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Alternate Reality Across the Heavens

Updated on September 3, 2015

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight
Eagle Flight | Source

Flapping as a Bird

Miles below him lied the obscure valley; with eyes wide open, he could see the greyish mantle of clouds, extending beyond the reach of his sight. The grey, sometimes White, clouds, spread in front of him, as if ascending. Below him, the distance separating him from the land below was getting smaller.

Instinctively, preventing the gradual fall, he started flapping as a bird, not the arms, but a slight move up and down of both hands. He noticed that above clouds were beginning to show up in front of him, as a car does when it passes through a cloud on a foggy day. A more rapid flap of hands and the clouds showed up below him. Now, a push of shoulders and head towards the front and a horizontal displacement would take him away from a starting position.

Plying the Heavens

Crepuscule | Source

Like in a Roller Coaster!

¨Now, I can go wherever I want, ¨ he pondered.

The greyish clouds began to dodge around by him, as he flapped and pushed a little faster and ahead. He stood still for a moment and gazed above him; without hesitation, he started plying, trying to reach more height. With a slight push and flap, he gained a higher altitude, finding himself, now, above the clouds. He needed only to stand still and this mere idle position would eventually bring him down slowly.

¨There is nothing compared to this; not even getting on a roller coaster at an amusement park, this is fascinating¨ he reflected.

The sensation of plying the heavens was not common for him nor other people. Talking about this experience with people, he had heard from others having experienced something similar while dreaming.


Have you ever Dreamed of Having Super Powers?

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At the Speed of Light

Super Powers
Super Powers | Source

Super Powers

¨I had a dream in which I was flying through the heavens and the clouds, last night,¨ he had heard this remark once from his brother.

These are the types of events that many times one does not consider discussing because they do not form part of our real world.

The dream was recurrent for over two years, but one day, it stopped.

¨Are you able to fly at your own desire?¨ he asked.

¨Yes, if I only had a real airplane and would learn how to ride it¨ she answered.

¨It´s not such a big problem; you just need to flap your hands for flying and push your upper body for displacement¨ he said with assurance.

¨Where did you learned that?¨ she asked, wanting to know.

¨During a session of one of the strangest dreams I´ve had,¨ he said, trying to impress her.

¨What!¨ she exclaimed with amazement.

¨wouldn´t it be nice having super capabilities?¨ he inquired.

¨Yeah, it would be nice to fly and travel at the speed of light, if only I could¨ she said lightheartedly.

¨There is one important thing to consider; this occurs just in dreams and while the dream lasts. If you put your thoughts on it, the super powers are gone, so you will have to be born again because once you consider it, you will never have the same dream,¨ he explained categorically.


Multiverse | Source

Alternate Reality

¨Once, I dreamed running for my life from someone who was chasing me; I was not really running but floating and moving very fast through the woods; I don´t remember having used my feet in the endeavor¨she expalined.

¨That is like experiencing an alternate state or alternate reallity, it´s like seeing things from another perspective, in a different world from ours¨ he remarked.

Quantum Leap

Dog | Source

At the Blink of an Eye

¨I only wish it could happen while awake and not only in dreams¨ she declared.

¨There is some people who can do extraordinary things, such as levitation but each one of them can be counted with the fingers of your hand, most of us can´t, it requires especial concentration¨he made it clear..

¨I´m not sure, but an alternate reality is the one my pet dog makes me experience when I let it run freely at the park and it goes from there to here, appeareing at one place, then running and showing up at another location faster than the blink of an eye.

Kinds of Dreams

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Recurring dreams
Healing dreams
Prophetic dreams
Epic dreams
Mutual dreams
Physical dreams
Progressive dreams
Signal dreams
Subjective dreams
Spiritual dreams


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