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Amazing UFO Crop Circles

Updated on November 9, 2014

Crop Circle

Crop circles like this one continue to fascinate us.
Crop circles like this one continue to fascinate us.

Crop Circles

Enticing, beautiful, and even the term eccentric have all been used to describe the phenomenon we call crop circles. They are one of the most amazing aspects of modern UFO research and they entice us as researchers to really look into the depths of science and fact to try to decipher why they are here and how they came to be.

I am afraid I will not be going into detail on those aspects in this writing, I will simply be presenting some of the more amazing pieces of crop circle history here for your viewing entertainment. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have.

Some facts!

I will not sit here and try to convince you that crop circles are a product of UFO visitation or paranormal means. I myself have experimented in creating crop circles of my own with some success so I know it can be done by natural means. I will leave you to assume how each one of these full scale masterpieces came to be within yourself.

My personal opinion is some of the crop circles we have seen could not have been made by the hands of man, at least not in the time frame they were created. I will also say that I feel some are nothing more than sideshow attractions to entice a visitor or carry a story on the news channels. Now that we have gotten that out of the way let's explore a little more shall we?

Ant Crop Circle

The ant crop circle
The ant crop circle

The ant.

This is a rather well known example of crop circle art. It has never fully been explained to the best of my knowledge with half it's fans claiming it to be an elaborate work of human art while others state it appeared with no warning nor reason.

It was found in Englund and investigated by famed crop circle enthusiast Jonah Ohayv. This crop circle really reflects a humanistic approach but I took care to notice that ants have three body segments, this particular bug seems to have 4. it is this argument that propels UFO researchers to set this circle on the side of UFO origin. What has always stood against such an argument is the relative ease a team of men with a few boards and rope could make such a massive work of ground art. it would be relatively simple to accomplish this piece in one night.

Windmill Hill, UK 2011

Series of circles forming one geometric shape
Series of circles forming one geometric shape


I added this to this article to demonstrate the typical crop circle formation. It usually consist of a series of circular shapes connected to form a much larger central body or shape. This is the more common appearance we are used to seeing and in many ways the most easiest for hoaxers to create.

West Woodhay UK 2011

Does this look like a snake?
Does this look like a snake?

The serpant

This interesting subject was found in the same country as Stonehenge. With such a rich paranormal past it is no wonder this particular circle as attracted a lot of questions. It is often used to promote the belief in reptilian/draconian agenda.

I for one am a big fan of this piece. Even if this was done by hoaxer hands it is still remarkable and very amazing to say the least. The idea that aliens have reptilian features is one that dates back to some of the earliest sightings and this crop circle as been a go to for many researchers who still defend the position that aliens are reptilian. It is amazing the sheer debate this one circle has created among the UFO community.

Is this a UFO creating a crop circle?

A small break

By now you have seen a few amazing examples of crop circles but I wanted to stop for a brief moment and give you time to absorb what you have seen. It is rather amazing isn't it? I have always found the idea that alien life are leaving clues for us in the fields across the world as one that sparks a great feeling that maybe one day we will meet each other face to face and that somehow in some way it will be a peaceful union of two separate yet hopeful life sources.

I know I am getting a little mushy there but you get the idea. I hope you enjoyed the ones of I have posted so far and are ready for the nest series.

Yatesbury, Wiltshire



Again we have a crop circle with a reference to insect life. This one has been featured in a great deal of publications and the like. At 150 feet long it is one of the larger specimens we will approach in this text. This particular crop circle sparked a lot of debate as to whether or not it could be authenticated as a work of hoax or a real true to the skies piece of alien artwork.

I have always felt this piece regardless of origin to be a work of pure perfection. It's obvious inspiration being a dragon fly. I

Windmill Hill near Avebury, Wiltshire, created 25th May 2009

Yin and Yang?
Yin and Yang?

Oriental Crop Circle?

This piece is one that I think takes a little looking more deeply to see something a bit subtle but still relevent. Can you see the direct approach to yin and yang in this specific crop circle? I remember hearing a lot of how this was a direct message that aliens where part of the underlying oriental culture and gave the belief system of good and bad. I don't buy into the arguments but they are interesting just the same.

I really like the detail and overall scope of this piece. It screams look at me but still makes you have to second look and second guess what it is exactly you are looking at.

How to make a crop circle

Hoaxes explained a little.

For the viewer who sees this as nothing more than great works of art I figured it would only be fair to show you how such great works of art may have came to grace a backwoods country side or a massive Englund rapeseed field.

This video shows an effective way to create your own giant works of symmetrical art, but be warned it can get you in a great deal of trouble if you are galloping in a field not belonging to you damaging some farmer's crop!

This type of art still does not get the much needed recognition it rightfully deserves but with time maybe someone will spark a piece of that screams for it to be taken more seriously.

In closing

I hope you are at the very least entertained at these works of art, whether it is because you have an affliction for alien art or simply because you have an affliction for art in general. Each piece of crop circle art regardless of human or alien descent is still a piece of art and should be viewed as such.

I am not saying there may not be an underlying message from above but I am also not saying that is how we should visually approach these marvels. Sometimes it is better to just take in the surroundings than it is to take them back to a lab and start dissecting them for answers we may never be privy to.

As I mentioned I will leave that choice to you, my faithful viewer and I hope that at least one of these pictures has burned a lasting image in your head. If not I give you my humblest of apologies and hope that in future texts I can remedy that for you.


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