes the aging process and death. If we died and came back to life, we would still be imperfect. Now we come to this question; how can a human being become perfect and live eternally?

God created human beings. If He did not, then there is no hope for us. In addition, God must have a purpose for us. The first man and woman He created were perfect and had eternal life. God created them with free will, and intended for them to produce families and live happily. But God had one stipulation; God told them not to eat the fruit of a certain tree and that, if they did, they would lose their immortality.

The first woman was tempted by Satan, the devil, to eat fruit from the tree. She ate some and then gave some to the first man and he ate it. As a result, they incurred a sinful nature and eventually died.

God wants us to be perfect and have eternal life. The problem is that human beings have inherited a sinful nature from the first man and woman. Therefore, because God creates people with free will, they often choose to commit evil acts. This does not mean that He creates evil people, but that people have caused themselves to become evil.

Their sinful nature has caused people to remain imperfect and they eventually die. Those who want to be perfect and live eternally cannot do so on their own. Where can they get help?

In the Bible, God's Word, we can read about the creation of the world, the creation of human beings, and the first sin. We can read about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was born as a human being.

Jesus never sinned during His lifetime, yet the Romans crucified Him. He came to the world to preach the gospel, and to be the sacrifice for our sins. If we believe in Jesus as our savior, we can be saved from death, become perfect, and have eternal life.

What do you believe regarding life and death? What you believe can determine if you live or die for eternity. Will your money and material wealth save you? It is hard to believe that anything in this world can possibly save you from death. Satan and his demons want you to believe in anything except Jesus Christ as your savior. But Jesus is the only one who can save you.

The world is full of selfish people headed for destruction. If you believe this world can save you, then you should consider altering what you believe.

Jesus Christ died for your sins; then He arose from death and returned to Heaven. God loves you and He will forgive you for your sins if you believe in His Son, Jesus, as your savior. In this way you can be saved and spend eternity in a perfect new world, one of peace and happiness.

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