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Am I Ever Old Enough Not to Do the Right Thing?

Updated on December 8, 2011

As of late I have been experiencing something that I have found troubling and very frustrating. I have been asking myself: When am I supposed to not do the right thing?Is there a certain age that I will become where I can stop fighting and decide make poor choices instead? If I am ill, can I do the wrong things or not keep my faith? How about, when I gain a higher position in a business or church setting, do I have to still be courteous and kind to others as I was when I was trying to gain that position?

These are a few of the questions that I have been faced with in my life with the people I have had dealings with either in the church setting or in the job place. We, as Christians, are to be the "light of the world". We are to serve humanity with everything and every aspect of our lives—even if it means losing them! I often try to emulate Christ in my life especially in dealing with other human beings and some days, I must say, it is hard or downright impossible. I think about Jesus when He was here on Earth and dealing with His own creation. People who He considered friends turned their backs on Him, lied to Him, stole from Him, used Him, betrayed Him and ultimately put Him on the cross because of their own inadequacies and pride. The same people who did these things were the same people who said, Son of David have mercy on us!

And, yet, He loved them still. He still served the people; He still did the right thing. It did not matter that they beat Him, spit on Him or abused Him. It did not matter that they used Him and killed Him—He lived as He taught. He was innocent in all things and yet He was found guilty by thieves and liars. I find it the same today! We say we serve Christ and His cause, but yet in the world we find the most evil and wicked people are the Christians themselves.

When trials and tribulation come, we are faced with the choice of staying steadfast or falling away into failure, and most time we humans do not like tribulation. I am not saying that I am a saint; on the contrary, I am a great sinner. I fail everyday in one way or the other, but I always try to do the right thing. I strive to be like Christ and to do as He would want me to do. We all fall short of the grace that God gives us—but, that is why it is called grace. By definition, grace is favor or goodwill. Grace is a manifestation of favor, especially by a superior. Grace is mercy, clemency, or pardon. Is not Christ in all that we have learned, and to those who have experienced Him in their hearts, the definition of grace? He, in all HIS GLORY decided to be born into humanity and let us kill Him, so that WE could be saved. He became the manifestation of favor, He became mercy… He literally became grace incarnate. He pardoned us from all sin. We, as mankind, were sentenced to death with no hope at all, and through His love for us, offered us a permanent stay of execution. We were and are saved from death. He destroyed death by His own death.

Christ, no matter what mankind did to Him, served the world with grace. We should do as Christ did even when the times are hard. We are to serve others and through that service we find grace. When we love others, we find grace. When we make the right choices, we find grace. We should not let the circumstances of the world dictate who we are or who we are to become. We need to make the right choice even when we are tired, when we are sick, when we are lied to, used or betrayed. We need to continue to serve Christ, for it is He that we ultimately will stand before on the great and terrible Day of Judgment, and hopefully we find favor in HIS GRACE.


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